The dickie-discipline experiment by Nurse Nasty

I mentioned in a previous post, my huge thanks to Christine M for introducing me to the Linnex Heat Stick. Poor bitch-boy is rather less thankful! LOL. I promised that over the Xmas break, Nurse Nasty would run a ‘scientific’ experiment to compare how long a Linnex stick application lasts compared to an application of the Deep Heat Muscle rub roll-on.

I ran the experiment over two separate days just to be sure that the one embrocation product did not piggy back on the effects of the other. Bitch-boys sobbing / whimpering was of the same intensity during both experiments and I have concluded the ‘burn’ sensation is just about the same with either product. HOWEVER the durations of effect are quite different.

I applied each product to the same areas of the shaft. One product on one day and the other on the next day. I lightly rubbed into a area about the size of a large postage stamp on the top surface of the shaft and on the underside of the shaft. The Deep Heat Muscle Rub roll-on took about one to two minutes to begin its ‘burning’. The burning lasted about ten minutes. I tried the Linnex stick on several consecutive days. The Linnex stick took about five to seven minutes to begin its ‘burning’. The burning lasted about thirty to forty minutes! With either product the ‘burn’ seems to fade quickly at the end over about one to two minutes.

On another point of interest, Christine has informed me that applying a little heat to the Linnex stick just before use, enables the option of applying a thicker coat of the product. Given the small area I covered compared to what is possible, I have given myself plenty of escalation potential with bitch-boy. To quote Christine, ‘…..I apply a very liberal coating all over his shaft and knob. I take a few minutes, relishing the apprehension in his eyes as I rub the stick round and round, and up and down, all over the shaft; then round and round the knob, ensuring the entire appendage is thoroughly coated with many layers of the nasty salve.
I can then sit back and enjoy the consequences. Those first moments when there is no pain, and regardless of past experiences, he still hopes nothing will happen. Then after a few minutes, the first signs of discomfort as the burning slowly creeps upon him, the fear appearing in his eyes; then the writhing commences……‘ So bitch-boy is in for a ‘very significant emotional event’ should he ever transgress badly, or should I wish to demonstrate my utterly pitiless sadistic streak to its maximum. (The problem for bitch-boy when I do behave so is that, despite the terrible nightmare he endures during the event; when it is all over; he is even more in awe of me. Poor submissives really have no hope of escaping either their suffering or their addiction to their Mistresses do they!)

I provide very detailed accounts of Nurse Nasty sessions in my published Journals, volumes 1, 3 and 11.

16 thoughts on “The dickie-discipline experiment by Nurse Nasty

  1. You might continue the experiment by rolling a condom over the treated area. Additionally, you might compare the effect of Capsaicin Cream with the other two.

  2. I love reading about you using Deep Heat and the Linnex Stick, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I was wondering if you have ever experimented with placing a condom on bitch boy after you’ve applied the Deep Heat? I’ve heard it really helps to seal in the burn and makes it last longer, while giving you the option to touch, smack, or rub his dickie without getting it on your hands.

  3. Dear Miss Scarlet.
    You don’t mention the use of condoms, with Deep heat or, Linex.

    As you will probably know condoms come in different weights,and sizes = fits.
    You can get ones,which are a tight fit. After the application of embrocation cream, if you fit a condom, it intensifies both the cream’s effect and the constriction around the member. Making the experience exasperating, it may well alter the duration of effect too.

    Thank you for your interesting postings, you issue, which I usually read, even though I may not comment always. Very thought provoking.

    A xx

  4. Your slave must always be in a perpetual state of fear Ms Scarlet. Do you apply punishment as direct answer to a transgression or are they saved up in some sort of notebook i wonder?
    Are there other ways left for him to make compensation for his errors and claw back some punishments too i wonder?How are all these punishments worked so as to fit in with his mental programming too?

    1. Both direct punishment an sometimes saved up and noted too.
      No, there are now ways for him to make compensation for his errors and claw back some punishments.

