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Grown males crying with misery (Part 2)

It is interesting that the comments I have had on my last post so far are focussing on the pain aspect of causing genuine begging and tears. Yet, with both my slaves, deep humiliation, (say, enforced little girl role play in front of guests) and degradations, (say, having their faces urinated on) seems to affect them more than pain. Appears to stay with them as a trauma to be thought about and dreaded longer than a very painful event stays with them.



Grown males crying with misery

I have noticed that there is not a fantasy scenario involving cruelty to a female submissive one can think of, that cannot be found on the internet – depicted by video or still images. Whatever you can think of, you can find it. Now while I do find these delightfully stimulating when the dominant is a female, and the submissive female is genuinely sobbing or pleading, it annoys me that the same cannot be said for all the fantasy scenarios involving cruelty to a male submissive.  Why is this?

Where are the images (still or video) of a naked male, of normal build, being physically punished by several relaxed, normally dressed women while the male is genuinely sobbing and pleading for it to end? There is a limitless supply of images of female submissives in such scenarios, overwhelmingly with male dominants.

Or to go further – the specified male in that situation AND dressed as a sissy maid or as a little girl or school girl AND ABSOLUTELY HATING TO BE SO DRESSED. There are countless images of transvestites dressed like this and being dominated. But these are males that love being dressed like this. (Not that I have anything against them). But where are the images of males utterly humiliated and hating being dressed like this, being brought to pleading or tears by the shame and/or the punishment? We currently get slim leggy male transvestites who could pass as a female and are wearing the whole nine yards. Proper shoes, perfect wig, expensive uniform, make-up. Very pretty. If it is ever a short, barrel chested male, then they might wear a cheap maids dress, but they will be bare footed and not have make-up. And if there is a wig it will be cheap and nasty. Let’s have a short, barrel chested male suffering proper shoes, perfect wig, expensive uniform, make-up, etc.

I think I would love to be a femdom porn producer – directing videos and photo shoots. I would do it for free. I know there are submissive males out there, like moths – drawn to the cruel burning flame of dominant women, who would submit to ‘starring’ in my productions, even though they would, at the time of shooting, be very miserable indeed. And I have no doubt there are plenty of existing dominatrix actresses who would love to feature in my productions as described above. Cruel and heartless and liking the ‘real’ nature of my productions.

We currently have sissy males loving to be dressed in sissy outfits. Masochistic males, silently and ‘contentedly’ taking SERIOUS, punishment, (probably with the aid of painkillers), and we have buff, well hung males, loving showing off naked in front of apparently dominant women – dressed in underwear. Go figure the underwear bit?

And we have submissive women, (the film Graphic Sexual Horror being one example, but there are hundreds more), who are sobbing with humiliation and or pain, and genuinely pleading, not enjoying for one second what is happening to them at the time. While the dominant males involved are dressed in T shirts and jeans.

We all know the true submissives brought to genuine tears of pleading will, once it is all over,  be full of endorphins and contentment. The documentary side of the film Graphic Sexual Horror makes that clear if there was any doubt.

This issue is not for me about feminism. (And I have to say, I can’t stand feminists who are sexist and hypocritically stereotype males – not even seeing how they weaken their case by their own prejudiced sexist behaviour.) The femdom porn issue I have set out is simply a mystery I do not understand. (and BTW, what is wrong with males being called actors and females being called actresses. How is it demeaning for a female in the acting profession to be called an actress? I have never got that. Could someone explain.)

I know I have ranted about this before on my blog, but given how popular my published journals are, I am sure femdom porn to my specification would be equally popular.

Easy But Extreme Humiliation and Control

I often mention partial ignoring. It is something I love. It requires the passage of time to be effective though. Well there is a Tumblr site sort of devoted to the torment.


Although only a small percentage of the images meet my ideal, it is nice to see such a site. I hope bitch-boy can find more such sites for me.

