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Perfect BDSM Equipment

There is BDSM equipment NOT being made which I would adore to buy were it made. If I would adore to buy it, surely that means there is a market for this equipment. I have ended up having to make my own of some of the following. I would prefer to buy professionally made versions.

A leather hood to the following specification. Lace up at the back of the head and neck. No eye holes. Nostril holes. An internal cock gag, say two inches long with a wide breathing tube passing through the cock gag. Built in, sound reducing ear phones. A D-ring at the top of the hood.

A funnel gag. Most important is the dimensions of the funnel. The wide open section should allow for an ice chunk the size of a pack of cards and some spare capacity in addition. The narrow tube end should have a diameter the size of a flip chart marker pen. (This allows it to be in the mouth for hours without the mouth muscles cramping). The tube in the mouth should have holes in the sides, as well as the open end at the bottom, so it cannot be blocked by pressure from the tongue. A strap long enough to go around a posture collar.

Body stain. Body stain/paint which does not rub off onto other skin or fabrics. It would be OK if it took several days to fade away. Some bright colours like cherry red, lime green, orange and sky blue; and a black. (I have tried a face paint recently but it rubbed off onto other skin – like my hands!) I have yet to try Henna (but I already know Henna will not be bright enough) and yet to try liquid latex but it seems it will flake (when a cock or nipple undergoes cycles of erecting then shrinking.)

My blog followers will know from photos and many of my detailed journal entries from volume 6 onward that I use the first two items very frequently  for hours at a time! I would pay top-dollar.

IMG_8019 copy                   MORE PHOTOES HERE

Cruel Air Hostess – Femdom’s Global Appeal

I once heard of a dominant air hostess who secured an arrangement with a single submissive male in each city in which she was likely to spend an overnight stop-over. Prearranged – when in a city on a stop-over night, she would spend the night at the submissive’s abode in that particular city. She would be treated like a queen, waited on hand and foot, indulge in some abuse of the male and leave in the morning. Her benefits also included that she got to keep all of her very generous overnight allowance from her airline as bed and board were all provided by the lucky submissive. No need to spend money on food or hotel. She even charged the more wealthy submissives for the privilege of putting her up. Some of the males booked a hotel room by the airport for the night to serve her and suffer her whims. Why have I posted this?

Well looking at the stats for my blog for 2016, I find my blog was visited from 157 different countries! (Also that there were over 1 million views.) It is particularly amazing that in non-English speaking countries, the visits were from people who have English as a second language – and I guess a few from English speaker immigrants and tourists in those countries. I have been amazed that I sell a good number of my journals in India, but obviously language, culture and relative poverty are no barriers.

The most views were from:


To give balance, from 32 countries there were less than 10 visits from each. Perhaps each visit accidental and never to be repeated.

I wonder if a good new specialist website would be just for contacts between dominant cabin crew and submissive people living near airports?




Superb response

My thanks to all those who responded to my last post, especially bob, john and furcissy. It was a superb response and very helpful. There were even some kind comments about the content of this blog thrown in. One outcome is I will be sticking with WordPress. (Or rather bitch-boy will. Obviously he does all the grunt work, updates, back-ups, etc. I just write.)

It seems I should move to the self hosted WordPress platform at I will have to get bitch-boy to see if he can do that although I am very worried about using a new URL. I wonder if followers will ‘lose’ me if I do so?





Gender variable domination and submission

I have committed to publishing my manual in March entitled: Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual.

The cover is also likely to include words to the effect of the following text:

Not just guidance but a myriad of ideas, techniques and inspirations as well.

  • For beginners and for the experienced.
  • For submissives who want to persuade their partner to become a dominant.
  • For partners of submissives who want to learn to adore dominating their partner.
  • For dominants who want to maximise their satisfaction and ability to subjugate.
  • Nailing that tricky balance between domination time and vanilla time.
  • Applicable to every gender.

The point of this post is to seek advice from you, dear followers, on the issue of the manual being Applicable to every gender. That is any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive. So where might I publicise such a book? This blog is 95% Female Dominant -male submissive and 5% Lezdom. How to publicise to every other gender combination is my conundrum.

If you have read this far you deserve what I hope is a reward! Two excerpts from the draft manual.



If for instance, the dominant is on occasion clumsy and;

  • pokes the submissive in the eye with the cane, or,
  • is negligent and causes the submissive to become very, very cold when that was not the dominant’s intention, or,
  • agonisingly pinches some skin with a buckle but did not intend to,

it is important to understand that the submissive is very unlikely to find that arousing. Quite the opposite. The submissive almost certainly wants to think of their dominant as perfect and flawless; so an accident or some negligence damages the image they want to hold of their dominant. However, accidents will happen, misjudgements will be made. A submissive already on emotional limits, when he or she is the subject of an accident or a misjudgement may react unfavourably – losing their submissiveness. When I have perpetrated a misjudgement or had an accident, I always use a phrase, with words to the effect of:

                ‘That was unfortunate slave; but these things will happen as I spend so much time dominating you. Accidents are an inevitability of my domination time of you. So you just have to accept these mishaps as best you can, don’t you.‘ Although I am simply bringing the truth of the matter to the situation, the phrase seems to right the wrong. So it should, as it IS the truth and also, I think, it causes the submissive to understand that I feel no shame or guilt at the extra, accidental, suffering I have caused. It is simply part of the price the submissive must pay for the privilege of being my submissive toy. The world is set to rights. Equilibrium is restored.




