Yet more practice time thoughts

Further to my post on using my full-time-at-home extra hours each day to implement special training, I have had a couple of extra ideas I thought I would share. I have thought of two more things I can have bitch-boy spend time learning once I have given up work and have so, so much more time to focus on him. One is the bespoke nursery rhyme my older sister created and to which she then instructed bitch-boy to add a second verse.  [Verse one was detailed in the 14 July 2012 journal entry in Volume 5, entitled ‘A very hard day for bitch-boy.’]

Here is the first verse. I will first set out the words he must recite and then describe the actions to be performed with each line.

Belindakins is a prissy sissy and is full of woe,

Because she has a clitty no bigger than her toe,

Belindakin’s Mistress says sissy will never fuck again,

If Belindakins just mentions that, she will get the cane,

But her only sexual organ, Belindakins does employ,

For pleasing her superiors and filling them with joy.

Verse one

On the words, Little Belindakins is a prissy sissy and is full of woe, bitch-boy adopted a mincing pose. This is toes together heels wide apart. Elbows tucked into the waist, forearms pointing out at the sides at 45 degrees. Each thumb touching forefinger. His little pinky fingers sticking out and up.

On the words, Because she has a clitty no bigger than her toe, bitch-boy indicated with his parted thumb and index finger a one inch measurement.

On the words, Belindakin’s Mistress says sissy will never fuck again, he stuck out his index finger and wagged it from side to side while shaking his head.

On the words, If Belindakins just mentions that, she will get the cane, bitch-boy bent over and put his hands to his face cheeks.

After the words, But her only sexual organ Belindakins does employ, bitch-boy stuck his tongue out for about three seconds while looking at the floor.

On the words, For pleasing her superiors and filling them with joy, bitch-boy gave a deep curtsey.

The other task is for bitch-boy to again learn the special alphabet my older sister created for bitch-boy to recite to us and then to teach to his dolly in front of us.  Here are the first few letters of the bespoke alphabet.

A is for ash from cigarettes to consume,

B is for butt plug, the bigger the better,

C is for cock which I love to suck,

D is for denial and for desperate too,

E is for electricity to make clittys jerk,

F is for funnel gag for urine, semen and spit,

G is for garden, for playing with dolly,

H is for humiliation, a constant for sissies,


11 thoughts on “Yet more practice time thoughts

  1. Mistress Scarlet slave caged has been following your blog for a few years now, and it is simply amazing. you portray the life this slave so desperately wishes to lead.

  2. Mistress Scarlet – In the alphabet list above, my Mistress (and I) was interested to see the “E” for “electricity to make clittys jerk”. We don’t remember that you’ve blogged before about your use of electrics, though we may have just missed it. My Mistress has been planning to start using electrics on me for signaling and punishment.

    She asked me to write and ask you for your guidance, suggestions and anything about your experience using it.

    Thanks. We enjoy your blog a lot.


    1. Here are some excerpts from the Equipment section of my draft Manual.

      Tens Units
      Tens units supply a controllable, variable amount of electrical charge to various parts of the body. These can be purchased from BDSM outlets and also, ironically advertised for pain relief, from mainstream stores and online outlets. My machine is from a BDSM store and for the purpose of torment. Mainstream ‘vanilla’ products can also be used for torment. There are many types of electrical connections to the body including; sticky pads, elasticated straps, butt plugs, vaginal plugs and cock harnesses which can include a urethral probe. For safety reasons connections to the body should not be used if the submissive has a pace maker and should not be used higher than the waist.

      ALWAYS READ AND COMPLY WITH ALL THE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS OF THESE PRODUCTS! If you acquire a product but no safety instructions, do not use it.

      Always start with the lowest setting when using a new connection method or connecting to a new part of the body for the first time. The power range is significant. For instance, when tormenting my husband’s genitals with my unit, a setting of 3.5 causes amusing discomfort. If I go up to a setting of 4.5, that is almost intolerable for him. yet the settings go up to 10!

      The level of control and the immediacy of the control/discomfort, if the device is used skilfully, can be very affecting for the submissive. Holding the charge at a medium level and then threatening to increase it considerably can induce the most delightful and genuine begging and pleading. A submissive can also be left to cope with a discomforting level of charge for a long period while the dominant reads or watches TV. (In this situation the dominant must be monitoring the submissive, either within earshot or using a video baby monitor.) There can be a habituation effect after around twenty minutes at the same charge, with the submissive becoming accustomed to the charge. If this occurs, I up the charge by a small amount every twenty minutes.

      Electric shock dog collars
      The electric shock dog collar is a fantastic way to ensure instant obedience. With some ingenuity the shock delivery part can be strapped to a male’s cock or balls, to a female’s labia or with serious ingenuity, (as I have done), connected to an electrical delivery butt plug. A very firm contact with the flesh in question must be maintained. These items should not be used in the chest region.

  3. That’s awesome!

    “If Belindakins just mentions that, she will get the cane,”

    How did it evolve into that? Was Belindakins begging too often for her clitty to go inside the superior pussy? Never really gave up on it and after a while you just got tired of that and decided to restrict even mere mentioning?


      1. How does Belindakins express her desperation, other than begging?

        Have you ever observed the “desperation dance” of the clitty? I have noticed that whenever a denied slave gets any physical contact with the Mistress’ body (like licking her, touching her legs etc.) it’s dick is performing this weird “dance”: it looks like it shrinks, hiding in the groin, then it sticks out rapidly, expanding it’s length and expanding the head of the penis like a sponge. This process goes in circles while slave breaths heavily, often forced to use it’s mouth to grab the air. It is definitely a very interesting phenomenon.

        1. I have not observed that. It must be very amusing though.

          Belindakin’s desperation is often just a look in its eyes. A look of desperation and pleading and hopelessness when I parade around in a sheer dressing gown or tiny shorts and cropped top, always in heels. A truly haunted look of unrequited need.

  4. It would be ironic if “Z” stood for something that offended Mistress which would result, every time, in punishment.

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