Time prompting the humiliation events

I came across this device recently in a specialty tea room. Its design purpose is to indicate when a tea is adequately brewed in the pot. Some teas take two minutes, some three and some five minutes. When my tea was served in the pot, I was told by the waitress that it would need three minutes of brewing before being ready to pour. She then flipped the device over and the sand began to pour in each glass phial.


Now I know I seem, to endlessly mention having my slaves colour-in their respective fairy colouring-in books, but seeing the timing device immediately had me thinking of a perverted use involving the humiliating tedium of colouring-in. (I will think of uses not to do with colouring-in and post on those tomorrow.)

When colouring-in, the worst humiliation is the slave having to ask their dolly what colour the next item should be, then answer pretending to be the dolly answering. (Always using whole sentences.)

Well; some pages in the fairy colouring-in books have components, such as dozens and dozens of leaves on a shrub, all of which will be the same colour. This means the slave having asked dolly what colour the shrub leaves should be and having answered, the humiliation of asking about the next item colour is many, many minutes away. The slave is saved from the humiliation of the exchange for a long time.

So I am thinking, if I can obtain a device like the one pictured, I could at the outset of the colouring-in session, set the time required for a Dolly Confirmation Request. Each time the slave begins using a new colour, they turn over the device. Assuming I set the time required for a Dolly Confirmation Request at three minutes, then should the slave have been using the same colour for three minutes and the sand runs out, the slave must ask the dolly the following question, (in a lisp of course), ‘Suzette Simperkins, shall I keep using this colour [for the shrub leaves].‘ Then pretend to be dolly answering, ‘Yes, you should keep using that colour [for the shrub leaves] Belindakins’. The slave must then turn the timer over again and resume colouring-in. By this protocol, the maximum the slave could go without the humiliating verbal exchange with dolly is three minutes.








12 thoughts on “Time prompting the humiliation events

  1. you are so delightfully relentless Ms Scarlet!

    have you ever filmed BB doing this on your phone and then played it back to him so he too can witness again his humiliations and squirm while you make observations or show it to someone else in front of him?

    respect from

  2. Mistress, with an interruption every three minutes, it is going to take bitchboy for ever to complete his task. What a devious Mistress you are!!

  3. Colouring-in is such a good activity for little ones. (And Belindakins is such a cute name for him!) As a modification, you may want to have him use his off-hand instead of his dominant one. It will make it more of a challenge for him to stay nicely within the lines. And it would be a reason for him to do even more books. Also, cross-stitching is a lovely activity for little sissies. There are cross-stitching kits for children that are easy to follow, and some of them are so cute. He will look so cute doing it. Once he learns his letters, he could make a name badge for himself. You could task him with finding a good starter project. Cross-stitching is excellent busy work when he is not otherwise occupied. Thanks for keeping such a lovely blog, Scarlet.

    1. The using the wrong hand is something I will consider thank you, but as it took him so long to do the first book and he has just started the second, and when that is finished there is 5 more identical books, I think the tedium as it is works very well. And I can always invent a reason to punish, or give him a deterrent punishment at any time.

      I do have him do sowing. When shortening one of his dresses or sewing huge ribbon bows onto his panties. I am torn as to whether cross stitch will be, for him, a sort of ‘welcome, distraction from the colouring-in, but I LOVE the ide of him embroidering his name onto his bib and dresses!

      thank you.

      1. You are so right about tedium, Scarlet. It is a powerful way to teach a sissy to submit. When my son-in-law sissy visits, I like to have him doing cross-stitch while seated on a little chair in the corner. He faces the wall and wears a bonnet with a wide brim, so he really can’t see what is happening behind him, but he knows that I or a friend is likely to be watching. He must hold a little bell between his knees (it helps his posture), and if he drops the bell, it makes a lovely little tinkle that is likely to make him groan or even cry because he knows there is punishment to follow, although not immediately. He has become quite good at holding his little bell, and my friend likes to tease him that he is becoming a perfect little miss. You are a skillful, caring domme, and I am so glad you are sharing your thoughts and techniques, as well as encouraging others to share theirs. All of us (and Belindakins especially) are lucky to have you. Thank you again. Isabel

          1. Thank you Scarlet. We are in America. We are very private, but I do speak with sissies from time to time on Mrs. Silk’s sissy board. My son-in-law, Daisy, is a sissy and he visits me from time to time. He is now divorced from my daughter, though they remain on excellent terms. Daisy lives with and serves and older gentleman who prefers him to dress as a little boy sissy in dainty short pants outfits. Daisy is my “little girl” when he visits here and has some adorable outfits I have here for him to wear. We don’t believe in very harsh punishment, but he is kept in chastity and is spanked every Tuesday evening. As I’ve suggested, his main discipline is having to truly embrace his role as a sweet little sissy. In that way he is similar to your lovely Belindakins. We also believe that a sissy needs support and understanding as much as punishment, so Daisy gets lots of hugs and cuddles as well as shaming and discipline. Thank you again for your lovely, creative blog. Fondly, Isabel

              1. msscarlet9015 you must be a life saver for bitch boy. We submissive:s need to be treated the way you are going and you are very smart and learn more and more to keep bb save from that horrible thing called in control of ones shelf

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