Humiliation With Thrift

I know like me, many Mistresses have invested either considerable time or money, or both, into some delightful humiliation outfits for our slaves. Outfits they hate which makes the outfits delightful. So these outfits can become quite precious, particularly if budget is limited. (The previous post is an example of one of my investments.) I am keenly aware of this for two reasons. (1) I am giving up work soon. (2) When I do I will be acquiring the skill of using a sewing machine as one of my new hobbies. (So, for instance, bitch-boy’s schoolgirl pleated gymslip, which currently reaches down to his knees, will be shortened so it only reaches down to his hips. I want it done more neatly than him hand sewing it.)

Well sometimes, inevitably, these precious outfits may become the subject of a little stain or mark which cannot be removed. Or even a quite large stain. When this happens you need not condemn the outfit to the trash. What I do is add an accessory to cover the stain. Items like those shown below from eBay can be sewn over a stain and simply enhance the shame of the outfit; making it even more fussy and elaborate. And of course your slave can be trained to do the sewing too.

0000000000-copy 00000-copy 000-copy

A small stain near the tip of a Peter Pan collar? Well a ribbon bow gets sewn onto the tip of the corner of both collars (for symmetry) and the outfit actually seems even more humiliating – and the stain is hidden. There are small ribbon bows, HUGE ribbon bows and rosettes on eBay and they are very cheap! A large stain just off centre on the front of an outfit? Well sew a HUGE ribbon bow dead centre of the outfit to cover the stain.

And should your slave be put in an outfit so often that the habituation effect is diminishing its humiliation value, adding a couple of large bows can revitalise the humiliation value.

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