CFNM humiliation or CDNS humiliation

I adore Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM), or actually as I have written in my half-completed manual, Clothed Dominants Naked Submissives (CDNS) – because the genders are irrelevant to the affect. But I get confused over many images on CFNM Tumblr sites.

My specification for maximising the submissive’s humiliation and the dominant’s power rush and pleasure is: The dominant’s clothes should not be rubber or PVC, they should be ‘normal’, and the dominants should be fully clothed, not in underwear. Ideally there should be several dominants. The submissive should be naked and should not have a buff body that they are proud to show-off. Ideally the submissive should be shorter in height than the dominants. If the submissive is a male, the submissive should have an average sized penis, or better still below average, or even better still be locked into a chastity restraint device. The submissive should feel vulnerable and humiliated.

I wonder if the Tumblr CFNM sites are all run by males and the male traits of collecting and competing overtake the point of the site. I know males love to have collections and take pleasure in competing on who can have ‘the most’. So collecting images and who can have the biggest number of ‘CFNM’ images regardless of whether they show female dominance and male humiliation. So many images on the Tumblr CFNM sites show naked men with huge cocks and/or very buff bodies. These men are taking pleasure in showing off and are not humiliated at all. Often the ‘dressed’ women are in underwear or PVC or rubber, so have had to take trouble to dress up for the submissive – not a very dominant thing to do.

It is a shame because CDNS to my specification is a staggeringly erotic thing to observe regardless of the genders of the parties involved. Imagine a Tumblr site of images only meeting my specification! Like the following images:



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14 Responses to CFNM humiliation or CDNS humiliation

  1. martin sims says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    You say about Dominants not dressing Up for their subs in rubber or pvc clothing though this could also possibly be that the Dominants themselves Love the feel of the Rubber or PVC clothing themselves and are not doing the Dressing Up for anyone but themselves, perhaps it makes them feel their power more when their subs see them all dressed up and ready to punish, I know that my Mistress Loves to feel the rubber slipping on Her skin as She prepares for my Punishment, She does NOT dress for me, its purely that it makes Her sexually Charged and aroused!
    I Usually agree with Most that You say Miss but on this occasion I think that You might have it a little wrong on some occasions, a Lot of Doms get off by making their subs grovel at their sexuality while being punished..
    slutboy martin

    • I agree that if the Domme wishes to dress up for her pleasure that is absolutely OK. You are right. My post was however about images on Tumblr rather than the act of CFNM, and I would still suggest that in images, the Domme in everyday clothes creates a more powerful image. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Jacob says:

    I agree with you much, here, Ms. Scarlet. May I suggest that all of CFNM is acceptable, even that with a buff male or larger than average penis IF the point ends up being that the male, even if proud at first, ends up being objectified and humiliated through his treatment and restrictions, AND the dominants are in control, and entertained and pleased with the results?

    • I was not posting about the activity of CFNM. I was posting about the images of CFNM on Tumblr. Images of buff males or males with large cocks almost always depict the males showing off and having a great time. That is the problem.

      • Jacob says:

        In that case, I am 100% in agreement with you. It puts some sort of control in the hands of those showing off, where I am not into CFNM for mutual benefit. I appreciates its use being for power exchange and the benefit and entertainment of the lady/ladies in control.

  3. Jake says:

    Is it possible to contact Mistress Scarlet directly?

  4. tellster says:

    i understand what You mean and You are right….i follow this blog and while its not specificly a CFNM or CDNS blog….it does contan a lot of what You describe in terms of normal dress in a D/s F/m relationship….as well as some very incitefull reading….much as bot Your blog and Your tumblr site…i’d be obliged if You gave it a look and told me what You think

  5. Ms Laura says:

    I agree with your take on this completely. I am the same when it comes to my spiritual path as well. I have no need to “role play” my dominance, which is precise;y what was does in donning the “BDSM attire”. I prefer my very presence alone, not the wardrobe, to commend my slaves obedience. Nice post.

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