Relaxed, Unembarrassed Sadism- Part 3

A comment from Nonce provides a nuanced addition to the principles I set out in the first post on this topic. I paraphrase him.

While the Mistress remains completely within the bounds of self control, a momentary, animal like, intensely aggressive and hostile, concentrating facial expression appears, particularly when she is close to orgasm.

I have seen this expression and demeanour on Dommes I have collaborated with. It is 100% intensity and spiteful focus to cause discomfort and by so doing gain their own fulfilment. It is erotic and, for the submissive, very frightening.

On a different note, this sequence of posts could not be complete without a contribution from the wonderful Mistress Margret.

Sometimes when I am halfway through a punishment session with the cane I will stop and make a phone call to a friend or a family member.
I will laugh and chat away while sometimes pinching the welts on his sore bottom or just sit where he can see me and completely ignore him.
sissy has told me he finds that when I do this laughing talking and planning shopping trips and whatever is hard to endure and knowing that there is more strokes of the cane to come makes it even worse and just prolongs the punishment session.


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5 Responses to Relaxed, Unembarrassed Sadism- Part 3

  1. Lower says:

    Is there no room for a mode of disinterest that involves a violent, if detached, anger? For me this anger is very close to her orgasm, an unadulterated release. Boredom cannot be the sole expression of a dominant core.

    Just a thought.

    • I thought that was what I had described in the first 3 paragraphs of the Part 3 post? Not so?

      • Lower says:

        Maybe it is just word games, but “spiteful focus” feels very different than “anger”, at least to my ear, though I did think about that paragraph before posting. I am speaking more of something that is in itself a release, an emotional transgression of norms, a liberty. But perhaps this really has more to do with the mistress/dominant herself. Some women are more angry than others, in their core. They hold anger.

        I only mention it in the context of your book, as you are writing to a wide spectrum of people. Much of your description reminds me of the adage “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” …or perhaps “…best served detached, bored, bemused, distracted.” But there are perhaps other flavors. Your descriptions of your dominance are delicious and perfect, but perhaps there are heated versions.

        I agree, there is just way too much “Angry Woman” performance and cartooning in commercial domination. But this falsity perhaps covers up something also very real.

  2. sara elise says:

    Oh my… that waiting would kill me!

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