Nettles Whipping Apron for the Nasty Object

This link will take you to a simple and effective new addition to my arsenal of dickie-discipline equipment. I shaped a piece of leather to sit between the thighs when bitch-boy is secured on the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups holding his thighs and ankles wide apart. The Nettle Apron ,as I call it, also has a hole in it through which bitch-boy’s little cock protrudes. Myself and / or Governess Lexi can (and do) then whip away to our hearts content with stems of stinging nettle leaves and all the stings are confined to bitch-boy’s little cock. No stings to thighs or balls or belly to distract him from the pain which is all focussed exactly where it should be.

We make his desperate little cock rock hard first and it is a very erotic picture because of the clinical helplessness and vulnerability. Wearing gloves, the little target can be moved this way and that during the whipping, exposing any areas free of stings and needing treatment.

I have written before that the stings on nettle stems which have flowered lose a great deal of their power which is the case. However it seems (from last Saturday’s evidence!) that new stems, which are still emerging from the ground, as we are having a very late summer in the UK, and new side stems on old stems which have flowered, are as stinging as ever! So until we get a frost, bitch-boy’s nettles treatments will be going on into October which makes Governess Lexi very happy. I am toying with an idea, practiced by tiffanymaid’s Mistress of having tiffanymaid keep some nettles growing in a large pot in a greenhouse so that she has access to nettles all through the winter.

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16 Responses to Nettles Whipping Apron for the Nasty Object

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Absolutely, delightfully devious Ma’am! The concentration of the pain and suffering to such a small and precise area must be excruciating…and what makes it worse, is the “item” being punished is generally used to bring pleasure to most males…but we know that bitchboy is NOT “most males”. He’s very privileged to suffer for You…I’m sure he knows that, and the idea of growing nettles year round is wonderful!


    sissy jamieanne

  2. mistressmargret says:

    What a lovely idea I have learnt so much from reading your blogs and journals.
    You could put Bich boys to work on making them and sell them on eBay?

  3. mistressmargret says:

    And I do have my sissy grow nettles in our greenhouse.

  4. skinnieblog says:

    What a nice frenum piercing you’ve given bitch boy too. Have you ever thought of tying some nettle stalk to it and let the leaves drape round his little appendage.

  5. mistressmargret says:

    Would you post on here if you decide too put Bich boy to work on them?
    And yes the nettles are still growing
    And my sissy is also looking after a crop that is growing nicely in our green house

  6. Serena says:

    Scarlet….. delighted to hear of your winter proposal. In turn thank you for the whipping apron idea. Serena

  7. curiousman says:

    What do you do if your slave is ill? Do you go easier on him or not?

  8. Fluffykajirus says:

    Wow and Gosh!
    BB really stands no chance – what magnificent cruelty to his little appendage!
    Having shown us said little package before and with nettles, Would MsScarlet please consider sharing a post nettles treatment and just how sore looking and red pimpled you leave the patient?
    Respect from

  9. fluffy says:

    oh wow – just seen your picture posted called AFTER THE FIRST NETTLE SWIPE – the nettles really do bring up some big pimples!!!
    which I suspect are super painful!
    I assume the 1st swipe is just one of many swipes
    can’t begin to imagine what AFTER THE last NETTLE SWIPE would have BB’s little clitty looking like?!

    respectful fear from

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