Whacking Dickie

I spend a good deal of time and derive great pleasure from smacking bitch-boys hard cock with implements of one sort or another. It is easy and a joy with something as readily available as a 12 inch ruler. Examples in femdom internet porn of using an implement for smacking the naughty clitty are so rare though. I wonder why? as the pleasure of making it get so red and sore, while keeping it hard, is extremely gratifying. And, as it does not cause damage, one can continue for hours!

You sometimes see a few taps with a cane or smacking with a hand, or smacking the balls, but not smacking the cock with a flat implement. Standing out from the crowd on this are Goddess Whiskey and her associate Goddess Lillith. They use a length of thin leather. Each of them also has the most exceptionally delightful demeanour when doing so.  And Goddess Whiskey is 6 feet 3 inches tall so her height is as intimidating as her demeanour. Its a shame there is not more of their material on the web, or other women who like to smack that naughty length of gristle. I think my keenness for the activity is reflected by the fact that it is in every one of my published journals I think. Governess Lexi enjoys the activity too and having made bitch-boy’s clitty hard, and then having been smacking for a while, she always tells him that his clitty being so hard shows he likes it really, (despite his pitiful whimpering), so she must make sure he gets plenty of what he likes. And she does make sure! I think its more to do with his long periods of sexual denial and the Cialis pill he will earlier have been instructed to take, but its delightful whenever Lexi makes this little speech to him.

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6 Responses to Whacking Dickie

  1. Rhoda says:

    Be very careful-repeated trauma- especially being hit with sticks-causes Peyronie’s disease! Not much fun for anyone

    This is more for your advice-no need to post.

    • That is why I only ever use very flat items like a 12 inch ruler. Seems Ok as I have been doing it for over 15 years with no ill effects to him. Would not use sticks/canes though as you say.

    • Steve Hughes says:

      You make it sound as if it’s a terminal disease but after looking at the Wikipedia entry it seems it’s a not uncommon problem with curvature caused by rough sex (!) or “trauma” (presumably getting it caned!). It’s not serious but may be “uncomfortable”. What self respecting (!) submissive would cry off Madsm’s desire to blast his cock on that basis!

  2. Thinking about it says:

    I am curious… How and where did you learn that hitting an erect dick with a flat thing does no harm, though other types of objects can be harmful? Is there a medical resource for educating oneself on these sorts of kinky practices? How often do you make bb take Cialis?

    • I read in the now defunct ‘Madame’ magazine letters from women having done so for years without damage occurring and they cautioned against other types of objects. (I have know been doing so for many years without damage occurring.)

      Given Cialis lasts up to three days, (but is expensive) I normally reserve it for when I know I will have two or more successive days of 24/7 ‘fun’ with bitch-boy. So probably about once every two to four weeks. I am not sure what I will do when I give up work. I also have him take one if I am having a guest over and he will be having an especially awful time but I still require him to be getting erections when I need him to. It does seem to have a longer time effect too if taken regularly, as it exercises the blood vessels to open to their maximum. Obviously sexual denial and the resultant sexual frustration also help ensure an erection even when he really does not want to have one.

  3. Steve Hughes says:

    Ah! Madame Magazine; it inspired a sexual revolution. I had a mistress, later my wife, who appeared on the front cover holding a cane across her large and very hirsute puss. It must have been about 1975 give or take a year. The magazine was still in its small format. I couldn’t find it on an archive run by an enthusiast. Around the same time I had a couple of things published which were by all accounts well received – but I couldn’t find them either! Madame gave me ideas that still come to fruition. Strange that despite its influence it will be many many years before it appears in our social history books. Much the same can be said about the whole FemDom movement; a profound shift of opinion that is largely untalked about.

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