The start of the new book

Well, further to my post in the middle of February, the final page of the first Fairy Colouring-in book got completed. As planned I had the next book to hand and I did as I had planned. bitch-boy indicated he had finished the page, I took the book from him and put it to one side. I leafed through a fresh book, picking a fresh double page to be coloured-in. A fresh book, exactly the same as the completed one. I spoke in a matter of fact tone.

‘You can start this book now, this double page.‘ bitch-boy slowly shook his head in disbelief. He began truly heartfelt begging. He clearly understood the immensity of this threshold moment. If he began the second book, there would be no reason, in due course, not to start the third and then the fourth and then the fifth, and so on. Condemning himself to thousands of hours of colouring-in fairy themed pages, with his dolly’s help, for years to come. He remained motionless, the new book open in front of him. I needed to assert my power and I did not choose the cane to do so. This required a reminder of the fundamental foundation of my power over him.  I stood up in the centre of the room. I was wearing a tiny, skin tight pair of shorts displaying my butt and athletic legs, a halter-necked cropped top displaying my shoulders and flat, toned stomach, and a pair of six inch heeled, platform ankle-strap shoes. My body looks ESPECIALLY GOOD at the moment, though I say so myself. I am doing a LOT of exercise. He looked at me as I slowly turned in a circle on the spot, sticking out my butt, running my hands over my butt, breasts and down over my cunt. His expression was profound desire and helplessness. (He had not cum in two weeks.) I spoke teasingly.

‘If you don’t obey me you will no longer get to see this body, dressed like this, or see it at all. No longer get to tongue worship, no longer get to shave me; all those treats will be exclusively for my girlfriend. And no longer get enjoy those huge orgasms I gift you from time to time. Perhaps I will stop dominating you all together. Look at me. You know how easy it would be for me to get another slave…………………… So I will count to three.‘ When I reached  the count of two, he sighed a deathly sigh and began to colour-in the new book. In a patronising tone I simply said, ‘That’s a good little girl’. He was very, very upset. He knew he had just condemned himself to eons of misery because of my power over him.  I sat back on the sofa to read my newspaper while he looked like he might burst into tears at any moment as he continued his colouring-in. Within a minute I had removed my shorts and put my massager to good use while he was overwhelmed in his humiliation and subjugated state.

Writing this, (and contemplating adding much more detail), and thinking about recent events under my roof with both my slaves, I realise I have enough material on fresh topics to write a volume 12 journal to add to the already published eleven journals. I will begin that as soon as I have completed my Manual which is on course for publication later this month.


10 thoughts on “The start of the new book

  1. Mistress Scarlet, btchboy knows he needs You and is willinbg to endure whatever it takes to serve You. What if he were to write a dedication to You on the front page of each book?

      1. or an additional thought for your consideration Ms Scarlet – have BB write a journal of his covering some of the receiving end of what he endures

        respect from

  2. Absolutely LOVE Your Domination style , and the fact that bb continues on his journey into deeper slavery. The particular cruelty of him spending hours, upon hours , upon hours coloring in the books, essentially for no purpose other then Your Desire ( totally agree its YOUR desire is what counts ) must be downright hard for him to endure. BTW… looking forward to hearing how he continues to cope with ever increasing activities You are so keen to inflict on bb, and that You so richly enjoy.

  3. One last thought please. If You can, blow up one of his book pages as large as You can, then take it to a photo processing and have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. should be 100 piece or more. BB could be required to assemble it at Your pleasure. Each time he works on it , since he has seen it before, the times should become faster each time. Respectfully.

    1. It is a novel idea but I am afraid I cannot see how him completing a puzzle quickly is anywhere near as humiliating for him as colouring-in with his dolly’s help?

      1. I see. I suppose You have given him every punishment You can think of already. I just love hearing about his humiliations though. Thank You anyway.

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