CFNM humiliation or CDNS humiliation

I adore Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM), or actually as I have written in my half-completed manual, Clothed Dominants Naked Submissives (CDNS) – because the genders are irrelevant to the affect. But I get confused over many images on CFNM Tumblr sites.

My specification for maximising the submissive’s humiliation and the dominant’s power rush and pleasure is: The dominant’s clothes should not be rubber or PVC, they should be ‘normal’, and the dominants should be fully clothed, not in underwear. Ideally there should be several dominants. The submissive should be naked and should not have a buff body that they are proud to show-off. Ideally the submissive should be shorter in height than the dominants. If the submissive is a male, the submissive should have an average sized penis, or better still below average, or even better still be locked into a chastity restraint device. The submissive should feel vulnerable and humiliated.

I wonder if the Tumblr CFNM sites are all run by males and the male traits of collecting and competing overtake the point of the site. I know males love to have collections and take pleasure in competing on who can have ‘the most’. So collecting images and who can have the biggest number of ‘CFNM’ images regardless of whether they show female dominance and male humiliation. So many images on the Tumblr CFNM sites show naked men with huge cocks and/or very buff bodies. These men are taking pleasure in showing off and are not humiliated at all. Often the ‘dressed’ women are in underwear or PVC or rubber, so have had to take trouble to dress up for the submissive – not a very dominant thing to do.

It is a shame because CDNS to my specification is a staggeringly erotic thing to observe regardless of the genders of the parties involved. Imagine a Tumblr site of images only meeting my specification! Like the following images:



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18 Responses to CFNM humiliation or CDNS humiliation

  1. martin sims says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    You say about Dominants not dressing Up for their subs in rubber or pvc clothing though this could also possibly be that the Dominants themselves Love the feel of the Rubber or PVC clothing themselves and are not doing the Dressing Up for anyone but themselves, perhaps it makes them feel their power more when their subs see them all dressed up and ready to punish, I know that my Mistress Loves to feel the rubber slipping on Her skin as She prepares for my Punishment, She does NOT dress for me, its purely that it makes Her sexually Charged and aroused!
    I Usually agree with Most that You say Miss but on this occasion I think that You might have it a little wrong on some occasions, a Lot of Doms get off by making their subs grovel at their sexuality while being punished..
    slutboy martin

    • I agree that if the Domme wishes to dress up for her pleasure that is absolutely OK. You are right. My post was however about images on Tumblr rather than the act of CFNM, and I would still suggest that in images, the Domme in everyday clothes creates a more powerful image. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Jacob says:

    I agree with you much, here, Ms. Scarlet. May I suggest that all of CFNM is acceptable, even that with a buff male or larger than average penis IF the point ends up being that the male, even if proud at first, ends up being objectified and humiliated through his treatment and restrictions, AND the dominants are in control, and entertained and pleased with the results?

    • I was not posting about the activity of CFNM. I was posting about the images of CFNM on Tumblr. Images of buff males or males with large cocks almost always depict the males showing off and having a great time. That is the problem.

      • Jacob says:

        In that case, I am 100% in agreement with you. It puts some sort of control in the hands of those showing off, where I am not into CFNM for mutual benefit. I appreciates its use being for power exchange and the benefit and entertainment of the lady/ladies in control.

  3. Jake says:

    Is it possible to contact Mistress Scarlet directly?

  4. tellster says:

    i understand what You mean and You are right….i follow this blog and while its not specificly a CFNM or CDNS blog….it does contan a lot of what You describe in terms of normal dress in a D/s F/m relationship….as well as some very incitefull reading….much as bot Your blog and Your tumblr site…i’d be obliged if You gave it a look and told me what You think

  5. Ms Laura says:

    I agree with your take on this completely. I am the same when it comes to my spiritual path as well. I have no need to “role play” my dominance, which is precise;y what was does in donning the “BDSM attire”. I prefer my very presence alone, not the wardrobe, to commend my slaves obedience. Nice post.

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  7. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    Scarlet, I know exactly why you’re excluding rubber outfits. The mere look at the female’s shape wrapped in tight rubber is extremely pleasurable for males. So pleasurable that the act itself is so intimate that should be excluded from slave’s life. This is one of those things that, if allowed. make slave go completely wild to the point that he forgets about his low status and asexual character. On the other hand it is a great torment to not only torture him and make his frustration grow but also to test his self-discipline.

