Battery Powered Orgasms?

I use a mains powered Doxy Magic Wand style massager, both on myself and on Play-toy for edging her. I LOVE my Doxy Magic Wand massager! I often use it even when a slave’s obedient, well trained tongue is available to me. I love it that much! But it is plug-in with a lead.

I am considering a rechargeable Original Magic Wand or a Lelo Smart rechargeable wand. Both have great reviews. I know the Original Magic Wand is from the USA and I think comes with a bulky conversion unit for UK sockets. The Lelo has a smart feature. The harder you press, the harder it vibrates. Can any blog followers advise on the best cordless to get?

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4 Responses to Battery Powered Orgasms?

  1. Subwimp says:

    You should use the magic wand in front of bitchboy and tease him about your vibrator getting more action than him 😦

  2. MsAlecto says:

    I use the Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand. Fantastic! And OMG! It was bought for me from . It has several vibration patterns and you can increase the intensity of each vibration too. I love it. 😘

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