2017 Stinging nettle agony begins

For reasons I will not go into, it was Play-toy’s nipples that were the first to experience the fresh growth of 2017 stinging nettles last weekend, and not bitch-boy’s cock, yet!). True to expectations, the very fresh (pre-flowering) growth produced VERY painful stinging that lasted several hours. Poor Play-toy. The nettle stems were only 4 inches tall and the nettle leaves formed a dome at the top rather than being spread out along the length of the stem. Compact and very concentrated.

This weekend bitch-boy will suffer with nettle stings. I find with these Spring nettles that have stings which last for 4 hours or so, it is best to begin a long session with a slave with the nettles; so whatever else is happening during the long session, the initially applied nettle stings last throughout the session adding to the misery of whatever else is being endured.

So after the initial nettle application, whether the rest of the session involves chores, or playing with dollies, or a couple of hours of sensory deprivation bondage, or licking the soles of my shoes clean while I watch TV, the stinging is a constant addition to that current moment’s activity.

I will be using both the nettle apron and my metal tongs to ensure bitch-boy’s clitty is thoroughly covered in stings. The apron does ensure all the stings are on the clitty with none on the stomach or thighs so the pain is intense in the most appropriate place. The apron alone though only exposes the underside as his clitty lies flat back, so the tongs are needed to expose fresh areas of skin.

Here is a pic of the metal tongs from 2013, with a tube of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. I am sure bitch-boy would love to go back to the days of Muscle Rescue, lasting ten minutes. But times have moved on and now it is the Linnex that gets used, lasting 40 minutes.

Skimming back through my published journals I notice that nettles have been a constant for bitch-boy since the first journal was published 7 years ago. Organic, natural, plentiful, local, no transportation or production energy usage harming the environment. What could be more ethical?

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5 Responses to 2017 Stinging nettle agony begins

  1. Chris M says:

    I am so pleased to hear bb is still enjoying the Linnex. 😃
    Does het rubbed round and round the shaft and all over the knob yet?

    • No, not yet. It is a threat that hangs over him, keeping him anxious and fretting. I am not surprised he is kept anxious and fretting by the threat given the few wipes up and down the shaft I do use, have him so very distressed for 40 minutes each time.

  2. fluffy says:

    hurrah! the nettles are back!
    can’t wait for the updates 🙂

  3. slave says:

    So Wonderful to hear that You are enjoying the intense pain bb is realizing. I find myself constantly thinking what it must be like in real time, while we are in other parts of the world imagining that bb is in agony. Love the escalation process and the misery aspect of Your journals and website postings.

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