Sharp bristles for dickie

Sissy Tracy’s Mistress wants to know where in the USA she can get this style of brush having read my earlier blog post.

25016_1 - Copy

I have tried it now. It is fantastic, (but bitch-boy did not think so). You have to bend the wires apart just a little at the rounded end to make it perfect so that a stiff little clitty just fits through and the brush can be moved up and down the shaft. Judging by the squealing, the bristles are very sharp! Poor bitch-boy.

Lately during a full day of DS time I find myself having around 10 very significant orgasms while bitch-boy suffers. I wonder what is happening to me. Abusing ABSOLUTE POWER is SUCH an aphrodisiac.



4 thoughts on “Sharp bristles for dickie

  1. i found this set on…i don’t know if the bristles are the same as Your brush

  2. Miss Scarlet,

    In the US, this, or something very similar, should be able to be found in almost any grocery store, department store, home store, convenience store, or dollar store. Basically any non-specialty store. Larger ones will be with the toilet cleaning supplies labeled as a toilet brush. Smaller ones will be in the kitchen cleaning area labeled as bottle brushes.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thank you, but in my experience, blog followers prefer the name of a store that definitely stocks the item, if it is possible. So if any USA follower finds exactly the right item, please leave me a comment.

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