Grown males crying with misery (Part 2)

It is interesting that the comments I have had on my last post so far are focussing on the pain aspect of causing genuine begging and tears. Yet, with both my slaves, deep humiliation, (say, enforced little girl role play in front of guests) and degradations, (say, having their faces urinated on) seems to affect them more than pain. Appears to stay with them as a trauma to be thought about and dreaded longer than a very painful event stays with them.



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24 Responses to Grown males crying with misery (Part 2)

  1. subslaveuk says:

    A fascinating insight. Humiliation is something I have very little experience of and as such I would not know how I would cope or what effect it would have on a deep emotional level.
    Possibly men suffer more from facing emotional problems as opposed to bearing pain, society seems to indoctrinate stoicism in the face of pain and avoiding facing emotional obstacles.

    A very interesting blog

  2. declan says:

    I tend to agree that the psychological and humiliation without escape would be more apt to being real lasting tears and begging as all psychosocial barriers fall. Fascinating topic.

  3. Daniel says:

    I have to agree with you on that Mistress Scarlet. For me, humiliation and cruelty are my main fetishes, but the problem that i have with them is that for me, I have to be pushed to the point where I’m not really enjoying it in the moment, to actually get any real satisfaction in the long run.

    So many of my fetishes, the things that turn me on the most, are things I know I will not enjoy (forced bi, watersports, scat, etc). Even simple things like being dressed fully as a girl, If it’s in a humiliating situation with Women laughing and making fun of me for wearing it I will feel deep shame. I’m a very proud person, so I need that extra kick to make it truly humiliating. It’s not enough to simply dress that way. While I certainly find it humiliating, it’s not enough to make me feel that deep sense of shame I need.

    I always say if I’m going to see a pro domme or meeting a woman interested in BDSM for the first time, one of the most important factors for me is that I can see they are enjoying themselves. Laughing, making fun of me, having a good time at my expense. Or simply just ignoring me and having fun elsewhere while I suffer, a fetish i wasn’t aware I had until I started reading your blog (thank you for that, by the way, lol).

    On a side note, while I’m sure you weren’t being serious about starting your own FemDom porn company, I would sign up for that in a hartbeat!! Both as a customer and as a hopeful male submissive!

    • I did not mean I would start my own femdom porn company, I meant, tongue in cheek, I would be happy to be a guest producer/director for no fee.
      Thank you for you interesting comment.

  4. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    Honestly I’ve never tried involving peeing in any of My Mistress-slave relationships. But I do recall having some thoughts about it. Especially once in My previous relationship with other slave (who eventually didn’t work out too well for Me). I had a date with My boyfriend, we’ve been drinking a lot wine and then having a night full of amazing sex. When I came back home I felt completely ripped, I could barely walk, but yet I felt so good and strong. I wanted to demonstrate the difference in status between Me and My slave by urinating at him, teasing him that this pussy was just filled with another man’s cock and now it’s splashing waste on his face.

    The idea still turns Me on, I love unfairness and demonstration of slave’s lower status. The only problem is that I still have no idea how to perform it without going through too much trouble. Bathtub doesn’t seem like a comfortable position to be standing above slave’s face in order to perform this action. Floor is covered with expensive wood, definitely wouldn’t like to destroy it. And another issue is the privilege of exposing My pussy in it’s wholeness in front of slave’s eyes. He has no rights to see My pussy (when he performs oral on Me he is blindfolded) and I don’t feel like granting him this special treat.

    • Outside on a patio area is easy and fun in good weather. Indoors I have a walk-in shower with an outlet gully in the floor so it is as easy as outdoors on a lawn or patio area. Lots of modern hotels have walk-in showers.

      You could pee into a big jug and have him lay in the bath, or kneel in a shower, and slowly pour it over him. Outdoors if you do not want him to see your pussy, you could have him kneel in with his head down in as smaller shape as he can manage. I do this often and then urinate over his head, (which runs around his face) and urinate over his back, etc. If you have him thank you during the process it will go into his open mouth.

      • will says:

        the male could wear a washable blindfold, or use a particular blindfold for the piss play, one that he must care for and have available for you to use on him when You desire to humiliate him with Your gift of piss. i was always required to keep my mouth open so that Mistress could fill it with Her gift and swallow, but had to save a last mouthful. That last mouthful had to be held in my open mouth and savored until i had been washed off.

        • Interesting, and what a wonderfully inventive and cruel Mistress having you save the last mouthful and hold it in your open mouth until told to swallow.

          • Mistress Mala Rara says:

            Thank you both for some interesting ideas! I will have to think about it, although patio for now is out of possibilities as I currently do not have any privacy there.

  5. Ade says:

    Hello, Ms Scarlet,

    From my traveling around the internet, i have found one particular Mistress, who enjoyed similiar things to what you described. Her name is Mistres Elise. She enjoyed torturing her slave. I don’t know if what i heard is absolutely true, but i heard her store was closed because of her “brutal ways”. You might be interrested in checking some of her work.