Example 3

As a female dominant, two weeks into a month, you tell your slave that if they are really good all month, they will get to actually put their penis inside you and fuck you on the 1st day of the following month. On the 1st day of the following month, your slave is naked and you are naked apart from a pair of boots. You sit on the edge of the bed, thighs splayed wide apart and he kneels with the tip of his hard cock at the entrance to your cunt. His wrists are bound behind his back. You keep him there for a while, toying with his cock and then have him look into your eyes and you spit in his face, push him to the floor with the sole of your boot, and tell him you have changed your mind and he will not be enjoying penetration tonight, and possibly not ever again. You lean over him, resting a boot on his hip as you release his wrists and tell him to get his chastity device on and go and clean the toilet; and that you will be on the bed bringing yourself off while he does so.  

Hollywood Whipping

I came across a clip from the camp, dated, 1980 movie Flash Gordon recently. It reminded me of the BDSM bits of the film which hint that the director may have been seriously ‘in the know’.

The outfits and cruel face of Princess Aura.


And here is a clip of her momentarily leading her ‘pet males’ on leashes, among other things, (within the first 30 seconds of the clip).

Then we come to General Kala.

. zzz14614239_oojlz-copy

Here is a clip of her whipping Princess Aura, among other things, (within the first one minute of the clip). So camp! In the film there is also a Lezdom scene of Dale Arden being erotically dressed against her will. I have to say that apart from the BDSM scenes the film is otherwise VERY BAD! But these BDSM scenes and moments, for a few seconds, really capture domination, sadism and submission.

A WARNING if you decide to purchase a copy. The scene of General Kala whipping Princess Aura has been removed from most versions, certainly those shown on UK TV.


More intense dickie-discipline

So interesting that I got three comments on yesterdays post and each comment mentioned the same thing. Using a condom after the application of the Linnex Stick to make the ‘burn’ more intense.

And one comment from Pat, who I must thank for her contributions, for the suggestion of experimenting with Capsaicin Cream which may ‘burn’ even more than the Linnex Stick!

While I am very grateful for these suggestions and will bank them in my ‘future ideas store’, I have to say, given I like to have escalation potential when dealing with a submissive, I currently have plenty of escalation potential with the Linnex Stick; given how small the area of application was in my experiment and how distressing bitch-boy found it. I know the threat of an identical application will have him begging with all his heart, (pleasurable for me but for him pointless), and still then, there is the escalation available.

  • Covering a much, much greater area of the shaft,
  • Applying it to the head of the penis,
  • A second application, 40 minutes after the first,
  • An application just before he is released from bondage to do colouring-in with his dollies, while it ‘burns’. And having to try to maintain a semblance of composure for his forced role play activity. (If he finds it impossible to maintain a semblance of composure and engage in muted, tranquil verbal exchanges with his dolly, then perhaps I will have him in silence, colouring-in, while padlocked into his pacifier strap.)

The first draft of my Manual is now finally complete! 110,000 words. Below is the short section in the Manual on Escalation Potential for those followers who do not know what that means.

Escalation potential is essential in a long term relationship because submissives learn to cope with things if the ‘things’ stay the same. For instance, early in the life of a submissive being dominated, a two minute bare hand spanking may be more than they think they can cope with. But after say, twenty such spankings, they will have learned, (at least subconsciously) that they do not break, that they quickly recover, that the discomfort is soon over; and a two minute bare hand spanking no longer meets the requirement of being more than they think they can cope with. So escalation is required. In this example the spanking must become of three minutes duration, or a hair brush is used instead of a bare hand.

Another reason escalation potential is critical is so that a SERIOUS punishment can be delivered if the submissive has committed a serious infraction and the dominant who needs to convey a considerable deterrent; needs to make a statement.

A third reason escalation potential is important is that it is critical to be able to provide an intensely emotional event from time to time. Intensely emotional for both the submissive and the dominant. Now and again, I will push one of my submissives well past what they think they can cope with. A LONG, LONG WAY PAST! The result of this level of cruelty is usually very considerable arousal for me and, once the event is over, the submissive holds me in awe and feels a compelling need to worship me. Perfect symbiosis. And they probably sleep more soundly than ever in submissive contentment.

If all torments and punishments are at the maximum, there is nowhere to go to deal with a really serious infraction. In addition, the opportunities are reduced to have a submissive beg with all their heart repeatedly as the dominant, just for fun, moves up the escalation steps one step at a time, over a few hours or a day or two.