Electrical Torments

On the theme of my last post, and a suggestion in the comments, I wonder if anyone has used a ‘vanilla’ Tens unit as a torment item. They are sold in the high street and pharmacies for between £20 and £150.  A great surreptitious item if they work for torment, rather than the BDSM designed TENS machine I have.

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17 Responses to Electrical Torments

  1. socops says:

    define “torment” please?

  2. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    Sorry I’ve never used or been on the receiving end of the Tens unit.

    However going back to your vanilla theme, I noticed these while on a site visit a few days ago. Multi lock isolation units, my mind working overtime and thought of you and bb. If you thought it was practical, you could lock bb chastity device with this, and give a few of your Mistress friends there own lock and key, the key only being returned on completion of a homework task.

    Only a suggestion
    kindest regards
    housework boy


  3. makqua says:

    My mistress bought a tens machine from Boots a couple of years ago for around £40. The discomfort you get at first is short lived as your body becomes accustomed to the displeasure and it’s relatively easier to block it out. We tended to use it a lot at first and leave it on for longer, but within a month it stopped having the desired effect my mistress was after. All in all we were both disappointed. Maybe the more expensive ones having a stronger pulse.

  4. the object (aka Sissy Candy) says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    I wonder if housework boy is referring to Lockout Hasps? Here are some examples: http://www.lockoutstore.com/lockout-hasps.html


  5. Andrew says:

    I’ve had this item for a few years, and got it specifically as a covert bdsm toy (did not buy from that site, I just googled the model name): http://www.lukeandmike.co.uk/shop/caretalk-electro-stimulator-3in1-tens-ems-massage-2-chanels/

    Many of it’s modes are useless, but several combinations of modes are actually very painful and I have never been able to go to the max in intensity level (when attached to any part of genitals). And painful in such an unpleasant and immediate way that it worries me they cause permanent damage. This have made me consider a purpose built unit instead. But I cannot justify the expensive right now.
    I consider myself to have a high threshold for pain, but I guess take that with a grain of salt ^^

  6. Tamerin Wheatley says:

    I have indeed used as you call it a vanilla tens machine for torment.on my little bitch. And it does absolutely work. She recently said to me its like thousands of pins piercing her clitty and that was on a low setting. Imagine a medium setting or even a higher one for punishment!!!!

    Miss T

  7. Sweep says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,
    I have experienced four: A basic 9v maternity tens unit with two channels; a “massage/therapy” type made in the far east and bought cheaply on ebay (single channel, three AAA batteries); a two channel, multi mode (tens/massage/ems) sports-type unit, again three AAA batteries, and a remote-control, dog training shock collar with a 4xLR44 battery.

    Although I mention the power supplies, I haven’t really noticed a correlation between voltage per channel and potential discomfort. the size and placement of the electrodes is far more significant. All four were capable of producing significant discomfort as well as very nice sensations.

    As makqua says above, the body does seem to get used to a fixed level of stimulation quite quickly (15 mins or so) and if built up gently I have found the maximum settings on all units bearable. A sudden, high-level input is another matter! As long as there is a short pause between each one, this does not seem to become tolerable with time. Also, regardless of pain levels, careful electrode placement can cause useful muscle contractions, for example causing one to bend their legs and thus pull on attached nipple clamps or such. Again, whilst my body can over-ride these “muscle jerks” if a constant setting is maintained, the short, sharp application is very difficult to fight against.

    Lastly, the most effective thing for producing proper discomfort seems to be reducing electrode size. Standard tens electrodes can be easily trimmed down with scissors to produce a much less pleasant effect, and “internal electrodes” also increase the pain. All of which is, of course, going a long way from the manufacturers’ intentions! I can not recommend this, I can only tell you how I have experimented/been experimented on… So far, no injuries/skin burns/other known side effects!

    By far the worst of the four was the dog shock collar in its original form, as the electrodes were two small metal studs about 2mm across. Secured below my genitalia, this one was unbearable even on its lowest setting. Eventually the electrodes were removed and some slightly larger e-stim tubing connected instead. Crocodile/bulldog type clips wired up to the other devices were similarly excruciating.

    A long post – I apologise if I’ve waffled on about things you already know. The short answer would have been that, with smaller electrodes, all of them could produce an involuntary scream. I don’t have a very high pain threshold, but maybe that gives some indication. For the price, I think money well spent.

    I guess my last comment, particularly for anyone reading this who is not familiar, is to NOT NOT NOT connect anything above the neck, or across your chest! Don’t mess near the brain or heart, it can be fatal!
    Again, sorry if its patronising, not intended that way I promise.

  8. slave caged knows that Goddess Gayle Alanna will soon be placing a shocker harness around her balls for slaves training. slave has no choice but to simply submit as her slave and total property.

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