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Femdom letters site steps up (link)

I have always had in my links section, a link to Petticoating Discipline Quarterly. A site which is updated once each month on the 2nd. Over the years the letters published on the site have been a huge source of inspiration to me for ideas of humiliation for bitch-boy. Up until this month, I have been disappointed with the content of the site for over a year but this month the letters are very enjoyable indeed. Worth a read I think.

Some of the significant ideas for me from the site have included;  mincing, the fretting pose, playing with dollies, sissy maids, having 7 identical colouring-in books for bitch-boy, etc. The list of very significant things is almost endless.

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Xmas pressies for my submissives

I did buy lockable pacifier straps for each of my submissives. bitch-boy’s is exactly as shown in this post. Play-toy’s is plain pink. I can report my submissives each HATE their pacifier straps; so they are a great success.

I must admit the Linnex stick was meant to be an Xmas present but I did not have the willpower to wait until Xmas to use it on bitch-boy. (I will be reporting before the end of the week on my experiment.) Play-toy however has yet to experience the Linnex applied to her nipples, but her time will come.

I bought bitch-boy a new set of felt pens for his colouring-in with his dolly. This is his third set and his first colouring-in book is still a few pages from completion. I dread to think how many hours he has spent colouring-in this first book with the help of his dolly. Such a distressing combination of deep humiliation and terrible tedium. It must be literally hundreds of hours so far and as soon as it is finished, he will be starting on the next of the other six identical books I have bought him. It must be awful for him to know there is no end in sight for literally years to come. This prospect must be strengthened in his mind by my recent utterly uninhibited masturbation while he sits on the floor at my feet and colours-in. When he has been at his colouring-in for an hour plus, (particularly if it is the second or third day of it),  I get overwhelmed with arousal at the extent of my power and cruelty and, sitting on the sofa, I pull up my skirt, pick up my massager, and bring myself off; while he sits on the floor continuing his colouring in as though nothing is happening – which he knows is what he must do.

And of course, adding to my arousal, I know this perverted, decadent, exhibitionist act also sends him the distressing message that I have no need of him for my sexual release. (He knows that over the last couple of months my orgasms, through masturbation, have reached new heights of amazing intensity. I am not sure why but I think it is my evolution to a state of zero inhibition and zero guilt at how I behave. I am guessing that, although I did not realise it, there were some fragments of inhibition and guilt holding me back; but they have now gone!)

I also bought some Salivax pastilles which I have yet to try but I have been assured while I  suck them will produce large quantities of spit, for me to deposit in bitch-boy’s or Play-toy’s open mouth. Or perhaps dropped onto my boot to be licked clean, (and the floor should it drip there).

Finally I bought some itching powder. I have read that pulling back the foreskin, liberally applying a generous quantity of the powder, and then returning the foreskin over the knob-head induces a miserable state of distress in a male whose wrists are bound and who cannot touch the offending item to provide some respite. Another experiment I will report on. Play-toy will also experience some application to the nipples or perhaps the crack of the butt.

Isn’t Xmas such a wonderful time!


Shaming Those Genitals

One enjoyable pastime I have engaged in is adding colour to the submissive’s genitals. This can be the shaved labia or the shaved cock and balls. Stripes using Henna can be fun and lasts a number of days. I have also used washable felt pens and food colouring for stripes or a total colour change of the area in question. Red, green, blue or orange can be fun. However I have a question as all of the colouring materials I have used so far have one problem or another. Either too dull or they can come off and stain precious fabrics.

Has anyone used a bright product for colouring skin which does not have the potential to rub off onto precious fabrics and stain?

Dickie-Discipline To Endure

I have to give my HUGE thanks to Christine M for introducing me to Linnex Heat Stick. (I think poor bitch-boy is rather less thank full.) It was quite hard to get hold of but it seems to provide as uncomfortable a ‘burn’ as any Deep Heat product but seems to also last much longer.

I think over the Xmas break, Nurse Nasty will have to run a very ‘scientific’ experiment to compare how long a Linnex stick application lasts compared to an application of the Deep Heat Muscle rub.  Bitch-boys sobbing seems the same with either so the experiment will be about duration. My guess at the moment is the Linnex stick lasts two to three times longer.

I provide very detailed accounts of Nurse Nasty sessions in my published Journals, volumes 1, 3 and 11.

The product reminded me of a letter I read many years ago in a Madame magazine. A young woman seemed to have an objective to have as many of her girlfriends’ boyfriends in chastity and suffering dickie-discipline as she could; as well as her own poor boyfriend of course. She visited one such girlfriend, and the boyfriend was bound and helpless and free of his chastity device. The young woman in question produced from her handbag, where she always kept it, a Ralgex stick. She calmly ran the flame of her lighter over the head of the stick before applying a very thick coat of the now softened Ralgex  to the males dickie; and many tears and much sobbing was the result. Of course, the Ralgex stick is no longer available but the Linnex Stick appears to be its perfect replacement.

My thanks again to Christine M.



