Appallingly Painful Palms

I am not sure if I have ever written on the blog about punishing the palms of the hands. Readers of my journals will have read detailed accounts of poor bitch-boy undergoing school girl detentions, part of which involves punishing his palms before he starts his line writing. (A kindness to warm them up so he can write more easily). LOL.

I think for safety it is best not to use a cane or wooden paddle. The ideal I think is a leather strap or tawse. The power rush is huge as the slave has to offer his, (or her – yes Play-toy gets her palms warmed before line writing too), palms up for punishing and then the painful smacks are delivered. Sometimes their willpower battles their pain threshold as they struggle to raise their palms up and out, but they know much worse would follow should the vulnerable palm not be offered up nicely.

Below is the edited text of two comments from maid matty, the second of which does focus on palm punishment. maid matty’s Mistress sounds fantastic!

Thank You mistress Scarlet, reading your blog has made me realise that You and my Mistress are the only women I know that fully understand the power that You both have. I am in awe of The two of You. This is a brilliant blog Mistress and the best that i have ever followed. I will if You don’t mind continue to contribute on occasion.

i am committed to my Mistress and do my utmost to please her. Unfortunately for me it never seems to be good enough. Sometimes when she inspects my housework she finds the minutest amount of dust or lint and I am forced to do the whole task again, I will also receive either the belt or the cane until my Mistress believes I have suffered enough to teach me my place. I have been thrashed by her and her friend receiving 25 strokes with a rattan cane from both of them. That was agonising I can assure You Mistress and certainly made me improve my performance. Thank you Ma’am for allowing me to share my recent escapades. Yours with respect maid matty.

Mistress Scarlet Ma’am, i am so pleased that you are happy for me to continue with my contributions. i would like to tell you of my daily routine when in service to my Divine Mistress. She likes me to rise at 6.30 am giving me time to bathe, shave and then dress in my black and white maids uniform, normally quite traditional for day time wear, and then head to the kitchen. i will then try to clear up any dishes that may have appeared over night and quietly tidy around the sitting room and other rooms that I have access to. I have to be careful and be very quiet as I would be severely punished should I disturb my Mistress. I will most likely have been given a time to serve her her morning drink. Quite often a peppermint tea or a cup of decaf coffee. This is usually served at eight o clock, and i must knock on her bedroom door and wait to be invited in to serve her.
Once quite out of the blue, my Mistress asked me to lift the hem of my skirt to check my panties and I was wearing a very cute pink pair with pretty bows at the front and sides. My heart stopped beating when she asked me to lift my top as I was wearing my comfiest black padded bra.  This is against Her rules. I am instructed to wear matching coloured bra and panties at all times Ma’am.  She told me to go down to Her punishment room and bring back Her three leather straps including the XH TAWSE and to report to Her in the kitchen. MY HEART SANK Mistress Scarlet. i am terrified of Her straps. But i had no choice and hurriedly did as ordered.
Two minutes later i was stood in front of my Mistress holding Her three leather belts in my hand. Mistress gave me the hardest beating on my bare hands, using the medium strap, followed by the heavy duty and then finally six on each hand with the XH Lochgelly TAWSE. It was a massive, massive effort to offer my beaten and bruised hands up to Her for the final three on each hand and I had tears streaming from my eyes. It was so painful Ma’am as she is super fit and strong. While she was beating me She never took her eyes from mine and the power and enjoyment i saw was unreal Mistress Scarlet. Just as you describe in Your stories Ma’am. You know what i mean i am sure.

Thank You for Your time .
With respect Ma’am, maid matty.x
Ps. After I was punished, my Mistress gave me a full list of chores to be completed for the day. i worked until halfpast midnight on various tedious household tasks. If people find this hard to believe , I’ m sorry. But it really is true.

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10 Responses to Appallingly Painful Palms

  1. NeuralHijacker says:

    There is something truly wonderful about forcing a slave to participate actively in their own suffering. I am extremely fond of caning my girl’s breasts, and the look on her face as I order her to present them to me, holding her hands under them to increase the impact (and thus pain) caused by the cane is one of my favourite things.

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    painfully divine

  3. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet! I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I am truly impressed! Even though I’m definitely not into purely lesbian cuckolding nor into dollies I do love the dynamic between You and Your slave bitch-boy. I love how strict You are with him and I love the fact that he is absolutely never allowed to have any pleasure with his clitty (unless his orgasms in bondage after dickie discipline are somehow pleasurable for him?). When I read how desperate he is to penetrate You and how consequently You tell him “NO”, leaving him moaning in frustration I immediately see the big sign “RELATIONSHIP GOALS”!