My favourite partial ignoring activities include: (My absolute favourite two first), One  – Playing with his boys bits. And Two, watching a foreign language subtitled TV program or film while bitch-boy sits in his little girl outfit and does his colouring-in with his dolly helping. I also have him do this while I sunbathe and read. It can go on for hours. He is simultaneously miserable with the tedium and the humiliation. My only acknowledgement of him, every twenty minutes or so, is an occasional derisory chuckle or a short phrase such as, ‘What a pathetic prissy sissy you really are’.  Even better when Governess Lexi is with me and we watch the TV together our hands resting on the top of each others’ thighs, occasionally kissing passionately.

Another is bitch-boy kissing my shoes while I put my make-up on in the morning.

Another is him doing his rotary clothes line duty while I read the weekend supplements in the conservatory overlooking the lawn on which the rotary clothes line is located. Him blindfolded and gagged, his posture collar secured at the back to one of the three spars of the rotary clothes line. His wrists padlocked into the cuffs at the front of his reins. And he slowly walks in a circle, the same circle again and again, endlessly turning the rotary clothes line. Blind, silenced, frightened and enduring tedium. (See Volume 5 of my journals). His only contact with me is when I go out every twenty minutes or so, to cane his butt to encourage him in his task.

Another is him fucking the gap between shoe and sole of foot while I read, or watch TV or speak to one of my sisters on the phone. Of course, he is not allowed to cum.

I do LOVE partial ignoring. It provides such a power rush and consequent sexual arousal. If you have read my published journals you will understand its use in detail and how often I employ it.


CFNM humiliation or CDNS humiliation

I adore Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM), or actually as I have written in my half-completed manual, Clothed Dominants Naked Submissives (CDNS) – because the genders are irrelevant to the affect. But I get confused over many images on CFNM Tumblr sites.

My specification for maximising the submissive’s humiliation and the dominant’s power rush and pleasure is: The dominant’s clothes should not be rubber or PVC, they should be ‘normal’, and the dominants should be fully clothed, not in underwear. Ideally there should be several dominants. The submissive should be naked and should not have a buff body that they are proud to show-off. Ideally the submissive should be shorter in height than the dominants. If the submissive is a male, the submissive should have an average sized penis, or better still below average, or even better still be locked into a chastity restraint device. The submissive should feel vulnerable and humiliated.

I wonder if the Tumblr CFNM sites are all run by males and the male traits of collecting and competing overtake the point of the site. I know males love to have collections and take pleasure in competing on who can have ‘the most’. So collecting images and who can have the biggest number of ‘CFNM’ images regardless of whether they show female dominance and male humiliation. So many images on the Tumblr CFNM sites show naked men with huge cocks and/or very buff bodies. These men are taking pleasure in showing off and are not humiliated at all. Often the ‘dressed’ women are in underwear or PVC or rubber, so have had to take trouble to dress up for the submissive – not a very dominant thing to do.

It is a shame because CDNS to my specification is a staggeringly erotic thing to observe regardless of the genders of the parties involved. Imagine a Tumblr site of images only meeting my specification! Like the following images:



Appallingly Painful Palms

I am not sure if I have ever written on the blog about punishing the palms of the hands. Readers of my journals will have read detailed accounts of poor bitch-boy undergoing school girl detentions, part of which involves punishing his palms before he starts his line writing. (A kindness to warm them up so he can write more easily). LOL.

I think for safety it is best not to use a cane or wooden paddle. The ideal I think is a leather strap or tawse. The power rush is huge as the slave has to offer his, (or her – yes Play-toy gets her palms warmed before line writing too), palms up for punishing and then the painful smacks are delivered. Sometimes their willpower battles their pain threshold as they struggle to raise their palms up and out, but they know much worse would follow should the vulnerable palm not be offered up nicely.

Below is the edited text of two comments from maid matty, the second of which does focus on palm punishment. maid matty’s Mistress sounds fantastic!

Thank You mistress Scarlet, reading your blog has made me realise that You and my Mistress are the only women I know that fully understand the power that You both have. I am in awe of The two of You. This is a brilliant blog Mistress and the best that i have ever followed. I will if You don’t mind continue to contribute on occasion.

i am committed to my Mistress and do my utmost to please her. Unfortunately for me it never seems to be good enough. Sometimes when she inspects my housework she finds the minutest amount of dust or lint and I am forced to do the whole task again, I will also receive either the belt or the cane until my Mistress believes I have suffered enough to teach me my place. I have been thrashed by her and her friend receiving 25 strokes with a rattan cane from both of them. That was agonising I can assure You Mistress and certainly made me improve my performance. Thank you Ma’am for allowing me to share my recent escapades. Yours with respect maid matty.

