bespoke lockable pacifier strap


One of poor bitch-boy’s Xmas presents has arrived. A pacifier strap so that a pacifier can be secured into place. And it is bespoke because it has a buckle hasp through which a padlock can be snapped shut. Even when I am not in the same room as him, he will be sucking on his pacifier like a good little girl.

And even when I am not in the house, I will use a plastic padlock with a unique number which he is only allowed to cut himself free from in an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY. So when I am at the gym or shopping or at a restaurant with friends, I can think of him sucking away on his hated pacifier.

The makers, Lucky Star,  have done a great job. The only downside is that the pacifier in the strap is fixed into place so he will not be sucking on his cock-pacifier. (pic below). But I am sure nonetheless, he will be nicely miserable and feel VERY CONTROLLED and HELPLESS to suffer the painful, shaming whims of his heartless bitch of a wife: which I am.

000000000000000 36969

The cock-pacifier plays a part in so many entries in my journals, reflecting the big role it has always had in bitch-boy’s life.  I must suggest to all Dommes who have a sissy which must be kept properly miserable, that hen-night supplies websites are a great source of cock based paraphernalia. Cock pacifiers, cock straws, cock candy, cock chocolate, cock whistles, cheap male blow-up dolls, etc. Your cock-hating hetrosexual sissy can be overwhelmed with cock related activities! (I think in the USA a hen-night is known as a bachelorette party, but I may be wrong.)

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12 Responses to bespoke lockable pacifier strap

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    I love the cock pacifier…how humiliating to have to suck on that…and I believe I’ve read somewhere that it’s sometimes liberally coated with anti-nail biting liquid as well?!?! The locking pacifier strap is great too as it lets you keep his mouth busy even in your absence!

  2. mistressmargret says:

    Oh my how lucky Bitch-boy is in having a Mistress so thoughtful as you are.
    I bet he can’t wait until Christmas?
    And will you be able to resist the temptation not to use it on him before Christmas?
    By the way Chastity Belt has been ordered much sissy ‘s dismay

  3. Mistress Scarlet Fan says:

    Love the frozen theme you need to get him more Disney princess gifts like you can dress him up as sleeping beauty.

    • He does already have his Disney princess colouring-in books, board games, umbrella, etc. And to be honest I think he would rather have his shame nicely covered up with a long Sleeping beauty dress than the little dresses, coming down only to hips, I make him wear.

  4. Maid matty. UK says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet, it’s maid matty from the UK. Since my last comments such a lot has happened. I hope you don’t mind me telling You Ma’am.
    I am now a collared and owned sissy maid. My Mistress held a fetish Party for some friends and I was given a vow to say and then locked in my collar and announced owned by her. It was quite emotional. Her friends, twelve or more, both male and female, all applauded after the ceremony.
    However later during the party, after I had been serving nearly all night one of the other subs and I were caught playing with my Mistress’s. leather Lochgelly strap. Just silly girls messing around. It became apparent to my Mistress that I had been sneaking alcohol and so had the other sub too.
    My Mistress was very annoyed and then took us both in hand and ordered us to hold out our hands each in turn!
    She beat us both sixteen times on our hands in front of all of her guests. Full force, it was agonosing.
    Our hands were beaten red raw.. Mistress was so disappointed in me she threatened to cancel my collaring ceremony. One of her friends said I should be paddled and recommended a brand new Rubber paddle that had not been used before. My Mistress agreed straight away and I was ordered to bend ove the spqnking chair while My Mistress’s friend pulled down my panties. Everyone was watching as my Mistress took aim for the first stroke.
    It is a short purple paddle with a solid black serrated rubber side to it, about 50mm wide and approximately 6mm thick.
    My god it was like an electric voltage shock. She just blistered my ass with ten full on hellish strokes. I was kicking and yelping like a baby Ma’am. My ass was red with deep blue bruises within minutes of my beating. After my MISTRESS HAD FINISHED her guests applauded her efforts and I was dismissed with a very sore pair of hands and a throbbing pair of red and blue ass cheeks?
    I was so very Sorry Ma’am and promised I would never let her down again.
    In the early hours of the morning I was ordered to make everyone their supper and spent a lot of my time in the kitchen cooking and serving hot cheese, onion and tomato toasties..I also had to then clean up after people started to drift off home.
    I got to my bed at about 3.30 am with instructions to be dressed and in service at eight. Serving my Mistress and her overnight guests coffee and a breakfast of their choice.
    Luckily my Mistress has forgiven me and i remain her owned and collared sissy house maid.
    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for allowing me to remain in touch. yours in service maid matty.x

  5. slaverd says:

    Hello lady, the life your slave takes is something I long for, but my wife and domineering can not establish a routine for the day of a slave. I see how much you have a good mind to work out a life of real slavery for your husband. Your slave is very lucky. I’ve done a lot of research on the Internet and I’ve never encountered a domineering woman who knows so much about mastering her slave. The only thing I miss here are real photos of the daily life of your slave. A picture is worth a thousand words

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