Worse than CFNM or CDNS

About a month ago, I published a post on CFNM. Or as I like to call it CDNS. (Clothed dominants naked submissive).

Well I meant to add to that post that humiliating as CDNS is, with a lonely, vulnerable naked submissive as the centre of attention in front of a small group of disdainful clothed dominants,  it can be far worse – as in bitch-boy’s case. I have no doubt he would adore simply being naked when he is ‘displayed’ rather than in the parody of a little girl outfit I have him in.

0000000000000000 copy - Copy          294293412 copy

The left hand image shows his actual dress, bought from Birchplace, but he wears no underwear and so his shaved genitalia are fully on display as is his red and marked butt, as in the right hand image. He does also have to wear the huge pink bow in his hair. Oh how sooooo much he hates that bow!!

He physically trembles when I have him with me, waiting for a moment outside the door of  the room in which my guests wait expectantly. The power rush is huge seeing him physically trembling.

Yes, I am sure, bitch-boy would adore being naked in preference! My published journals detailing my life.

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