Teased and humiliated at leisure

I mention often the activity of partial ignoring and there are some Tumblr sites which have some images broadly depicting this. (Please let me know if there are others.)


To explain more fully is like setting out a set dinner menu.

Choose something from list 1, and either the activity on list 2 , or something from list 3

List 1. The Domme’s activities during which the submissive is ignored apart from a disdainful glance and comment once every 15 minutes or so from the Domme. Smoking, on the phone, reading, watching TV, playing a computer game, putting on make-up, getting dressed, attending to social media on a device, sunbathing, relaxing in the bath, etc.

List 2.  The Domme teases the submissive physically by masturbating the submissive. BUT the submissive WILL NOT be getting an orgasm that day.

List 3. The submissive is doing one of the following. (This list could be endless but I provide examples.)    Cleaning the floor with a toothbrush.#    Providing a pedicure.#     Masturbating themselves, keeping their cocks hard, but not allowed to orgasm while allowed to gaze at the Domme or just allowed to gaze at the Domme’s feet / shoes.#    Providing the Domme with gentle analingis or cunnilingus, which she ignores.#    Kissing the Domme’s feet/ shoes.#    Sucking on a large dildo stuck to a mirror.#    Dressed as a parody of a little girl and playing a game with dollies.#   Doing a large pile of ironing.#   Dressed as a sissy and standing in the fretting pose or mincing pose.#   Dressed as a parody of a little girl and very quietly performing a nursery rhyme with actions, over and over again.#  Brushing the Domme’s hair.#    Etc!

(If you are watching TV, the submissive must not look at the TV screen and it can be beneficial that the submissive does not get to hear the TV, as listening to the plot-line may reduce the tedium/shame/concentration of the submissive. I suggest watching a foreign language, subtitled programme, or fitting ear buds in the submissive’s ears and playing white noise. If the submissive is in a parody little girl outfit, an adult sized baby’s bonnet can be used to hide the ear buds and maintain the maximum shameful appearance.)

(An extremely harsh form of Partial Ignoring broadly follows the above but the submissive is in a different room and is viewed by a video baby monitor. The submissive must perform as instructed but does not even know if ANY attention at all is being paid to them. But they are too frightened to cease their activity because, should they do so, at a time when the Domme is looking at the baby monitor receiver screen, very harsh punishment is dished out.)

I do provide a lot of detailed examples in the most recent four or five of my published journals because it is an activity I adore and so it happens often. It is SOOOOO relaxing, decadent and cruel.

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