    I personally love wearing rubber as it makes me feel so sexual. While wrapped in it I sweat a lot, my body gets really tight and I feel so powerful. Usually I wear rubber behind closed door in My private bedroom where I use other sex-accessories to masturbate. Only on rare occasions My slave is allowed to listed to Me moan on the other side of the door. He does not get to see me wearing rubber because when I’m done (sometimes after few hours!) I take off my sweaty rubber, take the shower, come out either wrapped in towels or dressed in normal clothes and order My slave-cuck to wash My rubber and toys with water and soap.

    HOWEVER he has experienced the privilege of seeing My beautiful rubbered body once. It came completely unexpected as I was preparing myself for a date and since I felt extra slutty I decided to look extra sexual. I dressed myself in rubber and started putting on My make-up. In those moments I always like to have My slave by My side in case if I need any sort of help. I called him and as soon as he saw Me his heart started pumping extremely fast, his eyes were wide open. That’s when I realized that, for the first time ever, I am in rubber in front of My slave. I ordered him very fast to turn around and stop looking at Me. But since pretty soon after he complied by saying “Yes, Mistress!” with a very “shaky” voice I really needed his help, so I said to him: “tonight you will experience couple of minutes of incredible luck”. It turned out to be very entertaining for Me as well. Since he is never allowed to touch any part of My body when I’m about to go out his hands were just dying to get some action.

    Just before going outside I bent over to check Myself in the big mirror one last time. I knew he was kneeling right behind Me and that I just rewarded him with the reflexion of his face on My rubbered juicy ass. I heard loud and desperate “ohhh” sound. I turned around for a second to see him literally drooling and his little clit being so hard that it managed to bring the whole chastity device up (as if he would have a normal, cage-free erection). That was so funny and hot at the same time that I’ve decided to return to My pose one more time in order to apply some more lipstick, looking at My face in detail while having My head very close to the mirror. Then I started to lift My hair with My hand, turned face to My slave and told him “this is what My lover will be getting tonight while you will never even be able to touch it!”. He was so horny, frustrated and devastated that he barely could say “yeee..sss… s… Mmm… Misssss… Stressss”. I laughed so hard and immediately ordered him to dress Me in My fur. “No more looking at My rubber!” I shouted. Then I ordered him to crawl on his knees outside the house and open the door of My car for Me. When I got right in front of the car I ordered him to lick the seat which will hold My beautiful butt. Without any thought he started performing the order in a very passionate way, as if he would actually would lick My ass itself. After he was done I sat on it and told him “This is the closest you will ever get to My ass. Now thank your Mistress!”. I extended My left leg towards his head and he started kissing the sole of My left boot, whispering “Thank You, Mistress! Thank You so much! You are so beautiful, Mistress!”.
    He could probably go forever with thanking Me and with the complements but without a warning I rudely interrupted him by starting the engine.
    – “Enough pleasure for you, bitch! Now get yourself together and get to work! You have chores to do. They better be done when I come back tomorrow”.
    – “Of course, Mistress!”
    So he started crawling back to the house while I drove away.

    And I have to say that we both were so excited that none of us thought about the risk of our neighbors seeing this pathetic loser crawling naked in our front yard with nothing else on but his chastity device. All that made both of us extremely horny – I had lots of orgasms that night, while My slave-boi had a wet dream (involuntary emission of his fluids through his chastity cage).

  8. Lady Alexa says:

    Your post hit the bulls eye of my hobby horse topics, that is of the ‘submissive’ who is really in it to show off how good they think they look. I’ve found them across various areas of supposed D/s lifestyles and not just CFNM. I have feminised and petticoated my husband within our FLR (I also use CFNM or a mix of both) but I’ve been turned off at some femdom events by so-called subbies prancing around in mini skirts and pink sissy dresses, clearly not humiliatied but proud. They use to event to parade themselves. I think of them as passive dominants a little like the sub in the film The Duke of Burgundy. It’s fine to dress up as you wish but it’s not submission it’s a male fantasy game.

    • with all due respect ma’am slave doesn’t know much about it as slave has never experienced it,but slave know all about being humiliated. slave has been forced out in public in strict bondage locked in chastity ans dildo’d.

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