Control by chess clock

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, Rita has provided the most wonderful idea. Rather than use a tea timer, use a chess clock. As I understand the functioning of a chess clock, it can be set from one minute to perhaps an hour or more. Once set, the top button is struck and it will then make a sound when the set time has been reached.

Perhaps there is a follower who knows about these things and can confirm if my understanding is correct. In particular, that it could be set to as short a time as say, three minutes. (Using an analogue timer with a large face, not digital.)

As well as used for colouring-in, (as described in my last post), I quite like  the following scenario. bitch-boy, due a SERIOUS caning, is strapped face down over the dining table. Arms secured behind back, thighs strapped together and ankles strapped together. Gag in place. In this position bitch-boy lays with the left side of his face against the table, looking to the right. (As you may know if you have read any of my published journals).

I would tell him his VERY HARSH caning will begin in five minutes. I will set the chess timer to five minutes and place it in his field of vision. He then can watch the time getting closer and closer, the tension and fear mounting. I would commence the punishment on time, then after it is half delivered, I would stop for a five minute rest. Again setting the timer for him to watch the seconds tick by to my continuing with the second half of the punishment.



10 thoughts on “Control by chess clock

  1. Yes a chess clock can be set for 1min to 2+ hrs, normally a chess clock has duel clocks, The players agree on the time a chess match should last, a 5 min game for example, then each player has there own 5 min each to play… if they take to long to play and the on their side runs out they lose the game, once a player moves a piece he/she presses the button on top of the clock to stop their clock and the other clock begins to countdown, these can be bought in both analog and digital

  2. You could then have Miss Lexi cane him for exactly 5 minutes with a metronome counting the beats and then set the clock back for another 5 minute terror wait for bitchboy… and so on, for a predetermined number of times.

    As an added twist, you could tell Lexi that after bb’s caning, she would get the same from you. Either just simply that, or, if she doesn’t raise the cane to a certain point and bring it down at the appropriate speed, or if the marks aren’t neat, or any other criteria.

  3. Have you considered playing the same piece of music each time a certain punishment is administered? After the sub has come to associate the music with what is about to happen to him/her, simply hearing the music triggers all manners of dread. A sing-along children’s tune would be ideal.

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