Bitch-boy’s dress – photo

I think this is the clearest, most representative image I have come across of the actual, ‘parody of a little girl’ dress, I force bitch-boy to wear, especially when I have a guest or two. Governess Lexi loves dressing him in it. (Bought from Birch Place Shop.) Because he has two other plain dresses which come down only to his hips, I always refer to this as his full-on parody of a little girl dress, part of his full parody-of-a-little-girl outfit. BUT remember he does not get to wear panties underneath. He is naked, displaying his below-average shaved genitalia. He also displays the marks to his butt if he has been recently punished. The photo also shows the actual handbag/purse/pocket book he has to carry.


Often he also has a very large pink ribbon bow hair clip on his little, exposed clitty. It is about a hands width wide and completely hides his genitalia.  The hair clip teeth really start to cause discomfort after about ten minutes and leave lovely indentations when the clip is removed.

I make reference to this dress in my Journal No. 11.


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3 Responses to Bitch-boy’s dress – photo

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Ms Scarlett. How are you getting on with the ‘manual’? I suspect I am not the only one eagerly awaiting its publication. Will it be available soon? Are you able to share potential dates or timescales?

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