Stinging nettles and private parts

I came across these two videos recently. I do love to see nettles being swept over a hard penis while the belly, thighs, etc. are protected, so all the stinging takes place exactly where it should. The first video also includes high heeled boots squashing a cock against a sold surface. Another favourite of mine. The contrast of vulnerable flesh and implacable footwear is wonderful.

LINK 1 (from 5 minutes onward)

LINK 2 (from 1 minute onward)

Hopefully its only about five weeks now and the fresh nettle stems will be sprouting from the ground. The leaves of spring are the most stinging and the stings last for four or more hours. Even at just four inches tall, the stems will have little leaves that will be just fine to fill a sunglasses pouch.

I will have to wait until stems are about twelve inches tall before they can be used in conjunction with the nettles blanket.

[Almost all of my published journals from Volume 1 onward include detailed accounts of my use of stinging nettles.]

13 thoughts on “Stinging nettles and private parts

  1. oh my – that 1st link is a lot of nettles!
    is that level of distress and length of nettling CBT a good indication as to what you do with your BB?

    respect from

  2. Hello,

    Judging from many things you have said in your blog, you are an excellent Dominant! I really love your unapologetic style!

    I wanted to ask a few questions about slaves. What do you think is the proper roll for a slave — to be active in their own enslaving or to be clay in their Mistress’s hand? How should a Mistress encourage the right roll?
    Should a slave love their Mistress? Should a Mistress love their slave?

    And, a very important question too… do you think it viable and – or desirable for slaves to be willingly gifted, rented or sold between Women? I think it would be just fitting for slaves to sometimes be a birthday gift or even a wedding gift for a Dominant Woman.

    1. I think the proper role depends on the wishes of the Domme at the time.
      I have trained bitch-boy to be helpful if I am putting him into serious bondage. I expect him to help get the equipment together and things like tinkering with cuffs placement and blindfold placement so they are in exactly the right place etc. If he did not help he would be punished. However when Governess Lexi and I are dressing him in all his paraphernalia of a parody of a little girl – cuffs with bells, bonnet, dress, ribbon bows, foundation, false eye lashes, other make-up, he is like a piece of clay, like a human doll – being pulled this way and that. Even then he is expected to buckle and padlock on his Mary Jane shoes and then hand me the keys.

      Love happens or does not. It cannot be specified. However I will say there are two types of relationship that are very different. Many Dommes, as is the case with me and bitch-boy enjoy their slaves vanilla company. So bitch-boy gets some reprieve from my excesses if we are fine dining, or watching a film or on a city break. I want his wit and knowledge and the security he brings me. BUT there are many pairs where the Domme never prefers the sub’s vanilla company over dominating them. These pairs set the standard for a TOTAL DS REALTIONSHIP. 24/7/365 domination in every way. An extreme lifestyle, much more so than mine. With this lifestyle the Domme has a lover or mother or sister or friend from whom to take share all the socialising aspects of life we need.

      I think it would be great if male subs were passed around like property but it never actually happens apart from one scenario I read of from time to time. That is when a Domme tires of her sub and passes that sub onto her single mother, (which is not what the sub wants but has to accept). Apart from that scenario it never happens because there are more than 100 male subs to each female Domme. So why would anyone rent or buy what can be easily got for free?

      1. Both you and ‘bitch boy’ are seriously mentally ill if this blog is a genuine account of your lives together. Probably nearer to the truth is that this blog is just an advertisement for your money making journals

        1. I am curious.
          Why were you reading my blog?
          Do you think people are mentally ill if they are born gay and live that lifestyle?
          Do you think people are mentally ill if they are born transgender and live that lifestyle?
          Do you think the hundreds of people who have left comments on my blog stating that they were born submissive and can only live a contented life if that life includes them being cruelly dominated are mentally ill?
          Are the thousands and thousands who have acquired copies of my journals all mentally ill?
          Are the thousands of dominants that form symbiotic relationships with these people born submissive all mentally ill?
          I am curious about what you think?

        2. i am neither Ms Scarlet nor sadly her BitchBoy – but what i am is straight submissive guy and I must confess nothing quite excites me like femdom. Am i mentally ill – I’m no medic – but I function, hold down a decent job, have 2 grown up kids, pretty good social life, holidays, good days, bad days (mainly when Liverpool lose) etc etc

          It is like Ms Scarlet says like being born gay or straight – you are what you are, so please don’t judge.

          respect from

  3. Mistress Scarlet… i note both videos were recent additions to the (excellent) xhamster site. i found both most interesting, and grimaced throughout. i must say the nettles seem very different to those Mistress Serena has me cultivate, that said i think the small leaved, prickly haired stems She uses are more than adequate. When used with Her nettle pouch the stems are as important as the leaves. For those who are new to such a form of domination, may i say as a r/t submissive, the regular application of nettles to my “clitty” fills me with fear, and keeps me most attentive and obedient, alas, often in vain.
    i noted only today, fresh and vigorous growth to nettles in sheltered parts of the garden, and hope Serena doesn’t spot them.

  4. I can only imagine that Your bitchboy is anticipating the appearance of a new crop of sting nettles as well, Mistress Scarlet…although Your anticipation is with excitement, and his no doubt with dread! The verbal reactions of the slaves to their Mistress’ administering of the nettles punishment makes clear that they were indeed suffering! I wonder is bb is as vocal when he’s receiving the nettles as they are?
    One thing that always strikes a chord with me regarding nettles punishment is the care that the Mistress uses to avoid any contact whatsoever with Her own skin…She takes great pains to protect Her hands, and yet…She unhesitatingly and liberally applies them to Her slaves genitals! This clearly shows the difference in status between Mistress and slave!
    Thank You, as always for sharing Your lifestyle with us, Mistress Scarlet.


    sissy jamieanne

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