Humiliation in the rain

Mistress Serena’s tiffanymaid has brought to my attention a wonderful website selling PVC and rubber clothing ideal for humiliation purposes. The initial communication was to advise me of the cruel bondage suit that Mistress Serena is buying and in which tiffanymaid will be suffering.  Mistress Serena is deliciously cruel.

While perusing the site myself, I was very attracted to the Rainwear section and especially the Poncho.   (Pic 9 of 10)


I straightaway could imagine having bitch-boy in his parody of a little girl outfit and his wrists secured, at his chest, to the cuffs at the front of his lemon yellow reins, cuddling his dolly under a forearm and me pulling the poncho over his head, into place. Then putting him outside, in the rain, to get him out from under the grown-ups feet for an hour or two.

I was reminded of the entry, ‘Sissy in the Garden’, in Volume 7 of my journals, but on the occasion described within, he had his Disney Princess umbrella to keep him dry.


There would be no need of an umbrella with the hood of the poncho pulled up.

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14 Responses to Humiliation in the rain

  1. fluffy says:

    perhaps BB can be useful while outside and pick up the autumnal leaves while he’s at it!
    or do some rotary servitude?

    respect from

  2. Mistress Scarlet Fan says:

    Have you ever thought about turning his room into a little girls room?

  3. Chris says:

    I so feel for tiffanymaid, those PVC-U-LIKE bondage suits are truly horrible. My first experience was with a suit made from the thicker matt black PVC, spending almost 4 hours desperate for release. I was hot and sweaty quite quickly, the elastic round the legs dug into my thigh’s, the elastic round the neck pressed on my adams apple and was very irritating, and the hood was claustrophobic letting through no light, hence I could not see anything, and also my breathing was restricted.

    I should not have made a fuss, but I really could not help it, I absolutely hated it! We were staying and playing at a friend of my Wife’s, so the bondage suit was a loan for the afternoon, and I was relieved when the weekend was over, as we were heading home taking comfort in the fact I would not have to endure that again, at least not for another few months until we next visited.

    To my absolute horror, a bondage suit of the same design, but made from the thinner semi see through material appeared hanging on the back of the playroom door two weeks later. I was very, very well behaved after this, so It was a while before it was eventually used. The lighter, semi see through material was easier to wear, it was not quite as hot, and not at all claustrophobic like the black suit; however the elastics were just as irritating, and I still had to regulate my breathing somewhat. The fact that ‘my’ suit was easier to wear I found a huge relief, but I stupidly admitted this to my Wife, so now the time penalty has increased, and I get to wear it for a lot longer than I would like, despite my protestations that it may be ‘easier’ to wear, it is still a very difficult experience regardless.

    • tiffanymaid says:

      Chris…..i am not sure a thank you for this information is quite the words i am looking for, but forewarned is forearmed.
      Serena has yet to place the order, but i understand it is pending.
      In turn, i shall report back accordingly

  4. Serena says:

    Thank you for this information. It may interest you to know, I have placed the order for tiffany’s bondage suit, sadly it may take up to four weeks for delivery (made to order). This will give her plenty of “fretting time” whilst we await arrival. I ordered the semi transparent pink as I wish to observe her suffering. However, if the product proves useful, I shall order the thicker matt black as an alternative option.
    Tell me Chris, does your wife have you naked in the suit, or are you diapered ?
    I shall ensure tiffany responds when she experiences her suit.

    • Chris says:

      I am naked in the suit when my Wife wants to play with ‘the jewels’. She says She likes to see what She is doing (which is why She ordered a semi see through suit). At other times so far I have worn some form of clothing to enhance discomfort. A stretchy thong dance belt which is many sizes too small; the feeling is like having someone grip my genitals and squeeze, over time this becomes quite unpleasant. I have a number of close fitting leotards which are made in a variety of different materials, all with a high neck and long sleeves, if I’m under ‘waiting discipline’ I will typically be placed in one of the leotards as well which will help to heat me up faster, the nylon lycra variety being the worst because once they get wet, they stay wet!

      As I mentioned previously, the suits do get hot and make me sweat, so I am kept hydrated by regular drinks of water (and sometimes other liquids), taken via a straw inserted through one of the holes in the front of the hood. Despite the sweating, the regular intake of fluids will slowly fill my bladder until I’m at the point where I really, really, need to go use the toilet. A diaper would make perfect sense of course, and would surely add to the misery that I am enduring. However, my Wife has a different method of dealing with my toilet needs in the form of a high protocol procedure to empty my bladder, which is both difficult and arduous. Over the years conventions for toilet control have been developed; which She seems to delight in enforcing.

      So to fully answer your question, I am never diapered, because my Wife feels that a diaper would give me an option that she does not want me to have. This of course means a brief respite from the bondage I am enduring, but then I have to go back in to a now damp and clammy suit (yuk). I think I would prefer a diaper!

  5. tiffanymaid says:

    Well Christmas arrived early, the PVC-U-Like bondage outfit duly arrived, and Mistress Serena waited less than 24 hours before putting it to use.
    As Chris has stated, it takes only a few minutes to get hot and sweaty. Serena had me endure my initial experience in the outfit for four hours. Guided by the advice Chris (and his Mistress Wife), Serena kept me hydrated by alternative supplies of water and nectar. During my four hours i was naked, and found it quite uncomfortable, breathing was inhibited, it got more sweaty and wet as time passed, and quite tedious. Mistress Serena was quite pleased with the session as it involved little preparation and simple to manage.
    Already She has purchased a long sleeved leotard and proposes to blindfold me next time.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you tiffanymaid for your feedback on the experience.

      The blindfold is interesting; I asked to wear a sweat band on my forehead to stop the sweat running into my eyes and irritating them. Knowing my dislike of blindfolds my Wife decided a blindfold was a better alternative. I found that it did indeed stop the sweat from finding it’s way into my eyes, however, eventually the blindfold itself gets wet as well, and although my eyes are still protected from running sweat, it is like having a soggy bandage wrapped around my head. I suspect the choice of blindfold was deliberate so that this would happen, my suggestion that a blindfold constructed from non absorbent material might be better was instantly dismissed.

  6. tomilina says:

    Hello, Mistress Scarlet. Perhaps in a gentle rain, a small table could be place, with a photo of You, or shoes or whatever. He would have to to hold the umbrella in such a way as to ensure that whatever it is on the table stays COMPLETELY dry, even if he gets wet himself? Thank You.

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