Unlawful Tumblr images

I was wondering, in the UK, the specification of images that it is unlawful to circulate on the grounds of obscenity. Obviously, anything to do with paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality; but what else? Please comment if you know where to find the relevant legislation or what it is. Please do not comment  if you are simply guessing.

Contact-lense Blindfold

Derek left a comment regarding surreptitious BDSM equipment relating to contact lenses which are made as blindfolds. A fantastic idea but I have heard stories of fancy dress contact lenses causing damage so could never myself take the risk of using these BDSM lenses on a precious sub of mine. And there is the problem that only an experienced contact lense wearer is likely to be able to wear contact lenses free of streaming eyes. The notion did however get my creativity going for using medical grade contact lenses to ‘blindfold’ a sub who is a regular contact lense wearer, based on my own experience of wearing contact lenses. Simply use a prescription specification that is at an extreme end of what is available from proper optical suppliers.

Base curve and diameter can match the sub’s existing prescription but the power can be the opposite of what they need. Given the power range available is from -12 to +6, I imagine it would be possible to use lenses which would leave the wearer seeing no more than a blur of light and very vague shapes. The fun that could be had!  If the sub has a prescription of +3.5 but was made to wear lenses of -12, I am sure it would work and I think be safe for shortish periods?

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Whacking Dickie

I spend a good deal of time and derive great pleasure from smacking bitch-boys hard cock with implements of one sort or another. It is easy and a joy with something as readily available as a 12 inch ruler. Examples in femdom internet porn of using an implement for smacking the naughty clitty are so rare though. I wonder why? as the pleasure of making it get so red and sore, while keeping it hard, is extremely gratifying. And, as it does not cause damage, one can continue for hours!

You sometimes see a few taps with a cane or smacking with a hand, or smacking the balls, but not smacking the cock with a flat implement. Standing out from the crowd on this are Goddess Whiskey and her associate Goddess Lillith. They use a length of thin leather. Each of them also has the most exceptionally delightful demeanour when doing so.  And Goddess Whiskey is 6 feet 3 inches tall so her height is as intimidating as her demeanour. Its a shame there is not more of their material on the web, or other women who like to smack that naughty length of gristle. I think my keenness for the activity is reflected by the fact that it is in every one of my published journals I think. Governess Lexi enjoys the activity too and having made bitch-boy’s clitty hard, and then having been smacking for a while, she always tells him that his clitty being so hard shows he likes it really, (despite his pitiful whimpering), so she must make sure he gets plenty of what he likes. And she does make sure! I think its more to do with his long periods of sexual denial and the Cialis pill he will earlier have been instructed to take, but its delightful whenever Lexi makes this little speech to him.

Electrical Torments

On the theme of my last post, and a suggestion in the comments, I wonder if anyone has used a ‘vanilla’ Tens unit as a torment item. They are sold in the high street and pharmacies for between £20 and £150.  A great surreptitious item if they work for torment, rather than the BDSM designed TENS machine I have.

Hidden Domination Equipment

A very small part of my forthcoming manual I am working on at the moment consists of three equipment lists. List 1, is for couples who have children at home, or others, which mean the can store only a little, or no proper BDSM equipment. List 2, is for things that can be taken on holiday, despite the risk of a luggage search. List 3, is things that can be purchased for use on holiday and discarded before returning home. (Earlier in the manual is set out what each item can be used for if clarification is needed.) I hoped you wonderful blog followers might be able to suggest additions to the lists.

List 1. Surreptitious at home.

hairdryer, bulldog clips, clothes pegs, a crop if you ride horses, an embrocation cream, rigid cervical collar, cord or string (use for bondage – cut with scissors when finished and discard), parcel tape (for bondage), insulating tape (for flaccid cock binding or large breast binding), strong minty toothpaste (for application to nipples, penis, labia), frilly panties for the submissive stored in the Mistress’s panty drawer, large wooden spoon, kitchen cutting boards, rubber bands, 12 inch ruler, ballet style slippers or flip-flops, hair brush, soiled panties, fluid to stop fingernail biting, nut crackers (for squeezing the erect penis), plenty of dog/cat collars if you have dogs or cats, large demountable dog cage if you have a dog, fresh chilli pepper, fresh ginger, Tabasco sauce, interdental brushes, stiff brushes on wire loops, stinging nettles, urine soaked panties.

List 2. In luggage which may be searched.

hairdryer, bulldog clips, clothes pegs, rubber bands, 12 inch ruler, ballet style slippers or flip-flops, hair brush, an embrocation cream, rigid cervical collar, soiled panties, fluid to stop fingernail biting, strong minty toothpaste (for application to nipples, penis, labia), interdental brushes.

List 3. Purchased for use on holiday and discarded before returning home.

wooden spoon, kitchen cutting boards, fresh chilli pepper, fresh ginger, Tabasco sauce, cord or string (use for bondage, cut with scissors when finished and discard), parcel tape (for bondage), insulating tape (for flaccid cock binding or large breast binding), cheap dog or cat collars, stinging nettles, urine soaked panties. (Some of the things on list 2, if preferred as a holiday destination purchase.)

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