Superb response

My thanks to all those who responded to my last post, especially bob, john and furcissy. It was a superb response and very helpful. There were even some kind comments about the content of this blog thrown in. One outcome is I will be sticking with WordPress. (Or rather bitch-boy will. Obviously he does all the grunt work, updates, back-ups, etc. I just write.)

It seems I should move to the self hosted WordPress platform at I will have to get bitch-boy to see if he can do that although I am very worried about using a new URL. I wonder if followers will ‘lose’ me if I do so?





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6 Responses to Superb response

  1. John says:

    I am certain your dedicated followers definitely will not lose you.

    Just make an announcement here, when you’re ready to move to the new url.

    Also have a redirect from this url to that one.

    (Not my place to say, but I think you made a wise decision to move to from since they can zap any site whenever they choose for pretty much any reason; which of course is not true when you use WordPress on your own site; and I think staying with WordPress is a great platform for many reasons.)

  2. Ade says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett, i’ve looked into it and it seems that using this URL, will allow you to simply redirect anyone from your current blog, to any domain you would choose to make lucky to be owned by you. There seems to be an annual price for the “service”, but nothing extreme. I hope this will be of any help to you.
    Always a pleasure to be of use to you.
    Your humble fan,

  3. KarleeKarma says:

    If you did decide to move, you could always update the old and new blog for a time, and post the new URL on every blog post. That would help old followers find the new blog and re-direct new follower to the correct place.

  4. Bootpony says: used to have a package where they would relocate your blog to a self-hosted site and redirect traffic from the old to the new. However, I don’t see it in the store off the dashboard anymore. It may be buried in their rather cluttered support site still.

  5. punkahwallah says:

    I hope we won’t lose you, Mistress Scarlett!

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