Truly heartless, relentless cruelty

Two events are coinciding. I am giving up work in a few weeks and bitch-boy is getting very close to actually finishing the first of his seven identical fairy colouring-in books. It must have taken him many, many hundreds of hours. (I wish I had kept a note but it would have been too onerous to bother with.) You may recall in Xmas 2013 I bought him six identical copies of The Girls Fairy Colouring Book of which he already had one copy. 64 pages and it takes forever to colour-in one page! And of course going over a line results in a caning. And, in the early days, an inadequate and drab number of colours on a completed page resulted in a very severe caning -that he has not forgotten.

As desolate as it makes him, he is in no doubt that he has years and years ahead of him, and I imagine, thousands of hours, dressed as a little girl, colouring-in with the help of his dolly Suzette Simperkins. THE SAME  little girl, fairy themed pages, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, book after book, while I and any guests enjoy grown-up pursuits and virtually ignoring him. It is hard to explain how simultaneously I find it both utterly relaxing and a huge, arousing power-rush as I sit on the sofa watching TV, or reading or on the phone or working on one of the crafts I enjoy, while he is almost ignored as he colours-in and periodically shamefully enters into a verbal exchange with his dolly asking which colour he should use for the next item to be coloured-in.

So I have been thinking about the two events coinciding imminently and how to handle the moment of the finishing of the colouring-in of the first book. I have decided on the following: When he is close to finishing the very last page, I will have by my side, the other six books.  When, no doubt, full of trepidation he lisps to me that he has finished the last page, I am going to take the completed book for inspection of the last page and at the same instant, as though all is normal, pass him another identical book from the pile of 6, open it at a double page, and without even looking at him say,

‘Start this one.‘ I know this act, given it confirms the absolute reality of my long term threats, might reduce him to sobbing or pleading; which if it does I will ignore. After around five minutes of him settling down to colour-in I will say, in a very matter of fact tone,

‘Just think pansy-piece. I will be at home all day from now on and you will be colouring-in for so many hours, so many days, each week. So, so many hours. This is your life now my humiliated sissy little girl and there is nothing you can do about it.

 [Very detailed accounts of his frequent times forced to role play a parody of a little girl are included in my published journals, volumes 2  to 11.]



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14 Responses to Truly heartless, relentless cruelty

  1. carla says:

    I love your cruel creativity and have adopted many of your ideas to use on my own sissy husband. One suggestion regarding bitch-boy’s coloring book torment for your consideration. I now make my sissy wear thick girls woolly mittens while coloring his fairy coloring books. The mittens are out of a thick wool and have no separate thumb so the sissy’s entire hand is encased in the mitten. Having to wear the mittens just makes the sissy’s task that much more difficult and assure plenty of reasons for the sissy to be punished for being sloppy 🙂 The mittens have pink and white tassels to which I had the sissy sew on some little bells so as the sissy colors the bells will tinkle-that way I and any guests know the sissy is busy doing the mindless, and indeed, horribly boring task.



  2. Mark Loomis says:

    To add a bit to the impact of your plan, at the moment when you hand him the next book, tear up the one he has just struggled to so meticulously complete and throw it in the trash.

    • Its a difficult choice. I had thought of that. When I have a slave write lines I alternate between going through the completed lines in fine detail looking for errors and the next time rip them up without even looking at them. The thing with the completed book is I intend to find some more Dommes to visit me when I give up work and I thought it would really shame bitch-boy if, in front of bitch-boy and a new Domme, I leafed through the completed book showing her what bitch-boy has had to do over the last couple of years, and then show her the other identical books yet to be done.

      • peter7447 says:

        Dear honored Mistress Scarlet,

        I am a big fan of your website. Thank you so much for this wonderful source of insight into the reality of what us slaves without a Mistress only may dream of. Thank you.

        Regarding the tearing up of bb´s coloring books, I would suggest that you do not tear them apart. The book is a monument to constantly remind bb of the life time he irrecoverably lost. The pain caused by such a reminder is much greater than learning that ones slave work is worthless to the Mistress. As long as the book is existent he will suffer.

