The Smack Tease

A ‘game’ I picked up from the fantastic Madame magazines about 15 years ago is called the Smack Tease. Used by female Dommes on males kept in chastity. It can be used on female submissives too, but enforcing chastity is so much harder to do on females. The ‘game’ requires that the submissive finds the body of the Domme to be arousing.

The ‘game’ works by the Domme securing the naked submissive so they are helpless. The chastity device is removed. The submissive has been denied sexual release for quite some time beforehand. A Domme, experienced playing the ‘game’ chooses to dress in erotic underwear with suspenders and stockings and each outer clothing item is sexy and possesses as many buttons, zips and belts as possible.


The fully dressed Domme approaches the naked, bound sub and runs her hands over her body, remarking on her very tight skirt or tight blouse and what is underneath. She then explains that she is going to perform a slow strip tease. She manipulates the sub’s genitals while explaining this. She then picks up a 12 inch ruler and explains that there will be a cost to the stripping process. Each button on her tight cardigan will result in one smack of the ruler to the (now hard), cock, [or now wet labia if a female sub]. She undoes the first three buttons and then delivers three hard smacks. A little bit of manual teasing and then the next three buttons and another three hard smacks, and so on until all the buttons are undone. She then explains that removing the cardigan is worth 5 smacks. The cardigan is removed, the 5 smacks are delivered. Next comes the blouse using the same rules. But each blouse button is worth two smacks because it is more intimate. And removing the blouse is worth ten smacks. All the time the sub is aroused, but getting sore.

Them the Domme explains that the belt on her tight pencil skirt is worth five smacks and the belt is removed and 5 smacks delivered. The zip is worth ten. Removing the skirt is worth 15. Now we come to the bra, the bra clasp is worth 15 smacks and removing the bra is worth 20 smacks. And so it continues until the Domme is naked but for her high heels. Or she can stop before that point.


The ‘game’ can be made even more ‘exciting’ if, as well as a smack rating, an item removed is also worth a little application of an embrocation cream or a few sweeps from a stinging nettle.

At the end of the ‘game’, the Domme is likely to bring herself off and the sub is likely to be told it made far too much noise during the ‘game’ to be allowed relief and the sub is locked back into it’s chastity device.

[This game is included in my imminently to be published manual but I thought I would share it now with my blog followers.]

Link to my published journals.

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7 Responses to The Smack Tease

  1. tomilina says:

    I remember reading about these games too, in various formats. One other thing I remember reading about them is: if using an old fashioned school ruler, the metal edge should be removed as striking with that could cause damage to blood vessels. What if je were to jeep track of the game and if je hasn’t asked for it within a certain time (r.g. 1 month) that the point values be doubled?

  2. fluffy says:


  3. Rita says:

    Such a lovely game, I have played it on a number of occasions but had not thought of adding stinging nettles or embrocation cream to the smacks. I am sure my husband will be delighted by your suggestion. lol

  4. Nancy the Maid says:

    I remember the magazine and have always thought it ironic on that night the time the lady gets to the interesting part the makes discomfort is such that he would rather have his toy locked away out of reach. A penis smacking is something we all deserve but cannot take!

  5. pink gimp says:

    Additional the submissive could be asked how many smacks he would take for the next item to be undone or removed for his delight, pay in pain for gain

  6. pink gimp says:

    Another game, one sided of course, I read about was the elastic band game, the submissive is tied down, the only words they are allowed to use is ‘yes please’ the dominant then twangs the elastic band anywhere on the subs body, asking questions… you like more? 10 more on your right nipple? etc etc… if the sub says anything else then an automatic 100 twangs apply… until the final question… do you want me to stop?… not that it has too…

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