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Real Life Femdom

I am thinking of switching my outlet of paper-book versions of my journals from to Amazon. For various reasons I am unhappy with although they are far less greedy than Amazon. Far fewer people post reviews on too although those posted examples are very flattering and it would be a shame for them to disappear from the net.

I’ve just finished reading volumes 1-4 and have just purchased the rest up to volume 8. This is by far the most powerful, most erotically charged literature I’ve ever read in this genre. The potency of Mistress Scarlets writing is breathtaking, an electrifying mixture of intense arousal and, from a submissive’s perspective anyway, absolute erotic terror that is sadly lacking in 99.99% of Femdom literature i’ve come across elsewhere. Beautifully written with authority and authenticity, the imagination of ideas and scenario are fantastic. I cannot rate these titles highly enough and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series with eager anticipation. How many stars can I award Mistress Scarlet’s work? Number the stars in the heavens. 


Hello Mistress Scarlet, i would like to let you know that that it only took me 2 days to read your Journal 4. From all FemDom literature I have read so far. From famous names like Carmanica Diaz and FEMDOMCAVE or EROTIC BOOK NETWORK and PINK FLAMINGO. From Authors like Tanya Simmonds, King Key, Rose Thornwell, Patrick Richards, Faith Cummings, Gregory Allen, G F Green, and many more – YOU ARE THE BEST! Greetings.


The Smack Tease

A ‘game’ I picked up from the fantastic Madame magazines about 15 years ago is called the Smack Tease. Used by female Dommes on males kept in chastity. It can be used on female submissives too, but enforcing chastity is so much harder to do on females. The ‘game’ requires that the submissive finds the body of the Domme to be arousing.

The ‘game’ works by the Domme securing the naked submissive so they are helpless. The chastity device is removed. The submissive has been denied sexual release for quite some time beforehand. A Domme, experienced playing the ‘game’ chooses to dress in erotic underwear with suspenders and stockings and each outer clothing item is sexy and possesses as many buttons, zips and belts as possible.


The fully dressed Domme approaches the naked, bound sub and runs her hands over her body, remarking on her very tight skirt or tight blouse and what is underneath. She then explains that she is going to perform a slow strip tease. She manipulates the sub’s genitals while explaining this. She then picks up a 12 inch ruler and explains that there will be a cost to the stripping process. Each button on her tight cardigan will result in one smack of the ruler to the (now hard), cock, [or now wet labia if a female sub]. She undoes the first three buttons and then delivers three hard smacks. A little bit of manual teasing and then the next three buttons and another three hard smacks, and so on until all the buttons are undone. She then explains that removing the cardigan is worth 5 smacks. The cardigan is removed, the 5 smacks are delivered. Next comes the blouse using the same rules. But each blouse button is worth two smacks because it is more intimate. And removing the blouse is worth ten smacks. All the time the sub is aroused, but getting sore.

Them the Domme explains that the belt on her tight pencil skirt is worth five smacks and the belt is removed and 5 smacks delivered. The zip is worth ten. Removing the skirt is worth 15. Now we come to the bra, the bra clasp is worth 15 smacks and removing the bra is worth 20 smacks. And so it continues until the Domme is naked but for her high heels. Or she can stop before that point.


The ‘game’ can be made even more ‘exciting’ if, as well as a smack rating, an item removed is also worth a little application of an embrocation cream or a few sweeps from a stinging nettle.

At the end of the ‘game’, the Domme is likely to bring herself off and the sub is likely to be told it made far too much noise during the ‘game’ to be allowed relief and the sub is locked back into it’s chastity device.

[This game is included in my imminently to be published manual but I thought I would share it now with my blog followers.]

Link to my published journals.

Control by chess clock

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, Rita has provided the most wonderful idea. Rather than use a tea timer, use a chess clock. As I understand the functioning of a chess clock, it can be set from one minute to perhaps an hour or more. Once set, the top button is struck and it will then make a sound when the set time has been reached.

Perhaps there is a follower who knows about these things and can confirm if my understanding is correct. In particular, that it could be set to as short a time as say, three minutes. (Using an analogue timer with a large face, not digital.)

