Cruel Air Hostess – Femdom’s Global Appeal

I once heard of a dominant air hostess who secured an arrangement with a single submissive male in each city in which she was likely to spend an overnight stop-over. Prearranged – when in a city on a stop-over night, she would spend the night at the submissive’s abode in that particular city. She would be treated like a queen, waited on hand and foot, indulge in some abuse of the male and leave in the morning. Her benefits also included that she got to keep all of her very generous overnight allowance from her airline as bed and board were all provided by the lucky submissive. No need to spend money on food or hotel. She even charged the more wealthy submissives for the privilege of putting her up. Some of the males booked a hotel room by the airport for the night to serve her and suffer her whims. Why have I posted this?

Well looking at the stats for my blog for 2016, I find my blog was visited from 157 different countries! (Also that there were over 1 million views.) It is particularly amazing that in non-English speaking countries, the visits were from people who have English as a second language – and I guess a few from English speaker immigrants and tourists in those countries. I have been amazed that I sell a good number of my journals in India, but obviously language, culture and relative poverty are no barriers.

The most views were from:


To give balance, from 32 countries there were less than 10 visits from each. Perhaps each visit accidental and never to be repeated.

I wonder if a good new specialist website would be just for contacts between dominant cabin crew and submissive people living near airports?




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17 Responses to Cruel Air Hostess – Femdom’s Global Appeal

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Apparently a Lady who understands her superiority and appeal and uses it to her advantage…I’m sure each submissive she visits feels privileged to be permitted to serve her.

  2. Ade says:

    Interresting to see so many visits from my country. The more we get to the east, the less likely it gets to be a visitor of your blog. Mainly because its less likely for BDSM to be openly tolerated. Yet there are over 7000 views from a country thats fairly small in comparison to most and a lot of people do not speak english at all. Since i basically had to hide my true self while growing up, it feels liberating to know, that im not the only one coming here. It fills me with hope. I might even know someone who is also secretly your reader.
    We also might never know.

      • Ade says:

        Yes! For some reason forgot to mention it. We have a couple of communities revolving around BDSM here, but most of them are people who were raised before 1989, so their second language is russian and everything is in Czech. Lately, younger people (not trying to be somehow disrespectful or suggesting people over 40 are old, but people are interrested in people of their age, often) started getting in and it seems to be going in the right direction. This post confirmed that a substantial amount of people are interrested and crafty enough to get to your blog. Blogging is not exactly a huge hit in Czech Republic and the odds of the three factors with low probability to be found in one person are a bit miniscule. By the factors i mean 1) Interrest in Femdom 2) Interrest in blogging 3) English that is on good enough level. I am pleasantly surprised that th reality is not as bad as i thought. It really blows some wind into my sails, since i’ve been on an all-time low motivation-wise. Now i again have a good motivation to improve my skills, because my future Mistress might just as well be somewhere close.
        Thank you Mistress Scarlett.

        • Wasn’t the OWK establishment in the Czech republic?

          • Ade says:

            Yes, and i think they still retain some of the activities. There are still updates on the website and constant flow of premium content. I am not sure if they still accept customers like before, to stay in and use the spaces of the establishment.

            The existence of such a big organisation in Czech Republic can be accounted to the huge amount of privacy and power that can be bought here. To most of the people, the existence of OWK is unknown and even to the residents of Černá, where OWK is located.

            The concept of OWK isn’t focused on helping people to get into BDSM and Femdom. Instead they provide(d) a safe place for all the kinksters out there, who wanted to lose all their rights for couple days. I am very proud, that such thing took/takes place here and maybe one day, i’ll pay a visit there or some place similiar. But im still at the entry point. So, it is not for me, YET. 🙂

          • rongeo says:

            It was.

        • VojSub says:

          Fascinating, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Are these really unique visits ? I come from the same country and the number does look huge to me. I cannot imagine there are so many readers in such a small country of what is essentially a niche market…

  3. Sissycumzalot says:

    What I find interesting is the per capita amount of interest in the UK. Although it’s nice to see the USA @ #1 again , Trump Effect, have you thought about tying in with what I believe is a UK FemDom website English Mansion?

  4. tomilina says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I suspect you could do something similar while travelling within the UK. Perhaps start a group on FetLife or similar? Dommes you know could vet the males to ensure privacy and safety. bitchboy hasn’t been exposed to other men ye has he? Imagine the surprise for him! Thank you.

    • I thought you had visited my blog often enough to know that I am not interested in dominating males other than bitch-boy, unless they already have a Domme of their own, and she and I take turns double-domming her male and then mine, each male on their own. bitch-boy won’t get exposed to other males. He is my lonesome, helpless experiment, about to be full time – as my last day at work is close by now. Perhaps a female sub in every town I visit would work though.

  5. sara elise says:

    Sounds like a great way to travel… 🙂 ~sara

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