    Have a nice day,
    Your humble fan,

    • Do you have any links?

      • Ade says:

        Hello, Mistress Scarlet,

        I’ve looked into it and i found some for you. Also i made some research and found out, that Mistress Elise had her site taken down after the new UK laws about pornographic materials (which by the way offends me, because it involves female ejaculation, which is what all Mistresses rightfully deserver).

        Here i put the links into one pastebin file. Hope you will enjoy it.

        Have a nice day,
        Your devoted fan,

        • Well Mistress Elise is a fantastic Mistress I have to say and her victims certainly seem to genuinely beg with all their heart quite often. She is magnificent. It is a shame though that apart from the degradations like spit, human ashtray and licking mud from boots, all the rest of the videos are about ball busting.

          Still nothing from any blog follower on deep humiliation bringing tears from males. I think the closest we have with that is the wonderful Mistress Elaine and her male slave Vikki. But I notice her website has also been taken down.

          Can you point me to the new UK laws about pornographic materials involving female ejaculation, etc. I understood the laws are aimed at making videos and taking photos for publication and are not about possession.

          • Ade says:

            Hello, Mistress Scarlett,

            I don’t think i’ve seen anything like that on a video. Every video containing humiliation, also contains slave, who is somehow absolutely okay with it. Even “worse”. In some videos you can see in unwanted reflections, how the other slaves present on the set just stand around and have fun. That really brings me out of it.

            I personally often think about how devastating would some things that turn me on be. Enduring pain is probably hard, especially in the situations like on the video above, but that will stop to hurt quite fast. But knowing, that i’m not really a human in the eyes of my partner, but a toy. That actually hurts. I think as men, we are “programmed” to provide everything our significat other might need or want, even though She is able to get it Herself. Our reward for that, is of course the happiness of the significant other, but also the respect we get from people who see, that we take a good care. It has to hurt tremendously when that is taken away, like in the case i was reading about in the Q&A’s for bitch-boy, where he described how he shrunk in front of your sister, after she found out who he really was around you behind closed doors.

            It’s hard to show that in the videos and the actors are not exactly oscar winners, so they are not able to actually act like they were hurt by whats going on, because its not true. I would welcome pornography you describe very much. So far i am really scared of what would happen to me after getting under a spell of some Mistress. I’m trying to improve in as much useful skills as possible and i’m working hard on university degree, that would allow me to get a good amount of money. I’m very submissive, but maybe not quite enough, to be able to live under conditions bitch-boy does. It is killing me that i don’t know what to do about it. Maybe this kind of pornography you are mentioning could actually help people like me to realise what they really want. Which would result in being a cure to many depressions.

            Here i include link to wikipedia page about the UK laws about pornography.

            Thank you for Your replies, i feel honored.
            Have a great day, Mistress Scarlet.
            Your devoted fan,

            • The new laws apply only to the production and screening of videos it seems to me. At least we are still free to do all the things in our own homes and spaces, that are now banned from being videoed.

  6. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    Just to expand a little bit My first post: I completely agree with you, Mistress Scarlet. Indeed It is interesting that people in general are focusing too much on the pain, not fully understanding that the psychological aspect can be far more traumatic. Ostentatious dehumanization, unfairness, humiliation, denial makes a slave cry not only for few minutes of physical pain but sets him in a mood of constant hopelessness and jealousy. He becomes like a little baby: so vulnerable and helpless that the only thing he can do about his situation is cry.

    This is something that not everybody will fully understands as not every Woman has sadistic tendencies, just like not every man has true submissive nature. Mistress Scarlet, I personally feel that You & Me, even though we definitely have different fetishes, our sadistic souls are very alike. Very often when I read You I just can’t agree more and can’t understand deeper the sadistic and sexual drive behind some of Your actions. Even though a little girl role play seems weird to Me the humiliation aspect of performing this action in front of guests seems extremely hot to Me. Same goes with peeing on the slave’s face: I’ve never done it mostly because I don’t like messiness but I already had the same idea driven purely by My deep need of dehumanizing the slave.

  7. Chris says:

    I love this and the cruelty involved. Whilst mine is a professional relationship, I have not so far been lucky enough to find a partner but that doesn’t stop me searching, I am however not permitted a safe word. This was removed when I became one of the very few privileged to be collared and owned. When Mistress punishes me it is for as long as she wishes and how she wishes. I have no say and am often genuinely pleading for it to end long before Mistress has had enough. Mistress knows I have a phobia around belly buttons and will regularly torture mine, something I find far more distressing than any caning could vet be. Her most recent pleasure though comes from caning my bum hole. Absolute agony and I was pleading with her to stop from the very beginning. Not that she listened of course.

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