Red, marked and sore.

I don’t think I have ever specifically remarked on the serious feeling of power and perverted contentment one enjoys seeing your submissive with a red, marked and sore butt after the punishment when there is a subsequent period of domestic relaxation. Obviously after 3 or 4 punishment sessions, the butt in question is red, marked and sore for many hours.

With my female submissive, in her serving uniform of high heels, black hold-up stockings, black corset and heavy black rubber collar padlocked around her neck – I may be reading the weekend supplements in a pair of hot-pants, high heeled mules and a cropped top. She is kneeling on the floor, the other side of the room, quietly polishing a pair of my boots. I will announce that I want a cup of tea. She will rise to her feet and walk from the room, (curtseying as she leaves) and I watch and glow with the serious feeling of power and perverted contentment seeing her red, marked and sore butt. [Of course, bitch-boy NEVER gets to see, or hear the activity, when my female submissive is in her submissive role. If he is at home when she is in her submissive role, he is secured in sensory deprivation bondage. Unable to see, white noise in his ear phones blocking out all other sounds. Sometimes over over six hours!]

And with poor bitch-boy, a similar scenario. Except he is in his faux little girl’s dress, and he has to mince when walking, and it is not just me observing him but also Governess Lexi. I will order two cups of tea and, Governess Lexi and I, relaxing on the sofa, will pause from our conversation and watch bitch-boy mince from the room, his butt red, marked and sore. I quite like to see the lines of some marks of the cane and perhaps the slightly purple bruised lines from the edges of the quirt from when it earlier hit home. Such a feeling of serious power and perverted contentment.

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Mincing, by the way, means holding his hems up and out at the sides with his pinky fingers sticking up and his feet landing at the centre line with short steps.

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9 Responses to Red, marked and sore.

  1. Pam says:

    Sounds wonderful. How is the training manual coming. Cant wait till it becomes available. Pam

  2. Maid matty. says:

    My mistress is very strict indeed. I am her sissy house maid. She has a certain look come into her eyes when ever she decides to punish me.its that look that says ‘ that’s it I’ve had enough of your attitude, slackness, disobedience, what ever. You are going to get it. That’s the look I absolutely dread. It doesn’t matter who is present, could be her parents, friends of just a guest. She will take me to one side and strap me with one of or all three of her lochgelly tawses. From six on each hand to twenty five on each hand the results are devastating. I Always end up in tears, real tears. Mistress is tiny but works out regularly and swings her leather belts with such venom and her face is pure pride in a job well done. She has an evil look on her face as she watches my anguish and agony. It makes her very happy to see me in such pain and to watch my tears flow. When finished with I am dismissed and set to finish the many tasks she has set me.There are many other punishments that my mistress uses from paddles whips to canes but the belt as she calls it seems to be her favourite. It’s the fact that she can see the pain on my face as each blow lands across my naked palms. She really loves to see it .

    • Your Mistress sounds divine. I use a leather strap to the palms and it is very effective and makes a little subby about to write lines feel very sorry for itself. I would love to hear more of your Mistresses conduct.

  3. Marco Leccacorvi says:

    Very very beautiful description of the power exchange which in my opinion is the natural order of the sexes. Truly evocative…

    Your servants are indeed very very lucky indeed. Oh to suffer for you. What a heavenly honour that would be.


  4. Maid matty. says:

    Thank You mistress Scarlet, reading your blog has made me realise that You and my Mistress are the only women I know that fully understand the power that You both have. I am in awe of The two of You. This is a brilliant blog Mistress and the best that i have ever followed. I will if You don’t mind continue to contribute on occasion. When I see the way You treat poor BB I really feel for him. You have to have been there to understand the mindset we go though.i am committed to my Mistress and do my utmost to please her. Unfortunately for me it never seems to be good enough. Sometimes when she inspects my housework she finds the minutest amount of dust or lint and I am forced to do the whole task again, I will also receive either the. Belt or the cane until my Mistress believes I have suffered enough to teach me my place. I have been thrashed by her and her friend receiving 25 strokes with a Rattan cane from both of them, that was agonising. I can assure You Mistress and certainly made me improve my performance. Thank you Ma’am for allowing me to share my recent escapades. Yours with respect maid matty.

  5. Dean Davis says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, this post got my Mistress thinking to how sad you must be when the summer is over and the nettle season is done.

    One thing my Mistress discovered last month is the Victorian art of Figging. A google search will provide you with the detail you need on this ancient plant based torture but at least it can be applied all year round.

    After being put into the normal bondage restraints instead of a butt plug my Mistress showed me a ginger root butt plug she hard carefully peeled and cut earlier. This was slipped into my anus with nothing more than water as she sat in front of me and smiled. 30 seconds in the tingling started. I started to squirm against my restraints as Mistress sat there and stared at me with a cruel smile on her face. After several minutes the intense heat burn rushed over my anus. I whimpered as my Mistress laughed took a cane and started to whip my cheeks. With every stroke my anus would tighten when I flinched and the burn would intensify. After 20 to 30 minutes of play the heat subsided from the ginger plug and Mistress left me to contemplate my next fate.

    Mistress made me send this post as she felt it would be something you might like to research and apply to BB.

    My Mistress has indicated that for future punishments I will have to prepare my own ginger root figging plug.



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