        If I may add a suggestion, then I would probably purchase MORE empty coloring books. It seems it took him 3 years (2014, 2015, 2016) to fill one and you have six spare ones. Means he will be busy at least for 18 more years. Just thinking about that makes the masochistic part of my brain spin in joy and horror. So if you buy another ten of those books, then the next 48 years are covered. I would put them side by side into a special book case. Or a special part of the book case. Once bb finishes a coloring book, it could go back into the book shelf. This way he can see the horror that is before him and he also will always know that he will die before he finishes all the books. Making it 100% clear that this is it, there is nothing to come. Only suffering. And that he never can “succeed” …

        That would be the mean twist that I would humbly suggest.

        I know of the effect of this “end of life” threat, since my former Mistress made me stand in the corner every day for 30 minutes in very high heel shoes and she tortured me by “injecting” the thought about how many YEARS in total I would be standing in that corner till my life ends. Also reminding me that with 30 minutes every day in the corner there is a 1/48 chance that one day I will die in that corner, wearing high heels and a pink skirt. That sounds maybe “harmless”, but let me assure you such a thought stings every day in a mental way. A lot …

        Sorry for the long letter. I hope I could contribute some inspiration to do with it whatever you wish.

        Best humble regards


        • I had already responded to Mark’s comment by stating that; as I intend to find some more Dommes to visit me when I give up work, I thought it would really shame bitch-boy if, in front of bitch-boy and a new Domme, I leafed through the completed book showing her what bitch-boy has had to do over the last couple of years, and then show her the other identical books yet to be done. But your point really adds to the cocktail of subjugating misery. I had not thought to add into the mix, (at any time in the future), drawing attention to how many hours of his life had, so far, been spent on his miserable colouring-in. Time that other men might have spent in a bar with mates, or on the golf course, etc.

          Now that I am giving up work, it will take him a lot less than three years to complete a book so perhaps I will get a few more copies.

  3. Cat says:

    You say you wish you had kept a note of the many hours bitch boy has spent colouring in over the years but it would have been too onerous to do. Bitch boy seems well suited for onerous tasks. And if he keeps an accurate record – perhaps accurate to the second or minute – then you will be able to require him to speed up, or slow down; or to complete the next page in two hours less time, thus increasing the concentration required to avoid crossing a line; or make him take longer, thus making the boring job even more soul destroying!

  4. Andrew says:

    I haven’t posted a comment here in a while even though I read these updates in my email, but I had to say something this time. I used to ignore the sissy posts and didn’t think much about the coloring book stuff, but it has been going on for years, and as you said, will continue on for many years to go. The full cruelty of this really hit me when I stopped to consider that we really only get so many hours on this earth; it’s not the tediousness, or humiliation, or the monotony No, anyone can become jaded to those things if they do them enough. The real cruelty is the fact that you are literally taking his life away from him. These coloring books serve no purpose; this isn’t him doing the dishes or some other chore or errand, or even making money; there is no self-improvement, no mastery, no value; this is the simple act of you expressing your power by denying him the opportunity to live. .

    There are so many wonderful things in the world to experience. He won’t get that chance. As a deeply submissive man myself, your cruelty sends the kinds of shivers down my spine that are ineffably horrifying. My respect for you has redoubled yet again. You are truly a master of your craft.

    • Yes that has always been my most enjoyable pleasure. Subjecting him to tedium which has no other purpose than cruelty. Far crueller than chores time. The colouring-in, the sensory deprivation bondage and the rotary clothes line duty.

  5. Ch says:

    This is the heartlessness I have been waiting for for years. I’m so glad to hear that, day by day, trial by trial, you continue to make him whole by taking from him. To live as he lives would seem like torture to most, however, it is worth noting that he is serving under you; a gift worthy of any amount of torment. I know he will endure for so long as you choose to inflict, which I sincerely hope will be forever, and I beg that you continue to keep us updated.

  6. Isabel Rust says:

    You have done such a lovely job with the colouring books, and now the recorder and bubbles, too. I too think it would be best to keep his completed colouring books. Perhaps he can explain them himself to a guest or do so with the help of his dolly. It is so clever to use a timer to have him talking to his dolly every three minutes. He really needs to bond with dolly. It will make him into a very convincing little girl. For a song for his recorder, I’m sure he could learn “Twinkle twinkle little star,” it is quite easy, and perhaps he should learn to sing it too. You (or he) may be able to invent more verses for it, as well, something more appropriate for a sissy. Thank you again for your lovely ideas and refreshing blog. Isabel

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