Easy But Extreme Humiliation and Control

I often mention partial ignoring. It is something I love. It requires the passage of time to be effective though. Well there is a Tumblr site sort of devoted to the torment.


Although only a small percentage of the images meet my ideal, it is nice to see such a site. I hope bitch-boy can find more such sites for me.

My favourite partial ignoring activities include: (My absolute favourite two first), One  – Playing with his boys bits. And Two, watching a foreign language subtitled TV program or film while bitch-boy sits in his little girl outfit and does his colouring-in with his dolly helping. I also have him do this while I sunbathe and read. It can go on for hours. He is simultaneously miserable with the tedium and the humiliation. My only acknowledgement of him, every twenty minutes or so, is an occasional derisory chuckle or a short phrase such as, ‘What a pathetic prissy sissy you really are’.  Even better when Governess Lexi is with me and we watch the TV together our hands resting on the top of each others’ thighs, occasionally kissing passionately.

Another is bitch-boy kissing my shoes while I put my make-up on in the morning.

Another is him doing his rotary clothes line duty while I read the weekend supplements in the conservatory overlooking the lawn on which the rotary clothes line is located. Him blindfolded and gagged, his posture collar secured at the back to one of the three spars of the rotary clothes line. His wrists padlocked into the cuffs at the front of his reins. And he slowly walks in a circle, the same circle again and again, endlessly turning the rotary clothes line. Blind, silenced, frightened and enduring tedium. (See Volume 5 of my journals). His only contact with me is when I go out every twenty minutes or so, to cane his butt to encourage him in his task.

Another is him fucking the gap between shoe and sole of foot while I read, or watch TV or speak to one of my sisters on the phone. Of course, he is not allowed to cum.

I do LOVE partial ignoring. It provides such a power rush and consequent sexual arousal. If you have read my published journals you will understand its use in detail and how often I employ it.


3 thoughts on “Easy But Extreme Humiliation and Control

  1. What a wonderful thought, Miss Scarlett; ‘… bitch-boy kissing my shoes while I put my make-up on in the morning’. You are amazing!

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