As well as used for colouring-in, (as described in my last post), I quite like  the following scenario. bitch-boy, due a SERIOUS caning, is strapped face down over the dining table. Arms secured behind back, thighs strapped together and ankles strapped together. Gag in place. In this position bitch-boy lays with the left side of his face against the table, looking to the right. (As you may know if you have read any of my published journals).

I would tell him his VERY HARSH caning will begin in five minutes. I will set the chess timer to five minutes and place it in his field of vision. He then can watch the time getting closer and closer, the tension and fear mounting. I would commence the punishment on time, then after it is half delivered, I would stop for a five minute rest. Again setting the timer for him to watch the seconds tick by to my continuing with the second half of the punishment.



Time prompting the humiliation events

I came across this device recently in a specialty tea room. Its design purpose is to indicate when a tea is adequately brewed in the pot. Some teas take two minutes, some three and some five minutes. When my tea was served in the pot, I was told by the waitress that it would need three minutes of brewing before being ready to pour. She then flipped the device over and the sand began to pour in each glass phial.


Now I know I seem, to endlessly mention having my slaves colour-in their respective fairy colouring-in books, but seeing the timing device immediately had me thinking of a perverted use involving the humiliating tedium of colouring-in. (I will think of uses not to do with colouring-in and post on those tomorrow.)

When colouring-in, the worst humiliation is the slave having to ask their dolly what colour the next item should be, then answer pretending to be the dolly answering. (Always using whole sentences.)

Well; some pages in the fairy colouring-in books have components, such as dozens and dozens of leaves on a shrub, all of which will be the same colour. This means the slave having asked dolly what colour the shrub leaves should be and having answered, the humiliation of asking about the next item colour is many, many minutes away. The slave is saved from the humiliation of the exchange for a long time.

So I am thinking, if I can obtain a device like the one pictured, I could at the outset of the colouring-in session, set the time required for a Dolly Confirmation Request. Each time the slave begins using a new colour, they turn over the device. Assuming I set the time required for a Dolly Confirmation Request at three minutes, then should the slave have been using the same colour for three minutes and the sand runs out, the slave must ask the dolly the following question, (in a lisp of course), ‘Suzette Simperkins, shall I keep using this colour [for the shrub leaves].‘ Then pretend to be dolly answering, ‘Yes, you should keep using that colour [for the shrub leaves] Belindakins’. The slave must then turn the timer over again and resume colouring-in. By this protocol, the maximum the slave could go without the humiliating verbal exchange with dolly is three minutes.








Stinging nettles and private parts

I came across these two videos recently. I do love to see nettles being swept over a hard penis while the belly, thighs, etc. are protected, so all the stinging takes place exactly where it should. The first video also includes high heeled boots squashing a cock against a sold surface. Another favourite of mine. The contrast of vulnerable flesh and implacable footwear is wonderful.

LINK 1 (from 5 minutes onward)

LINK 2 (from 1 minute onward)

Hopefully its only about five weeks now and the fresh nettle stems will be sprouting from the ground. The leaves of spring are the most stinging and the stings last for four or more hours. Even at just four inches tall, the stems will have little leaves that will be just fine to fill a sunglasses pouch.

I will have to wait until stems are about twelve inches tall before they can be used in conjunction with the nettles blanket.

[Almost all of my published journals from Volume 1 onward include detailed accounts of my use of stinging nettles.]

Truly heartless, relentless cruelty

Two events are coinciding. I am giving up work in a few weeks and bitch-boy is getting very close to actually finishing the first of his seven identical fairy colouring-in books. It must have taken him many, many hundreds of hours. (I wish I had kept a note but it would have been too onerous to bother with.) You may recall in Xmas 2013 I bought him six identical copies of The Girls Fairy Colouring Book of which he already had one copy. 64 pages and it takes forever to colour-in one page! And of course going over a line results in a caning. And, in the early days, an inadequate and drab number of colours on a completed page resulted in a very severe caning -that he has not forgotten.

