Grown males crying with misery

I have noticed that there is not a fantasy scenario involving cruelty to a female submissive one can think of, that cannot be found on the internet – depicted by video or still images. Whatever you can think of, you can find it. Now while I do find these delightfully stimulating when the dominant is a female, and the submissive female is genuinely sobbing or pleading, it annoys me that the same cannot be said for all the fantasy scenarios involving cruelty to a male submissive.  Why is this?

Where are the images (still or video) of a naked male, of normal build, being physically punished by several relaxed, normally dressed women while the male is genuinely sobbing and pleading for it to end? There is a limitless supply of images of female submissives in such scenarios, overwhelmingly with male dominants.

Or to go further – the specified male in that situation AND dressed as a sissy maid or as a little girl or school girl AND ABSOLUTELY HATING TO BE SO DRESSED. There are countless images of transvestites dressed like this and being dominated. But these are males that love being dressed like this. (Not that I have anything against them). But where are the images of males utterly humiliated and hating being dressed like this, being brought to pleading or tears by the shame and/or the punishment? We currently get slim leggy male transvestites who could pass as a female and are wearing the whole nine yards. Proper shoes, perfect wig, expensive uniform, make-up. Very pretty. If it is ever a short, barrel chested male, then they might wear a cheap maids dress, but they will be bare footed and not have make-up. And if there is a wig it will be cheap and nasty. Let’s have a short, barrel chested male suffering proper shoes, perfect wig, expensive uniform, make-up, etc.

I think I would love to be a femdom porn producer – directing videos and photo shoots. I would do it for free. I know there are submissive males out there, like moths – drawn to the cruel burning flame of dominant women, who would submit to ‘starring’ in my productions, even though they would, at the time of shooting, be very miserable indeed. And I have no doubt there are plenty of existing dominatrix actresses who would love to feature in my productions as described above. Cruel and heartless and liking the ‘real’ nature of my productions.

We currently have sissy males loving to be dressed in sissy outfits. Masochistic males, silently and ‘contentedly’ taking SERIOUS, punishment, (probably with the aid of painkillers), and we have buff, well hung males, loving showing off naked in front of apparently dominant women – dressed in underwear. Go figure the underwear bit?

And we have submissive women, (the film Graphic Sexual Horror being one example, but there are hundreds more), who are sobbing with humiliation and or pain, and genuinely pleading, not enjoying for one second what is happening to them at the time. While the dominant males involved are dressed in T shirts and jeans.

We all know the true submissives brought to genuine tears of pleading will, once it is all over,  be full of endorphins and contentment. The documentary side of the film Graphic Sexual Horror makes that clear if there was any doubt.

This issue is not for me about feminism. (And I have to say, I can’t stand feminists who are sexist and hypocritically stereotype males – not even seeing how they weaken their case by their own prejudiced sexist behaviour.) The femdom porn issue I have set out is simply a mystery I do not understand. (and BTW, what is wrong with males being called actors and females being called actresses. How is it demeaning for a female in the acting profession to be called an actress? I have never got that. Could someone explain.)

I know I have ranted about this before on my blog, but given how popular my published journals are, I am sure femdom porn to my specification would be equally popular.

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15 Responses to Grown males crying with misery

  1. fluffy says:

    I think the Femdom film producers you would have mostly liked Ms Scarlet are YoungDommes by Harsh Media – who sadly due to new UK video laws – gave up filming but from their body of work, mostly filmed exactly what you are seeking i.e. day to day clothing for the women and nudity for the slaves.
    Having attended 3 such shoots, including enduring clip below’bit of bastinado’ as they called it – I can vouch for the pain being real and can show you what my feet looked like afterwards – I could hardly walk for 2 days and hobbled about for a week.

    At the same shoot, earlier that day, I also endured this whipping by the casually dressed Miss JoJo – i am the sub on the left of the picture – and you can see stripes the said whipping left on my flesh

    hopefuly you approve and I am close to what you seek

    respect from

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  3. RS says:

    Excellent point. With the exception of Japanese Femdom, I agree there is nowhere else to find a extreme cruelty to a male… real crying, wanting out.. There are some websites like Cruel Amazons that come close in my opinion… there is heavy whippings and canings in the films, but 1) It seem it is more “staged” and like watching a pro-domme session. 2.) When there is tears, sobbing, I get the impression the male is still enjoying it to some degree. It does not appear unwilling despite the intensity of it. He is not really begging for mercy. There is a big difference.

    Same as you Ms. Scarlet I have thought many times how profitable it would be to be to round up some beautiful naturally dominant models in LA and have them administer serious tortures…. real pain, real crying, begging with the slave wishing it would end. But the only way to portray this in genuine way is for it to be genuine. Meaning it is up to the woman to decide when the slave has had enough, which means no safe words. There is just no other way. You can not deceive a viewer what is real and what is a “Session” or “Stagged”. Simply put “Wishing it would end” means if you had the “choice” for it to stop, you’d take it! Otherwise what you describe can only be achieved without safe words. The woman administering the punishment would also have to stomach putting someone through pain like that…. I believe a lot of woman would be more merciful and frightened to beat someone to hell like that, however i realize there many who have no problem doing that. But they are difficult to find.

    I am curious what others feel about this and what your response is? If you were to film bitch-boy it would be real because it is real, correct? His service and slavery to you is unconditional. no rights whatesoever? Perhaps you are in a more rare position to provide us with these types of films.

