Tumblr popularity of perversions

I did report back in July when my Tumblr site reached 10,000 followers so I think I should report that it has now reached over 11,000 followers. It is interesting that my tastes differ quite a bit from mainstream video and image Femdom porn, yet those tastes seem really popular. (Not that I know whether 11,000 followers is impressive for a femdom site?).

Anyway what I really like is knowing that over 11,000 people like the things I like. Domestic Female Tyranny. CFNM. CDNS. Shaming. Partially ignoring. Enforced chastity. Lesbian cuckolding of males. Dickie Discipline, Male maids, Two or more women ganging up on a male, Spit degrading, Forced sissifying, Forced ‘parody of little girl’ role play, Sensory deprivation bondage, etc. etc. etc.


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4 Responses to Tumblr popularity of perversions

  1. Angelo says:

    Greetings Mistress Scarlet, i’m one of 11.000 followers of your Tumblr site, that I appreciate very much and I look every morning looking for something new.
    I would ask You if never thought to also open a site on Pinterest. I have done it about a month ago and must say that I find it better and more interesting than tumblr.
    There is a more extensive collection of images (called PIN), it is easy to use and, above all, has the ability to divide the images into different folders, allowing to follow only the interesting folders of another user.
    I would really advise this experience to expand Your splendid point of view on femdom
    Best regards from Italy

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