Time for perfect practice

Well my being at home full time is very close now. One thing I have been thinking about is some prolonged, day after day training for bitch-boy on things I have never had the time and therefore inclination to really deeply focus on; but I will have now!

One thing is him Deep Throating a large strap-on dildo. I want him to be able to take it past the gag reflex and deep down without any fuss or gagging. Repeated daily practice should be the way forward. Then when Governess Lexi and I spit roast him, he will really feel like the forced sissy puppet he is. I understand the best way to begin his practice is with him laying on the bed or sofa of his back with his head hanging over the edge so that his throat is in a straight line. Then it will be the application of carrot and stick for him to become comfortable with ignoring the gag reflex. A little ‘carrot’ for progress and lots of ‘stick’ when there is no progress. I can hold the dildo in my hand and his wrists will be secured to his thighs. (He can, of course, practice on his own as much as he wants.)

Another training topic will be him Mincing. Although, when all dressed up as a parody of a little girl, he minces now, he does not do so if it is a matter of a couple of steps from start location to destination. He will learn that even one step must be minced. I think there is room for his mincing to be closer to perfect too. I will also have to be training myself on attention to detail while training him. (I have noticed I am not as good at attention to detail as some of my Domme guests who constantly spot even the tiniest error in his conduct. He finds that intensity of monitoring and meticulousness completely overwhelming and subjugating.) He really, really HATES mincing so it is a delicious area to focus on.

So, dear followers, can you think of other topics suitable for detailed relentless training, now I have the time I did not have before?

Below I include a full description of mincing from my published journal No. 9.

………………………‘When Mistress Jane is here, you will always curtsey when entering or leaving an occupied room. You will always walk in the mincing style, holding the hems of your dress up and out at your sides with your pinky fingers sticking out and small steps, each foot landing at your centre line;………………………………

12 thoughts on “Time for perfect practice

  1. Slightly off topic but regarding Your tumblr blog Mistress Scarlet, this sub just wanted to comment that it had noticed for the first time a female sub featured in an image on there.

    Both my Mistress and i think the slave looks very familiar… is this the only image available for posting? Fairly sure there might be some more…



  2. I know this may be a very mundane suggestion for such a creative Mistress as Yourself, but I’d suggest that cleaning and housework routines would be a good area to adopt very exacting standards. Imagine the fear in bitchboy with every laundry fold, every sweep of the floor, every dusting. I know quite well that this is basic….but applied can be so fun.

  3. Re: having BB practice his cock sucking on the large dildo – has MsScarlet considered having him take a Cialis before hand so and then occasionally tickling his balls so that he is hard and stays hard when cock sucking? (as an aside, could MsScarlet advise on a good & trustworthy source for Cialis please?)

    1. I do make him hard sometimes while he is cock sucking and tell him how much he obviously likes sucking cocks and how it turns him on.

      I use Sildenafil on him now. It lasts two to three days. I get it from Lloyds the chemist on-line. Its a proper on-line prescription from a doctor. It does set out the extreme dangers of combining it with a few other things as well.

  4. Hello Mistress Scarlet, although I haven’t commented in a while I’ve been reading everyday, and somewhat obsessing over the colouring tasks. I had the thought that every time another superior female was at your home, bb would know without prompting he would need to bring his finished book and excitedly try to show his work to the guest as a proud child would do. You could then tell him off for interrupting the adults and send him to the corner. At an appropriate time bb would be called over, and again, he would know that without prompting he would have ‘act’ excited and proud to show his book. At this point your guest, who would be in the know, would coldly say someone along the lines of ‘you are a ?? Year old man dressed as a pink pansy who colours in with your dolls, and yet you seem proud of this?’ I think bb would hate this scenario being played out every single time a guest arrives.

    I’ve also thought a lot about you giving up work and making things worse for bb. I came up with the idea of set times for things like sensory dep bondage and colouring tasks. For example if you decided that a mimium of two hours a day will be in bondage then you will be essentially condemning him to a life of 22 hour days. If then a further 2 hours a day are allowed to colouring or line writing then bb would know his life now consists of 20 hour days and a sixth of the remainder of his life is already accounted for. Now, I think the best part would be for Bb to keep a journal of hours done on these tasks. This way, should you decide that you have other uses for him and a day goes by without bondage or colouring, the journal will show he owes you the time. He should be allowed the week to make it up or be severely punished. ( and the hours will still be owed). This wAy there will often be occasions where bb will need to ask for extra bondage or extra colouring to make up the hours. I know you have written that he is occasionally allowed some vanilla time to watch recorded sport etc, if he owes you hours he will hAve to use his ‘own ‘ time. Of course bb will not be allowed to bank hours either. When you have him helpless for 6 hours on a Saturday it will only count in the journal as 2 hours. I hope this is kind of making sense Mistress. I hope this may be something you like the idea of.

    Ps, I loved reading that you have adopted my Mistress’s ‘until further notice’ statement. I almost cry with dread when I hear these words.

    1. I do very much like the idea of training him to be excited to show his work to the new guest as a proud child would do, but it is SO APPALLING for him it would mean a lot of work for me to do the training and to enable/enforce the routine before each guest arrives. So I will compromise and simply, when the new guest is settled down. instruct him to get his colouring-in and show it to the Domme guest. I will make sure the guest still coldly says words along the lines of ‘you are a middle aged man dressed as a pink pansy who colours in with your dolls, and you will be doing so for the rest of your life? You are utterly pathetic aren’t you?’’

      Your second idea is very imaginative and clever but seems a lot of work for me to monitor. And if you think about it, he cannot choose to use his vanilla time because the amount of vanilla time he has is 100% up to me to gift him when it happens and to so exactly what I have decided when he has that time. So he would be using my time anyway.

      Keep coming up with the ideas though. I love to read them even if I only partially adopt some of them. And I am very grateful for the simple phrase, ‘until further notice.’ So simple and SO POWERFUL!

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