As desolate as it makes him, he is in no doubt that he has years and years ahead of him, and I imagine, thousands of hours, dressed as a little girl, colouring-in with the help of his dolly Suzette Simperkins. THE SAME  little girl, fairy themed pages, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, book after book, while I and any guests enjoy grown-up pursuits and virtually ignoring him. It is hard to explain how simultaneously I find it both utterly relaxing and a huge, arousing power-rush as I sit on the sofa watching TV, or reading or on the phone or working on one of the crafts I enjoy, while he is almost ignored as he colours-in and periodically shamefully enters into a verbal exchange with his dolly asking which colour he should use for the next item to be coloured-in.

So I have been thinking about the two events coinciding imminently and how to handle the moment of the finishing of the colouring-in of the first book. I have decided on the following: When he is close to finishing the very last page, I will have by my side, the other six books.  When, no doubt, full of trepidation he lisps to me that he has finished the last page, I am going to take the completed book for inspection of the last page and at the same instant, as though all is normal, pass him another identical book from the pile of 6, open it at a double page, and without even looking at him say,

‘Start this one.‘ I know this act, given it confirms the absolute reality of my long term threats, might reduce him to sobbing or pleading; which if it does I will ignore. After around five minutes of him settling down to colour-in I will say, in a very matter of fact tone,

‘Just think pansy-piece. I will be at home all day from now on and you will be colouring-in for so many hours, so many days, each week. So, so many hours. This is your life now my humiliated sissy little girl and there is nothing you can do about it.

 [Very detailed accounts of his frequent times forced to role play a parody of a little girl are included in my published journals, volumes 2  to 11.]



Thank you

Thank you so much to all 20 blog followers who provided information and advice on my last blog post. It is wonderful to have this helpful resource of knowledgeable people. I will in due course change my URL and protect my blog from an instant deletion.

Thank you again

new URL for my blog?

A few followers suggested I purchase a domain (URL) to ensure my blog does not just disappear because I upset WordPress with my content and they delete the blog.  I did plan to do this but it has been pointed out to me that if I do so, anyone using the Whois-search facility could find my name and home address. Is there a way around this?

A perfect novel for introducing ‘it all’ to a vanilla partner

One chapter of my manual, (to be published next month), deals with the best way to introduce that you are submissive to a vanilla significant other – with the aim of seducing them into become a long term satisfied dominant. The right things to do and the ABSOLUTELY wrong things to do. A small part of that overall strategy is about useful DVDs to watch together, and useful novels for them to read, which might prompt introductory discussion on the topic. When it comes to novels, I have to say I can suggest none at this point that are really appropriate. To quote from my draft manual:

‘ ……Do not give your partner a BDSM book or DVD or show them a BDSM website featuring extreme and bizarre lifestyles and behaviours. This is lazy, insensitive and crass. (What you might consider mild and harmless, they might consider perverted and horrifying.) It is not being brave and throwing your secrets on their mercy. It is lazy, insensitive and crass…………………………………………………. There are also books to avoid. Venus in Furs by Sacher Masoch is probably unhelpful because it has no artistic merit ………………… Owning and Training a Male Slave by Ingrid Bellemare has something to offer but is not suitable as an introduction for a wholly vanilla person; it is too extreme. …………………….. Equally, The Story of O, both book and film versions, are probably too extreme and somewhat misleading on the psychology issue. (The Story of O is about female submissives dominated mostly by males and a little by females. )

So my question, dear followers is; do you know of any books that would make a good introduction to the dominant and submissive lifestyle THAT WOULD NOT HORRIFY A COMPLETELY VANILLA PERSON!

I am considering writing a novel, perhaps one volume of two or three short stories, written with the sole aim and purpose of being a non-scary book a wholly vanilla person could read which would then prompt useful conversation on the topic. An ice-breaker? Is this too manipulative? I think not if the result is a contented submissive and gratified new dominant, and the closest relationship its possible to have.

I am thinking of three short stories so it is in keeping with  the gender-free applicability of the manual. One short story on a sub male with a female partner, one on a sub female with a male partner and one on a sub female with a female partner. (I am not sure I am up to writing realistic fiction on a sub male with a male partner, although a male pair will still find my manual useful I believe.)