    As a strict Mistress you probably know very well that the society we live in is still very judgmental and driven by belief that a man in a relationship (especially in a marriage) automatically gains full access to Woman’s body. I couldn’t care less, of course, what society thinks but it does have huge impact on males, even on the submissive ones.

    I’ve been in couple of Mistress-slave relationships already and I’m in one right now. The relationship I have right now is built purely on My wants and needs. My slave-boy is fully aware of that and before we started dating I told him very clearly that submissiveness is NOT about his own fantasies but is about doing whatever the Mistress wants. And the Mistress he is dating does NOT want nor need (as I have other men for this) penetrative sex from him. Nor She wants to be sexually touched, kissed, to play with his dick (which I don’t want to view as a sex organ). I just want to have a slave at my home who will enjoy serving Me as someone superior. I definitely don’t need his sexuality when I return home from trip full of wild sex with my lover. I rather want to see my home clean and spotless, rest on my couch, watch TV while being serve a meal and not being bothered by anyone’s horniness. I may be down for some innocent cuddling later on in the bed, maybe a kiss in the cheek or even a lip-kiss (no tongue though) as an expression of appreciation and happiness. But that’s it.

    My slave seemed to understand that on the beginning of our relationship. he was working really hard on his own discipline and even when he had a privilege of seeing My hot naked body he would complement Me in a very gentle way, allowing almost no distraction to whatever duty he was fulfilling. But lately that has changed. Lot’s of horniness kicked in. Whenever he sees Me (even if fully clothed) I hear the sound of a lock hitting his plastic cage. That’s his little clitty trying desperately to get hard in his chastity device, jumping up and down. That little thing completely controls him as his eyes begin to fill with lust. Sometimes I have to order him to stop looking at Me and it helps a little bit BUT whenever we have some “vanilla time” (if you can call it that way), either watching a movie together or sleeping in the same bed he starts to get very physical with his hands, trying to touch my private parts. When I tell him to stop sometimes he is so lost in lust that he doesn’t even apologize and instead starts begging Me for impossible (sex), even though he knows really well that this will never, ever happen in our relationship.

    So far I punished him couple of times for that by ordering him to sleep on the floor or in the other room and not to look at Me during the day but he just gets sad (as he would be about to cry), just like he would expect Me to allow him more sexual freedom, breaking the rules that I set on the beginning of our relationship. The vibe gets quite awkward sometimes and I just end up coming to conclusions that he is not a material for My perfect slave and that he secretly keeps hoping for some pleasant (for him) “surprise”…

    I’d love to ask You for Your opinion and Your advice. What to do at this point?
    (Hopefully I did manage to provide enough background information, but in case if you need to know some more details please don’t hesitate to ask.)

    Please do note that I am not interested in some drastic solutions that require too much discomfort for both of us. I want to live with a slave that I can fully trust, I don’t want to have a relationship with someone that I have to immobilize in order to get what I want (or not to get what I don’t want). A typical answer from some internet “sub” who lives in fantasy world would probably be “tie him up so he can’t touch You”. That would mean either no breakfast to bed or waking up early to untie the slave. A HUGE NO-NO! I’m all about My personal comfort. That is why I chose You to seek an advice from as I know that someone who was able to build such a successful regime will give only realistic solutions, always taking into account lady’s needs rather than some horny slave’s fantasy.

    And lastly I’m also extremely curious how the intimacy between You and bitch-boy looks like. Do you ever share some “vanilla” time with Your slave by watching TV while sitting on the same couch? Do you share a bed together? My understanding of you writings is that he is absolutely not allowed to caress you nor kiss you (is that correct?). If so, how do you prevent that from happening? Does he often begs You to have sex with You or at least to gain permission to touch Your body?

    • You have asked some questions about my relationship with bitch-boy. My post of 4 May 2015 may provide some answers but I doubt will help solve your problems. Firstly I will disagree with you and say that society’s normal standards do not influence a true submissive. I will continue on the basis that your slave is a true submissive. (All the true submissives that I have had contact with begin to have submissive fantasies before puberty.)
      To have the life you want, you do have to fulfil the submissive’s needs but that does not mean lots of hard work or effort on your part. A true submissive craves being helplessly in the control of another and having no option but to obey their dominant. This is normally achieved by ensuring the submissive cannot bear the thought of being without the dominant and also the submissive is punished when they disobey an instruction. A submissive feels even more helpless if the dominant is unfair and gratuitously cruel as this emphasises how helpless they are that they simply have to suck up the unfairness and gratuitous cruelty. So you wrote :-

