Hollywood Whipping

I came across a clip from the camp, dated, 1980 movie Flash Gordon recently. It reminded me of the BDSM bits of the film which hint that the director may have been seriously ‘in the know’.

The outfits and cruel face of Princess Aura.


And here is a clip of her momentarily leading her ‘pet males’ on leashes, among other things, (within the first 30 seconds of the clip).

Then we come to General Kala.

. zzz14614239_oojlz-copy

Here is a clip of her whipping Princess Aura, among other things, (within the first one minute of the clip). So camp! In the film there is also a Lezdom scene of Dale Arden being erotically dressed against her will. I have to say that apart from the BDSM scenes the film is otherwise VERY BAD! But these BDSM scenes and moments, for a few seconds, really capture domination, sadism and submission.

A WARNING if you decide to purchase a copy. The scene of General Kala whipping Princess Aura has been removed from most versions, certainly those shown on UK TV.


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6 Responses to Hollywood Whipping

  1. robaylesbury says:

    Epic Queen soundtrack, though. And Brian Blessed, and a very young Timothy Dalton. And of course Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan. I think it comes under the “So bad it’s good” category.

  2. makqua says:

    As titillating as Flash Gordon, I can’t understand why there’s never been a serious well made femdom film that looks at the dynamics of the relationship as opposed to just the sexual content. Or perhaps a fly on the wall documentary ‘A day in the life of a femdom couple’. Considering how popular the lifestyle is, it does seem odd that no one has made a watchable film yet.

  3. fluffy says:

    Princess Aura was very hot to this teenager (at the time) and still is – I always saw the movie as fun and kitsche, with aspirations to nothing less, nothing more- but either way Princess Aura with her leashed male pets, revealing costumes (is she even wearing underwear in her opening scenes?) and general demeanor as a spoiled rulers pampered daughter, used to getting her own way is hot 🙂

    respect from

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