Relaxed, Unembarrassed Sadism- Part 2

A huge thank you to all those who responded to my research request in my previous blog post. It seems I was spot-on in my advice. I provide some of my (edited) favourite excerpts of the responses below.

The casual application of pain and discomfort whilst distracted by other more interesting going ons, is more humiliating for the submissive. The not particularly interested, just doing it ‘cos you are there and I can, rather than showing any emotional attachment to proceedings, is very belittling….

……………..The times she visibly enjoyed most were the times I found hardest; when I gagged on what I was eating, when my eyes were full of tears, when I blushed crimson and shook with shame,……………………She didn’t once smile in a normal, friendly way. But she laughed a lot when she was enjoying herself. Not manic laughter but wicked, smirking snorts. ……….it was indeed, effective, as she sat back, smoked and relaxed, while I suffered……

the Mistress very casual or uninterested and the slave truly suffering…….. This slave has to admit to having read such similar occasions to this already in Your journals Mistress Scarlet.

…..demeanour and method of communication are vitally important, I could never submit to an ‘angry screamer’…

…..I agree totally. My wife used to sing quietly as she liberally coated my penis with an embrocation stick. Round and round and up and down…

I am still open to more views on the topic.



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9 Responses to Relaxed, Unembarrassed Sadism- Part 2

  1. mistressmargret says:

    Sometimes when I am halfway through a punishment session with the cane I will stop and make a phone call to a friend or a family member.
    I will laugh and chat away while sometimes pinching the welts on his sore bottom or just sit where he can see me and completely ignore him.
    sissy has told me he finds that when I do this laughing talking and planning shopping trips and whatever is hard to endure and knowing that there is more strokes of the cane to come makes it even worse and just prolongs the punishment session.

  2. Curious, what is an embrocation stick?

    • Embrocation creams are muscle rubs like Deep Heat, Ralgex, etc. If they are applied to sensitive areas they produce a painful burning sensation. An embrocation stick is an applicator like a roll-on deodorant applicator or like a lipstick applicator which the dominant can use without having to get the cream/liquid onto their hands.

  3. Cain says:

    I may be a bit late in commenting but if I may ? : I totaly agree with you Mistress Scarlet and especialy with the idea that one’s Mistress enjoys what she does and is very happy with her sadism and the actions she’s undertaking. It has always been the main problem with my Mistress/Wife. I can tell when the above is just not were her mind is at and it results in unfulfilment for both . For some reason my Mistress will subbenly “go cold” in the middle of an action she’s clearly be very much enjoying, it’s as if she suddenly thinks she should’nt be doing this and that it’s not a loving thing to do !. It can take many months for her to get over this .

    • Have you not sensitively questioned her and asked if you can help in any way with whatever it is her thoughts land on? I feel so badly for her. I would love to help if I could.

  4. Steve Hughes says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to witness true female sadism on more than a few occasions. I used to think it was a unique attribute of the Female who was to be worshipped but reflection suggests sadism is a human capacity. But in the case of the Female who is Goddess then many of us celebrate her freedom to indulge Herself. I always found it scary as you never knew what she’d do to you. Sometimes it was obviously reckless if not dangerous yet it was just then that Her look was clear and direct – and cold as ice. Adorable Woman!

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