      When I tell him to stop sometimes he is so lost in lust that he doesn’t even apologize and instead starts begging Me for impossible (sex), even though he knows really well that this will never, ever happen in our relationship. So far I punished him couple of times for that by ordering him to sleep on the floor or in the other room and not to look at Me during the day but he just gets sad (as he would be about to cry), just like he would expect Me to allow him more sexual freedom, breaking the rules that I set on the beginning of our relationship. The vibe gets quite awkward sometimes

      My first suggestion is that instead of trying to minimise your sexual arousal effect on him, you maximise it. If you are getting changed in front of him, spend a few moments naked in heels, having him kneel and look at you while you run your hands over your body and you verbally remind him that he will never get to touch your beautiful body sexually and never get to have sex with you like your lover does. Really tease him, (and it only needs to be for a minute). Then have him crawl to you, kiss the ground you walk on and thank you for allowing him to be your slave. Then push him over with your foot and walk away. Leaving him on the floor, desperate and helpless and hopeless. If you make him cry with frustration you will be hitting his submissive buttons. A good thing. He craves to feel helplessly in the power of a cruel, utterly heartless bitch. Whenever he does stat begging you, laugh and remind him it will never happen. Have fun with your power and unfairness.

      If when watching a movie together or sleeping in the same bed he starts to get very physical with his hands, trying to touch your private parts, ban him to the floor and tell him he has lost the privilege of being close to you that way for a week. He will want that closeness and learn to control himself I think.

      Does he ever get to orgasm though? You do not say. I would suggest you allow him to kneel and bring himself off, say once a fortnight, either in front of you while you laugh at him, or send him off to the toilet for two minutes to do so. Under that regime if he ever starts to get very physical with his hands, you can tell him his next release has just been delayed by a week. His two weeks became three. That would normally bring a slave into line.

      Please come back to me if I have misunderstood as I would love to help you with a solution.

      • Mistress Mala Rara says:

        Mistress Scarlet, I’ve read Your post from May 4th 2015. It is definitely a well put explanation for those who doubt that love & cruelty go well together. It doesn’t satisfy all of My curiosity though. At the moment I am particularly interested in Your way of managing the physical contact between You and the b-b. So far I’ve read one of Your Journal (it is quite time consuming to read it as some parts made me extremely horny and I had to pleasure Myself before I was able to continue reading next page). In that journal there was a scene where bitch-boy begged Governess Lexi to caress and kiss You. In his begging he mentioned how much he needs Her to do those things to You as he is not allowed to do it, therefore he is unable to please his own Wife. Does this mean that he is never allowed to have any physical contact with you other than that that you initiate on Your own (like holding his hand mentioned in your May 4th post)? Or he does have some liberty in touching certain parts of your body just not in a sexual way? And that brings the most important question for Me: if You share a bed with him how do You manage to enforce all that?

        As for Me I do allow My slave-boy to touch Me BUT:
        1. only when I specifically allow him to relax close to Me or when we go to bed.
        2. he is not allowed to touch any of My “forbidden” parts at no time. Those parts form probably more than 50% of My body. The most intimate part that he has the privilege to touch is My belly.

        Now the biggest problem I’m facing is him abusing his privileges. Whenever he has earned the privilege of being near Me his horniness kicks in leading him into the state of ecstasy. he violated Me couple of times by crossing the borders with his hands, touching My thighs or waist. And even though he still does have a lot of self-discipline and he would never dare to touch My vagina (as this part is sacred at our home and he was told very clearly that never in his life he will get to touch My vagina with any part of his body unless it’s his tongue) the mere fact that he is doing something that he’s not suppose to leaves Me in an uncomfortable situation. I can not afford to let it slide, each violation of any rule can’t be tolerated. But on the other hand I don’t want to eliminate completely any physical contact between us as My feelings are real in this relationship. I love him kind of in the way the owner loves Her dog or the daughter loves Her father (it’s quite difficult to explain, it’s just different kind of love than the one I would have for a boyfriend who gets to have sex with Me). And I do not want to have him locked in the basement or in my closet. I want to have some non-sexual physical expression of our love in our relationship.

        To answer Your question regarding his orgasm: so far he has never been allowed to have an orgasm. Like I mentioned before, I don’t really consider his little clitty a sex organ. It is very small and, not surprisingly, never was wanted in any Woman’s Vagina. Despite those facts it manages somehow to stay hard almost all the time. At least each time I take a look at his clit it is well compacted in it’s cage, trying desperately to get out. This state of constant denied and ignored horniness is something that we both enjoy and is so intense that there is really no need for any physical stimulation. his body takes care of it by it’s own. he either has wet dreams from time to time (especially when we fall asleep cuddling) or he is peeing out the semen in the toilet.