  4. Lower says:

    re: (and BTW, what is wrong with males being called actors and females being called actresses. How is it demeaning for a female in the acting profession to be called an actress? I have never got that. Could someone explain.)

    It’s not in itself generally demeaning. But the argument is that often when there are distinctions like this along gender in professions, the male version of the term gains credence as the high standard, and the female version as a less valuable standard. The thought is, if you erase the title difference then the real life value difference has less traction on which to hang. To use an stark example. In 2015 the 20 highest paid actors (male) made on average about 40 million dollars a movie, and the 18 highest paid actresses made about 12 million dollars. The 20th highest paid actor, Matt Damon (25 million) made more than than the 3rd highest paid actress, Melissa McCarthy ($23 million). Now would this all go away if people did not call female actors “actresses”? Probably not. But it does feel like it is part of the problem. There are doctors (often assumed to be male) and nurses (often assumed to be female). What if we called female doctors doctresses? It would at least feel that we are specifying something that could lead to less respect, or perhaps more importantly less pay in that profession.

    A lot of titles are just assumed to be male. A scientist (a scientress?). A chef (a cheftress?). A professor (a professtress?). The attempt to de-gender titles of power or authority are really about trying to give access and economic respect to women who want to hold them.

    Actress though is a unique term in that the female actor/actress has a long history and public image, not always complimentary. In the 19th century I believe the profession of actress also was generally one of prostitution. The word still has something of this connotation or other negative stereotypes in some contexts.

    • I absolutely do not agree that being called actresses is part of the problem at all. A complete red herring which distracts effort from what counts. Thank you for the explanation but I find this so depressing and feminists so misguided in this type of thing. Always missing the point and what is important. Spending so much time on words and titles instead of on what counts. It seems obvious to me that the main reason historically (and a little less so now) women actresses earnt less than men is because historically, most films had men as the main protagonists and therefore men are the films’ stars. Obviously the films’ stars must get paid more than the co-stars. The women would be among the co-stars in such films.
      Further, whether someone is earning $23 million or $35 million is hardly important to women’s rights! I accept its not fair on the women earning $23 million instead of $35 million but when ranking what is important to womens’ rights, it ranks well below the pay of say, jobbing actresses who need every penny they earn. Do the jobbing actresses and actors, the bit parts, earn the same? That is what is very important. I would be happy to put some effort into the equality of pay for lower paid actresses with the lower paid actors.
      And if that is sorted I would say the fight for women across the world for access to freedom to travel, an education, freedom to divorce, etc. etc. still comes way ahead how many more millions men get.
      Rant over. Thank you again.

  5. declan says:

    Absolutely agree and I would be a frequent consumer of Your kind of media. Thank You for Your thoughts. 🙂

  6. Iain says:

    These sorts of videos, with more genuine domination, are something that I would love to see.

    Although I would bring up one point about the cross dressing aspect. I can understand people getting enjoyment out of cross dressing, if that is one of their fetishes, but, as a submissive man, I’ve always seen it as rather disrespectful that many men find dressing as a woman humiliating. It seems to imply that they think there is something inherently shameful about being a woman…

    • I absolutely agree that it could be disrespectful that many men find dressing as a woman humiliating and it does seem to imply that they think there is something inherently shameful about being a woman. Although, it is actually, they find it shameful being a man dressed as a woman, but the theme you refer to is still there. However, I am never someone to cut off my nose to spite my face, so if a male is humiliated by being dressed as a woman, then he is subjugated by it and cruel women rightly can get pleasure from him feeling humiliated. I think if a woman’s objectives are to get cruel pleasure and to subjugate a male, then anything that works is OK.
      Having said that, I have never dressed bb as a grown woman. My humiliation regime is forcing him to be dressed as and act as, a parody of a little girl, or school girl, or sissy maid.

  7. Layne Winklebleck says:

    Greetings Mistress Scarlet,

    Just thought I’d throw in my thoughts on the question of male submissives crying and screaming from pain as a signal of authenticity. I’ve watched a lot of very serious canings and so forth and noted that often the submissive is not only not crying out but is physically quiet. I’m a 77 year old former heavy SM player (and a switch). I enjoyed getting and giving a great many intensely painful experiences with many play partners during the Eighties and Nineties in the San Francisco (het) SM community. I think what we are seeing in many videos online are submissives who are tranced out. It’s a lovely space to be on either end of the dynamic. My ability to trance as a submissive came naturally out of my lust to be abused; and once I learned to do it (partly from watching some role models) it often felt as though I had no pain limits. All I needed to do was trance deeper. I taught submissive women to relax, which is a part of getting there. If they tensed up, I stopped and seduced them into relaxing. I never used a safeword. The only safeword I gave submissives was: “Stop. Leave me. I never want to see you again.” None of them ever used that, either.


    • I never wrote screaming. I don’t find screaming convivial to relaxed sadistic torture.

      I do understand what you call ‘tranced-out’ and I know as ‘sub-space’. I have caused that with my husband with both physical punishment and with the very deepest humiliations when I have guests. I write about that in my, (85% complete) manual, soon to be published. Thank you for your comment.

  8. Chris says:

    Check out Yapoo’s market Ma’am. It should more than satisfy your urge to see males being tortured well beyond their breaking point. One scene had a group of girls get carried away and strangle their slave into unconsciousness. The camerawoman had to drop the camera, stop the Dommes from further torture, and get the hapless slave medical attention.

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