Gender variable domination and submission

I have committed to publishing my manual in March entitled: Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual.

The cover is also likely to include words to the effect of the following text:

Not just guidance but a myriad of ideas, techniques and inspirations as well.

  • For beginners and for the experienced.
  • For submissives who want to persuade their partner to become a dominant.
  • For partners of submissives who want to learn to adore dominating their partner.
  • For dominants who want to maximise their satisfaction and ability to subjugate.
  • Nailing that tricky balance between domination time and vanilla time.
  • Applicable to every gender.

The point of this post is to seek advice from you, dear followers, on the issue of the manual being Applicable to every gender. That is any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive. So where might I publicise such a book? This blog is 95% Female Dominant -male submissive and 5% Lezdom. How to publicise to every other gender combination is my conundrum.

If you have read this far you deserve what I hope is a reward! Two excerpts from the draft manual.



If for instance, the dominant is on occasion clumsy and;

  • pokes the submissive in the eye with the cane, or,
  • is negligent and causes the submissive to become very, very cold when that was not the dominant’s intention, or,
  • agonisingly pinches some skin with a buckle but did not intend to,

it is important to understand that the submissive is very unlikely to find that arousing. Quite the opposite. The submissive almost certainly wants to think of their dominant as perfect and flawless; so an accident or some negligence damages the image they want to hold of their dominant. However, accidents will happen, misjudgements will be made. A submissive already on emotional limits, when he or she is the subject of an accident or a misjudgement may react unfavourably – losing their submissiveness. When I have perpetrated a misjudgement or had an accident, I always use a phrase, with words to the effect of:

                ‘That was unfortunate slave; but these things will happen as I spend so much time dominating you. Accidents are an inevitability of my domination time of you. So you just have to accept these mishaps as best you can, don’t you.‘ Although I am simply bringing the truth of the matter to the situation, the phrase seems to right the wrong. So it should, as it IS the truth and also, I think, it causes the submissive to understand that I feel no shame or guilt at the extra, accidental, suffering I have caused. It is simply part of the price the submissive must pay for the privilege of being my submissive toy. The world is set to rights. Equilibrium is restored.




Example 3

As a female dominant, two weeks into a month, you tell your slave that if they are really good all month, they will get to actually put their penis inside you and fuck you on the 1st day of the following month. On the 1st day of the following month, your slave is naked and you are naked apart from a pair of boots. You sit on the edge of the bed, thighs splayed wide apart and he kneels with the tip of his hard cock at the entrance to your cunt. His wrists are bound behind his back. You keep him there for a while, toying with his cock and then have him look into your eyes and you spit in his face, push him to the floor with the sole of your boot, and tell him you have changed your mind and he will not be enjoying penetration tonight, and possibly not ever again. You lean over him, resting a boot on his hip as you release his wrists and tell him to get his chastity device on and go and clean the toilet; and that you will be on the bed bringing yourself off while he does so.  

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One Response to Gender variable domination and submission

  1. Dominique You says:

    I think a short time in bondage may bring on a craving to satisfy the dominant; all of these playtime rituals are fun to read about but I cringe when I think of a Mistress desiring to seek terrible suffering upon a sub just for the fun of it & to watch his/ her struggle through punishment etc. But for me, not having ever participated in such activities, I would have to watch how this stuff goes on before I participate. Thank you…

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