Degrading with urine – Literature

I received the comment below recently. It really surprised me that a reader of my blog had not seen the top tab linking to the distribution channels of my journals. It got me wondering how many other blog readers had missed this link / this tab.

Mistress Scarlet I dearly love how You and Governess Lexi derive such pleasure and amusement in disciplining bitch-boy’s little clitty. Also I love how both of You love to pee in his mouth. bitch-boy should consider it an honor and a privilege to drink Your Divine Nectar. I am curious Mistress Scarlet, do You and Governess Lexi and any of Your Dominant Sisters and friends ever make bitch-boy soak Your moist panties in his mouth before hand washing them? It seems only fitting doesn’t it Mistress Scarlet, since it was his fault the panties were soaked? Will You please tell me how I can receive Your Journals and any other writings of Yours? You are such a Beautifully Dominant Lady I really yearn to read more from You. Respectfully Your loyal fan.

6 thoughts on “Degrading with urine – Literature

  1. Hello Mistress Scarlet. I haven’t written You in a long time. It’s been a great last four days. My Wife has given me the daily reward of massaging Her feet while She sprawls out in our bed like a Queen. It doesn’t seem like much in comparison to other couples much further along but it’s the right start AGAIN. I say again because I’ve been down this path before and it’s gotten to much deeper submissive scenarios. For example my Wife would come home from a long day at work and order me to my knees to lick the sweat from Her feet that had been incased in Her heels all day. Or having me wear Her panties for the day with a list of chores to do around the house. The elements were there to go further into the lifestyle but each time it was short lived. She grew tired of it each time. Looking back, the trigger for Her growing sour seemed to be Her frustration with me after “playing” for awhile and leaving me on edge most of the time, She would then want me to have intercourse with Her. The days of build up from being submissive and aroused almost every minute left me with no willpower to make the sex last. A minute after entering Her, I would be ready to explode. I’d beg Her not to be mad and let me pull out to maybe please Her with my tongue, but She ended up “turned off”, as She said. From there it has always been difficult to start up Her willingness to dominant me again. So now for the last four days She has looked happy again with me at Her feet. She has made some playful domination scenario suggestions too. Like wanting to buy a cowboy hat and boots so She could ride me around the house. Then mentioning that the boots would definitely need spurs because “i’m not going to make it easy for you”. Or at dinner suggesting I eat the mushrooms (which I dislike) off Her fork as She fed them to me in the restaurant. Or saying She wanted to hire a maid to clean the house and while the maid cleans have me on my knees massaging Her feet while She laid on the couch. Anyway as You could see the elements are there again. Wish me luck in having it finally blossom into something long term. Like most submissive males there isn’t a day that goes by without fantasizing about being at a dominant Female’s mercy. I just wish my Wife would finally take advantage of this “need to serve” inside me.

  2. Mistress Scarlet thank You for showing me the link to Your journals. Thank Your, Thank Your, Thank You. I left a comment on the “Very Cruel Governess” blog again. I would dearly love to read Your response.

  3. Mistress Scarlet I just cannot stop reading Your journals they are so very, very interesting and so eloquently written. I am curious, Mistress Scarlet, during Your many very beautiful and intense orgasms do You ever ejaculate?


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