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You say lozenge, I say pastille

Regarding yesterday’s post, my thanks to tomilina for advising me that my USA followers would have no idea what a pastille is. Such an item is called a lozenge in the USA. Those that have read my published journals will know that at the back of each journal there is a UK/USA long word conversion list to help USA readers understand every detail of my UK prose. I will have to add, pastille = lozenge, to that list in the future.

The degradation of saliva

I don’t think I have ever given feedback on the use of Salivax pastilles to generate copious amounts of saliva. I have Mistress Hannah to thank for the suggestion. Well, chewing on one of the pastilles generates huge amounts of saliva and unlike using a boiled sweet, or mint gum, the saliva from Salivax has no sweet or pleasant taste to partially distract the slave from its degradation.

It can be fun to be repeatedly dropping spit into a bound slaves mouth which is held open by a funnel gag or Jennings gag. I also like to drop spit on the floor and then wipe the sole of my shoe or boot in the spit before having the slave lick the sole clean.

My published journals.


Cock Agony

Well yesterday afternoon bitch-boy had his first experience of 2017 nettles. He had not cum for two weeks and I had him take a Cialis pill. Governess Lexi could not wait to subject him to the nettles. She is such a sadist. When the time came, he was bound to the BDSM bed, legs bound wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. I pulled his cock through the hole in the nettle blanket and while I went off to get some gloves, Lexi manipulated his cock with her soft, warm hands. She verbally teased him when he hardened observing he was a ludicrous creature to get hard despite knowing what was coming.  He whimpered into his gag.

Lexi whipped his cock with the short stems of leaves. First on the underside, then I used the tongs to expose to the top surface for her. She whipped away again. The sound of bitch-boy’s gag muffled shrieking competed with Lexi’s giggling to fill the room with pleasant  sound. When Lexi stopped we both looked for sting-bumps are were disappointed we could see none. So the whipping was resumed. When we stopped bitch-boy’s continuing distressed whimpering informed us though that a good job had been done, despite the absence of sting-bumps. We released him from the bed and dressed him for humiliation purposes and to witness some sexual activity, as the cuckold he is.

When we had finished dressing him, there was a pleasant surprise. His cock was COVERED in nasty red sting bumps. In fact there were so many bumps that his cock was no longer skin colour, but more of an orange-pink. Lexi and I giggled with faux guilt that we had continued his nettle whipping because of the absence of bumps at the time. We were quick to put the record straight though, harshly informing bitch-boy that we felt absolutely no guilt at all, and had no sympathy whatsoever. Which was completely true. He introduced me to this lifestyle over 15 years ago. It’s not my fault where we have now ended up.

2017 Stinging nettle agony begins

For reasons I will not go into, it was Play-toy’s nipples that were the first to experience the fresh growth of 2017 stinging nettles last weekend, and not bitch-boy’s cock, yet!). True to expectations, the very fresh (pre-flowering) growth produced VERY painful stinging that lasted several hours. Poor Play-toy. The nettle stems were only 4 inches tall and the nettle leaves formed a dome at the top rather than being spread out along the length of the stem. Compact and very concentrated.

This weekend bitch-boy will suffer with nettle stings. I find with these Spring nettles that have stings which last for 4 hours or so, it is best to begin a long session with a slave with the nettles; so whatever else is happening during the long session, the initially applied nettle stings last throughout the session adding to the misery of whatever else is being endured.

So after the initial nettle application, whether the rest of the session involves chores, or playing with dollies, or a couple of hours of sensory deprivation bondage, or licking the soles of my shoes clean while I watch TV, the stinging is a constant addition to that current moment’s activity.

I will be using both the nettle apron and my metal tongs to ensure bitch-boy’s clitty is thoroughly covered in stings. The apron does ensure all the stings are on the clitty with none on the stomach or thighs so the pain is intense in the most appropriate place. The apron alone though only exposes the underside as his clitty lies flat back, so the tongs are needed to expose fresh areas of skin.

Here is a pic of the metal tongs from 2013, with a tube of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. I am sure bitch-boy would love to go back to the days of Muscle Rescue, lasting ten minutes. But times have moved on and now it is the Linnex that gets used, lasting 40 minutes.

Skimming back through my published journals I notice that nettles have been a constant for bitch-boy since the first journal was published 7 years ago. Organic, natural, plentiful, local, no transportation or production energy usage harming the environment. What could be more ethical?

Yet more practice time thoughts

Further to my post on using my full-time-at-home extra hours each day to implement special training, I have had a couple of extra ideas I thought I would share. I have thought of two more things I can have bitch-boy spend time learning once I have given up work and have so, so much more time to focus on him. One is the bespoke nursery rhyme my older sister created and to which she then instructed bitch-boy to add a second verse.  [Verse one was detailed in the 14 July 2012 journal entry in Volume 5, entitled ‘A very hard day for bitch-boy.’]

Here is the first verse. I will first set out the words he must recite and then describe the actions to be performed with each line.

Belindakins is a prissy sissy and is full of woe,

Because she has a clitty no bigger than her toe,

Belindakin’s Mistress says sissy will never fuck again,

If Belindakins just mentions that, she will get the cane,

But her only sexual organ, Belindakins does employ,

For pleasing her superiors and filling them with joy.

Verse one

On the words, Little Belindakins is a prissy sissy and is full of woe, bitch-boy adopted a mincing pose. This is toes together heels wide apart. Elbows tucked into the waist, forearms pointing out at the sides at 45 degrees. Each thumb touching forefinger. His little pinky fingers sticking out and up.

On the words, Because she has a clitty no bigger than her toe, bitch-boy indicated with his parted thumb and index finger a one inch measurement.

