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Is it the case that the blog host I use (WordPress) is less user friendly for blog followers than other hosts? I am wondering if the host: Blogger (BlogSpot) is a more user friendly host for visitors to a blog? Your views would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Bob says:

    The WordPress self hosted blog platform is far superior and secure than the free
    blogs which can be made on or Blogger.

    You will find the self hosted WordPress platform at The platform is still
    free to use but you are in total control as it is hosted on Your hosting account and not
    with WordPress or Google (Blogger). you will also need a domain name which then belongs to you. Both and are available as we speak at $10 a year.

    Hosting costs around $10 a month which will hardly break the bank. You can use a free theme
    or pay for a premium theme. I personally have several blogs and only use free themes.

    I would recommend changing over to a self hosted WordPress blog where you have total control
    with no adverts. If or Blogger decided your blog was inapprpriate they can close it at any time. With You own the blog.

  2. Personally I like WordPress and the ease of which I can follow others.

  3. John says:

    I enjoy your writing very much!

    I completely agree with the previous reply from Bob.

    You might also find this article of interest:

  4. subslaveuk says:

    I admire and adore reading your blog. Always fascinating and informative. I believe the current WordPress blog used is slightly cities navigate and keep tabs on. I sometimes post replies and am never sure if they have been uploaded. I also find threads confusing to follow.

    I don’t have a comparison to contrast with. But it seems a bit old fashioned.

    Kind regards

  5. furcissy says:

    Hello, Mistress Scarlet.

    I have blogged on both platforms and have found that free blogger blogs have a couple of advantages over free WordPress blogs but a ton of weaknesses.

    I will try to list a handful of them:
    -Blogger’s design is a lot more “old school”, which is actually easier for catching up on a newly discovered blog in chronological order or loading posts from a specific period. Eg you can load all posts from a specific week in a given year quite easily.
    -Blogger has a mature option that brings up a “I understand I am viewing mature content” page. If your WordPress blog gets flagged as mature it will not display in tag searches making it much harder for newer readers to find your blog.
    -Blogger has an “interest search” instead of a tag search that allows you to find authors rather than specific blogs.

    Those are about the only things I really like more about blogger.

    Clear WordPress advantages:
    -Blogger (free version) has the power to delete your blog without warning or notice.
    -Wordpress’s mobile app is vastly superior for tracking, reading, posting, and making comments. Blogger has no mobile app and awful movile browser support for authors (eg Safari is unsupported).
    -Blogger doesn’t track likes and backlinks.
    -Blogger has no ability to tag search.
    -Blogger keeps fiddling with how the author and follower accounts display. They recently removed the author accounts in favor of google accounts and still try to force a conversion to google+ accounts, which are entirely different.

    Overall, I would say as a reader, if I wanted to read a blog with 300+ posts in chronological order, Blogger has been easier to do that with. After that I believe that WordPress is stronger in nearly every way.

    I hope that this helps.

    Take care.

  6. tomilina says:

    Actually, Mistress Scarlet, I find this formatt to be easy to follow and easy to use. Some of the other formats are more complicated in layout and I sometimes get lost navigating. I don’t blog myself, but from a followers view, I would like to see you leave things as they are. Thank You

  7. Bootpony says:

    For the reader end of things, there is not much difference between a and a blog. You are a little more free to customize your layout with Blogger, and it has a superior blogroll for the side bar, while WordPress has a lot more pre-done layouts. Both make you jump through about the same number of hoops to read and comment.

  8. Owned Wolfy says:

    The WordPress is very user friendly. No complaints at all. i like it a lot more than Blogger.

    Your blog is in my humble opinion one of the best on the internet anyway. My owner and i really appreciate your work. It is inspiring and very erotic. Thank you!

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