Shaming Those Genitals

One enjoyable pastime I have engaged in is adding colour to the submissive’s genitals. This can be the shaved labia or the shaved cock and balls. Stripes using Henna can be fun and lasts a number of days. I have also used washable felt pens and food colouring for stripes or a total colour change of the area in question. Red, green, blue or orange can be fun. However I have a question as all of the colouring materials I have used so far have one problem or another. Either too dull or they can come off and stain precious fabrics.

Has anyone used a bright product for colouring skin which does not have the potential to rub off onto precious fabrics and stain?

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12 Responses to Shaming Those Genitals

  1. Lady Alexa says:

    Hello Scarlet, like you I love to humiliate my submissive girlie’s clitty and pussy balls. I use standard body paint available online which works well and dries well and washes off easily. I think it’s meant for kids but has the alternative use. It comes in lots of very bright colours, I use shocking pink, luminous yellow and luminous green. I often paint her clitty one colour all over. Personally I prefer it on show when decorated.
    I hope this heps let me know.

  2. Sissy Candy (aka object) says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I wonder if liquid latex body paint would be suitable? Once on the skin, it forms a thin layer of rubber which should not spoil fabrics, and comes in a variety of colours including fluorescent. For example, see:

    Respectfully yours.

  3. mrbillsails says:

    My wife makes Ukrainian Easter eggs, which are colored liquid dyes. Recently she got the idea to use the dye to color my “eggs” She painted my cock red and my balls blue (of course). Unfortunately the dye did rub off on fabric and did not last at all when I showered. I was disappointed that my blue balls did not last longer.
    That is a great question about what could be used that would last longer to shame the genitals as they certainly need it.

  4. bootgimp says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, I wasn’t too sure where to post this, so I went with this as it is to do with shame. this may not be anything you feel you want to do with bb but I know you love hearing of my Mistress’s cruel and devious torture methods.

    Over a year ago I found some pvc pink sissy boots on ebay. I very shyly and with great embarrassment asked Mistress if I could buy them. initially she said no as I wasn’t worth the £15. Mistress allows me to buy and wear female footwear but usually 99p on ebay or charity shops as my money is quite rightly better spent on expensive footwear for Her. She allowed me to beg and persuade Her everyday for a week (this was excruciating in itself explaining why I wanted them). eventually I was allowed to bid and I won them.
    I was teased with the sealed package for a week, sleeping with it, taking it to work in my backpack, begging to open it etc. I was told I would be allowed to open it on the Friday. now the excitement had built in my head and I was looking forward to what I assumed would be a Friday night in my maids outfit jumping through hoops for my Mistress in my new pink boots.

    my Genius Mistress had a better idea. as I walked though the front door on the Friday i was told to open the package and put the boots on. I tried to ask about changing out of my suit, but I was shut up and told no, put them on right now in the hall way. so I found myself in full suit, shirt and tie and cheap tacky pvc knee boots over my trousers. it was hideous. more shameful than anything previous. Mistress was just trying to be amusing but I think we both discovered that the contrast of the the masculine suit and the boots made for more shame. it dawned on me that a maids outfit, gimp mask, bondage collars etc all build up a role which in turn puts me further into subspace and therefore protects me. this experience knocked me sideways and I hated it. I pleaded to take them off but it was a firm no. id never felt Mistress’s eyes burn into me so much or wanted to be swallowed into the ground so much. I politely asked if I should try my maids outfit with them (I was desperate for the safety of the role of maid to hide behind). I was told I was to stay like it all night including jacket and tie. from 5pm to midnight I stayed as I was in absolute shame. Mistress is very clever and rather than get further into Domme mode became more vanilla and nicer to me, not mentioning the boots but occasionally staring at me in silence. at one point she even sweetly asked me if I was ok as I didn’t seem myself. I very shyly muttered I was embarrassed by the boots. her reply was like a nail through me self esteem. ‘ you will have pathetic fetishes wont you, you disgusting little twat’ now stand in the middle of the room and enjoy the boots you begged for.
    I was fighting back tears as I stood all the way through the late night chick flick on telly.

    the next day we discussed it and I confessed to it being the worst humiliation id had. Mistress said that she could physically see me go into me shell and become a totally different character. she had never seen me so miserable and uncomfortable while playing. after a long discussion we agreed that the lack of full outfit and bondage etc had denied me a character of maid to hide behind. I was forced to deal with the extremes of my personality. I am by nature a very masculine man, I have a job where I need to be in control of myself and others. I am also a born submissive, a fetishist and a man who enjoys wearing womens footwear. I mentally couldn’t handle the coming together of my polar opposites. I crumbled and Mistress loved it.

    we discovered this ‘less is more’ by accident but Mistress now uses it out of the blue. occasionally I come home from work to find some female shoes by the door. one of my own many pairs or even some of her older cheaper ones( I have small feet). I have been given the full rules for such occasions. I have to put them on immediately before I enter the house from the hall. I am not to mention the shoes in anyway at all. they are not to be removed. Mistress always reverts to vanilla mode to make it worse for me. last week I had to stand in the kitchen fully suited with gold stilettoes telling my Mistress about my day. she made plenty of sympathetic girlfriends comments while her eyes never left my feet. I can assure you Mistress Scarlet that the shame has never got easier over the 5ish times this has happened.

    I know that You work on the More is definitely More principle when humiliating bb but I really wanted you to know about O/our accidental discovery of how to make a humiliation addict actually sob with shame.

  5. tomilina says:

    Perhaps, Mistress Scarlet, when the paint, lipstick, markers or whatever has dried, a coat of hairspray would protect them longer? This would also likely sting those sensitive bits. And the scent of hairspray is a very strong reminder of his plight. Thank You.

  6. tomilina says:

    Mistress Scarlet, perhaps coat the little guy in something sticky (corn syrup e.g.) then dip it into feathers, confetti, or glitter? He can then be punished when he leaves some behind? Thank You.

  7. sara elise says:

    Your openly masturbating while he has to sit and color, again and more, is something to imagine!
    (as for itching – and painting mentioned above – i remember having face-paint dry on me and it itched like crazy… perhaps a thick application of blue to dickie’s balls would have a similar effect) ~sara

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