        I definitely love to be cruel, demanding, strict and unfair. And I most definitely looove to tease the hell out of My sub-boi just to deny him any access and rub it in his face. Your advice to maximize My sexual arousal effect on him seems logical but if there is too much arousal he turns into uncontrolable horny dog. And sure I can deny him My presence but I don’t want to spend even a whole week sleeping on the empty bed when at My home. I just want him to behave and be My innocent cute pet (if I can simplify it like this).

        • It seems he needs to be conditioned to comply with your body boundaries rule. I consider conditioning consists of: (1) making sure the rules are 100% clear with no ambiguity, and (2) carrot and stick (or reward and punishment) are used for each breach / compliance until his compliant behaviour becomes automatic. Some Dommes do not bother with the reward/carrot part of the equation and just use punishment/stick to achieve conditioning. He has already been conditioned to never touch your vagina (except when ordered with his tongue) so the conditioning needs extending to the other out-of-bounds body zones.

          If you do want to use the reward/carrot part of the equation, (as well as punishment), then each time he shares your bed or sofa and complies with all the body zone rules, he gets a little treat.

          The punishment part of the equation is the most important. The punishment must be applied each and every time there is an infraction of the body zone rules. This may be irksome in effort to start with, but providing the punishment is something he will definitely, truly wish to avoid, he will quickly be conditioned to comply. At the moment he knows there are no adverse consequences to breaching the rules so why would he comply? It is not his ‘ecstasy state’ that he can’t control, that is a red herring. He simply knows he can get away with it.

          Punishment at the time is best by far. Perhaps apply, or have him apply, a liberal dose of a product like Deep Heat embrocation cream to his balls, (I assume he is shaved). Do you live in the UK? There is a roll-on applicator which means the nasty cream does not need to get on hands and fingers. Or use a leather strap to the fingers and palms. Although not as good as instant punishments, the punishment could be dished out the next morning. Perhaps a serious caning. The key is he must want to avoid the punishment with all his heart.

          Is this helpful?

          • Mistress Mala Rara says:

            Thank You Mistress Scarlet! I followed your suggestions and introduced deep-heat cream to our house. It created miracles!

            My slave-boi’s cage is never taken off and it stops him from having a full erection leaving him in uncomfortable state. That is especially true when I’m teasing him or when he earned his privilege to be close to Me. But yet he is so turned on by Me that he learned how to enjoy his “compressed erections” and that could lead sometimes to uncontrolled horniness which in turn lead him to touch some of My body parts that he never supposed to. Deep-heat cream changes the game completely! It drags him out of his comfort zone and shrinks his clitty leaving him in complete discomfort and pain. Now I always keep a tube of the cream + a q-tip on my night table. One wrong move even of his one finger and the q-tip soaked in the cream goes right into his pee-hole and all over the tip of his clitty through the hole of his chastity device. So far it works miracles and his self-control is a lot stronger.

            • That’s so good. I am glad I could help. Dee Heat in pee hole is further than I would go! That must be agony for him. You have created a wonderfully extreme regime for him. I hope he is grateful.

              • Mistress Mala Rara says:

                Only the very tip of a q-tip goes into his pee-hole. It’s really not deep, just the edges of the whole pushing some cream a little bit inside. But it’s still enough to put him back in his place.

                And yes, he is very grateful. Last time I applied this punishment I put a condom (as I do not wish to get any of that cream on My body or on the bed) over his chastity device squeezing even more cream into the sperm-collector part. I wanted him to stay with Me in the bed as I did not feel like sleeping by Myself that particular night but eventually his suffering was so great that he kept turning around in pain. I was forced to send him to sleep in the living room. I was quite mad and I told him that if he would know his place and would control his hands none of this drama would happen. The very next morning though he was waiting in front of My bed on his knees with a tray filled with breakfast items and a vase full of flowers and a letter with apologies and gratefulness. He then said: “Thank You, Mistress! Thank You so much for disciplining me.” I smiled and said: Thank Mistress Scarlet for introducing your favorite cream into our house!”. Well and then obviously he said: “Thank You Mistress Scarlet for teaching my Goddess how to deal with pathetic slaves like me!”

                (just recently I made him aware of You and My newest online readings)
                So there. 😉

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