The degradation of saliva

I don’t think I have ever given feedback on the use of Salivax pastilles to generate copious amounts of saliva. I have Mistress Hannah to thank for the suggestion. Well, chewing on one of the pastilles generates huge amounts of saliva and unlike using a boiled sweet, or mint gum, the saliva from Salivax has no sweet or pleasant taste to partially distract the slave from its degradation.

It can be fun to be repeatedly dropping spit into a bound slaves mouth which is held open by a funnel gag or Jennings gag. I also like to drop spit on the floor and then wipe the sole of my shoe or boot in the spit before having the slave lick the sole clean.

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10 thoughts on “The degradation of saliva

  1. If I may do a small favor for Your American and possibly others): I had no idea what a “pastille” is so i did a quick check. A pastille looks like what we call a lozenge, a small square of sugary paste with medicine mixed in, Similar to a cough drop. Hoping that helps some.

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