Mistress Scarlet Ma’am, i am so pleased that you are happy for me to continue with my contributions. i would like to tell you of my daily routine when in service to my Divine Mistress. She likes me to rise at 6.30 am giving me time to bathe, shave and then dress in my black and white maids uniform, normally quite traditional for day time wear, and then head to the kitchen. i will then try to clear up any dishes that may have appeared over night and quietly tidy around the sitting room and other rooms that I have access to. I have to be careful and be very quiet as I would be severely punished should I disturb my Mistress. I will most likely have been given a time to serve her her morning drink. Quite often a peppermint tea or a cup of decaf coffee. This is usually served at eight o clock, and i must knock on her bedroom door and wait to be invited in to serve her.
Once quite out of the blue, my Mistress asked me to lift the hem of my skirt to check my panties and I was wearing a very cute pink pair with pretty bows at the front and sides. My heart stopped beating when she asked me to lift my top as I was wearing my comfiest black padded bra.  This is against Her rules. I am instructed to wear matching coloured bra and panties at all times Ma’am.  She told me to go down to Her punishment room and bring back Her three leather straps including the XH TAWSE and to report to Her in the kitchen. MY HEART SANK Mistress Scarlet. i am terrified of Her straps. But i had no choice and hurriedly did as ordered.
Two minutes later i was stood in front of my Mistress holding Her three leather belts in my hand. Mistress gave me the hardest beating on my bare hands, using the medium strap, followed by the heavy duty and then finally six on each hand with the XH Lochgelly TAWSE. It was a massive, massive effort to offer my beaten and bruised hands up to Her for the final three on each hand and I had tears streaming from my eyes. It was so painful Ma’am as she is super fit and strong. While she was beating me She never took her eyes from mine and the power and enjoyment i saw was unreal Mistress Scarlet. Just as you describe in Your stories Ma’am. You know what i mean i am sure.

Thank You for Your time .
With respect Ma’am, maid matty.x
Ps. After I was punished, my Mistress gave me a full list of chores to be completed for the day. i worked until halfpast midnight on various tedious household tasks. If people find this hard to believe , I’ m sorry. But it really is true.

Red, marked and sore.

I don’t think I have ever specifically remarked on the serious feeling of power and perverted contentment one enjoys seeing your submissive with a red, marked and sore butt after the punishment when there is a subsequent period of domestic relaxation. Obviously after 3 or 4 punishment sessions, the butt in question is red, marked and sore for many hours.

With my female submissive, in her serving uniform of high heels, black hold-up stockings, black corset and heavy black rubber collar padlocked around her neck – I may be reading the weekend supplements in a pair of hot-pants, high heeled mules and a cropped top. She is kneeling on the floor, the other side of the room, quietly polishing a pair of my boots. I will announce that I want a cup of tea. She will rise to her feet and walk from the room, (curtseying as she leaves) and I watch and glow with the serious feeling of power and perverted contentment seeing her red, marked and sore butt. [Of course, bitch-boy NEVER gets to see, or hear the activity, when my female submissive is in her submissive role. If he is at home when she is in her submissive role, he is secured in sensory deprivation bondage. Unable to see, white noise in his ear phones blocking out all other sounds. Sometimes over over six hours!]

And with poor bitch-boy, a similar scenario. Except he is in his faux little girl’s dress, and he has to mince when walking, and it is not just me observing him but also Governess Lexi. I will order two cups of tea and, Governess Lexi and I, relaxing on the sofa, will pause from our conversation and watch bitch-boy mince from the room, his butt red, marked and sore. I quite like to see the lines of some marks of the cane and perhaps the slightly purple bruised lines from the edges of the quirt from when it earlier hit home. Such a feeling of serious power and perverted contentment.

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Mincing, by the way, means holding his hems up and out at the sides with his pinky fingers sticking up and his feet landing at the centre line with short steps.