On the words, Belindakin’s Mistress says sissy will never fuck again, he stuck out his index finger and wagged it from side to side while shaking his head.

On the words, If Belindakins just mentions that, she will get the cane, bitch-boy bent over and put his hands to his face cheeks.

After the words, But her only sexual organ Belindakins does employ, bitch-boy stuck his tongue out for about three seconds while looking at the floor.

On the words, For pleasing her superiors and filling them with joy, bitch-boy gave a deep curtsey.

The other task is for bitch-boy to again learn the special alphabet my older sister created for bitch-boy to recite to us and then to teach to his dolly in front of us.  Here are the first few letters of the bespoke alphabet.

A is for ash from cigarettes to consume,

B is for butt plug, the bigger the better,

C is for cock which I love to suck,

D is for denial and for desperate too,

E is for electricity to make clittys jerk,

F is for funnel gag for urine, semen and spit,

G is for garden, for playing with dolly,

H is for humiliation, a constant for sissies,


The start of the new book

Well, further to my post in the middle of February, the final page of the first Fairy Colouring-in book got completed. As planned I had the next book to hand and I did as I had planned. bitch-boy indicated he had finished the page, I took the book from him and put it to one side. I leafed through a fresh book, picking a fresh double page to be coloured-in. A fresh book, exactly the same as the completed one. I spoke in a matter of fact tone.

‘You can start this book now, this double page.‘ bitch-boy slowly shook his head in disbelief. He began truly heartfelt begging. He clearly understood the immensity of this threshold moment. If he began the second book, there would be no reason, in due course, not to start the third and then the fourth and then the fifth, and so on. Condemning himself to thousands of hours of colouring-in fairy themed pages, with his dolly’s help, for years to come. He remained motionless, the new book open in front of him. I needed to assert my power and I did not choose the cane to do so. This required a reminder of the fundamental foundation of my power over him.  I stood up in the centre of the room. I was wearing a tiny, skin tight pair of shorts displaying my butt and athletic legs, a halter-necked cropped top displaying my shoulders and flat, toned stomach, and a pair of six inch heeled, platform ankle-strap shoes. My body looks ESPECIALLY GOOD at the moment, though I say so myself. I am doing a LOT of exercise. He looked at me as I slowly turned in a circle on the spot, sticking out my butt, running my hands over my butt, breasts and down over my cunt. His expression was profound desire and helplessness. (He had not cum in two weeks.) I spoke teasingly.

‘If you don’t obey me you will no longer get to see this body, dressed like this, or see it at all. No longer get to tongue worship, no longer get to shave me; all those treats will be exclusively for my girlfriend. And no longer get enjoy those huge orgasms I gift you from time to time. Perhaps I will stop dominating you all together. Look at me. You know how easy it would be for me to get another slave…………………… So I will count to three.‘ When I reached  the count of two, he sighed a deathly sigh and began to colour-in the new book. In a patronising tone I simply said, ‘That’s a good little girl’. He was very, very upset. He knew he had just condemned himself to eons of misery because of my power over him.  I sat back on the sofa to read my newspaper while he looked like he might burst into tears at any moment as he continued his colouring-in. Within a minute I had removed my shorts and put my massager to good use while he was overwhelmed in his humiliation and subjugated state.

Writing this, (and contemplating adding much more detail), and thinking about recent events under my roof with both my slaves, I realise I have enough material on fresh topics to write a volume 12 journal to add to the already published eleven journals. I will begin that as soon as I have completed my Manual which is on course for publication later this month.


Shaming at least every two minutes

Well I looked into Rita’s wonderful idea. Which was rather than use a tea timer, use a chess clock to maximise the humiliation of bitch-boy colouring-in with his dolly’s help. However when it came to purchasing a chess timer, I could not work out which timers had an alarm, how they operated, etc. But while looking at chess timers this popped up on the screen. A two minute sand timer. I did a trial and two minutes is perfect so I have ordered one. Wonderful that the two minute sand timer is BABY PINK. So good for parody of little girls!



Time for perfect practice

Well my being at home full time is very close now. One thing I have been thinking about is some prolonged, day after day training for bitch-boy on things I have never had the time and therefore inclination to really deeply focus on; but I will have now!

One thing is him Deep Throating a large strap-on dildo. I want him to be able to take it past the gag reflex and deep down without any fuss or gagging. Repeated daily practice should be the way forward. Then when Governess Lexi and I spit roast him, he will really feel like the forced sissy puppet he is. I understand the best way to begin his practice is with him laying on the bed or sofa of his back with his head hanging over the edge so that his throat is in a straight line. Then it will be the application of carrot and stick for him to become comfortable with ignoring the gag reflex. A little ‘carrot’ for progress and lots of ‘stick’ when there is no progress. I can hold the dildo in my hand and his wrists will be secured to his thighs. (He can, of course, practice on his own as much as he wants.)

Another training topic will be him Mincing. Although, when all dressed up as a parody of a little girl, he minces now, he does not do so if it is a matter of a couple of steps from start location to destination. He will learn that even one step must be minced. I think there is room for his mincing to be closer to perfect too. I will also have to be training myself on attention to detail while training him. (I have noticed I am not as good at attention to detail as some of my Domme guests who constantly spot even the tiniest error in his conduct. He finds that intensity of monitoring and meticulousness completely overwhelming and subjugating.) He really, really HATES mincing so it is a delicious area to focus on.

So, dear followers, can you think of other topics suitable for detailed relentless training, now I have the time I did not have before?

Below I include a full description of mincing from my published journal No. 9.

………………………‘When Mistress Jane is here, you will always curtsey when entering or leaving an occupied room. You will always walk in the mincing style, holding the hems of your dress up and out at your sides with your pinky fingers sticking out and small steps, each foot landing at your centre line;………………………………