      Not sure what your question means, ‘How are all these punishments worked so as to fit in with his mental programming too?’

  5. Ms Scaralet,
    It does not matter what brand of capsacin creme you. You should also know, that like Deep Heat, there is a regular and extra strength capsacin creme. I have found that either version results in intense suffering for my sissy husband-pussie. I have also found that capsacin causes more intense pain and last longer than other similar products such as Deep Heat ,BenGay or Icey Hot. A friend of mine brought Raglex from England a few years ago. While I found it most effective in causing pussie to suffer, capsacin is still the winner -ok winner from my view, I know pussie does not agree.
    One additional thought. I have written to you about my use of a toilet bowl brush to punish pussie’s wee-wee. Well first applying a coat of capsacin on the wee-wee and balls, and then pulling the wee-wee through the coarse brush bristles adds to the suffering. It is just so amusing to see pussie dancing around, waiving its so sore wee-wee in the air to cool down the capsacin caused burning which only results in the brush rubbing against the shaft and balls creating even more discomfort. What a fun predicament to watch.

    as always,

  6. Dear Mistress Scarlet
    I was doing a Google Search and I rediscovered this note from you. I was wondering how much have you escalated BB’s Linnex treatments?
    Has he had a liberal, melted application over the entire shaft and head?
    How did he cope?
    No matter how many doses David has had, he still shows that same look of hope in his eyes during those 3-4 minutes after I have finished the application of the salve, and before the salve starts to burn. (Yes, I spend a good 2-3 minutes coating his penis with the melted Linnex!)
    He still tries to convince himself that this time the fierce burning will not arise. Then, as always, the look of total abject fear crosses his face, as the first tendrils of warmth appear, before the pain rapidly builds to a crescendo that is unbearably excruciating. Secured as he is though, he has no choice but to bear it; though be bucks and writhes violently, and screams and shrieks in agony. Again, despite so many past doses, he still cannot cope with the fearsome burning.
    How does BB go? Does he writhe violently and scream as if to wake the dead?
    Or is David just a big baby like I tease him afterwards?
    Warm regards

    Christine M

    1. So lovely to hear from you.
      I am afraid I have not reached your levels of comprehensive application. I have increased the number of stripes of the wax on his shaft up to 5. This is agonising for him and brings forth tears.(I noticed that last time, even after 2 hours, his poor birth defect showed the 5 distinct stripes as very red in colour, like he had actually been burned! I liked that a lot. I think it deeply affected him to be so marked.

      So I still have plenty of escalation potential!

      He begs and pleads when he realises what is to happen and then he squirms and sobs as though its the end of the world. I can’t deny it’s a huge turn-on!

      Thank you again for introducing me (or should I say bitch-boy’s birth defect),to Linnex!

  7. I am glad to hear BB finds it so dreadful and sobs loudly too. I sometimes wonder if David might be exaggerating how bad it is in a bid for a bit of compassion. I don’t ‘do compassion’ though, it excites me so much to see him racked with pain.
    I really wonder whether Andy and Will above have ever experienced Linnex, and if they would be so cavalier with their advice of using a condom to make it worse, had they done so.
    But reading this again, it did remind me that I used to sometimes use a condom as it did seem to increase the level of the screaming, and burn for a bit longer.
    I haven’t told David yet, but I just bought online a pack of Reusable Penis Sleeve Delay Elasticity Condoms. They look like they fit very tightly and are much thicker than usual condoms to trap the heat better. David will soon find out just how dispassionate I am of his plight,
    I will bring them out after about 15 minutes of burning, gently stroke his nipples (that alone brings on extra screams as the blood engorges his inflamed gristle) and secure the condom. Wicked! I am excited thinking about it.


    1. …………I don’t ‘do compassion’ though, it excites me so much to see him racked with pain………..

      Oh Christine, what delicious phrases you do use!

      Please let me know how the new condoms go. I like the thought of reusable. Economic!

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