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Typical full-on day

I thought I should follow up yesterday’s post explaining my source of my many orgasms on a typical full-on day.

Once bathing and shaving and my dressing is done, I have bitch-boy make me brunch. (He gets none.) While I eat, he prepares all the equipment needed for me to play with his boy’s bits on the sofa. When all is ready and I have finished eating, I allow him to lick me to my first orgasm. The only time he will have contact with my body that day, for which he must thank me. He is not allowed to put his hands on me but, as a treat,  he is allowed to kiss the insides of my long firm thighs before he starts licking. I have a huge orgasm because while he licks I think about the next 7 to 10 hours of decadence and perversity to come. Then I secure him to play with his boy’s bits and I watch a whole DVD or an episode or two of a box set. He is in sensory deprivation bondage and his only sensation is me teasing his bound balls and cock. A one to two hour tease throughout which he knows he may not be coming that day at all, (and he has not come for ten days to three weeks in the run-up). I will have three to four orgasms during this tease time; putting my DVD on pause each time I pick up my massager.

Next,  often I apply a deterrent caning and then he is secured to the BDSM bed, legs wide apart. I spend a good while torturing his cock. I have another orgasm. I apply either Linnex or stinging nettles which will cause pain for at least 40 minutes and I then put him into sensory deprivation for an hour or two. I go downstairs and make phone calls, use a device, read the papers and have a very relaxing time. I will have one to two orgasms during this time as my mind turns to bitch-boy’s suffering and, in contrast, just how relaxed and contented and merciless I am.

Eventually I release him, after having an orgasm within his earshot, telling him how being so cruel to him turns me on so much. Then I dress him in full parody of a little girl attire. Back downstairs, I sit on the sofa and relax with my past times while he suffers the humiliating tedium, sitting on the floor by my feet, of colouring-in his fairy colouring-in book with the help of his dolly. This will last two to four hours and he HATES it. It is so cruel on top of the run-up to this activity and I ADORE my POWER and heartlessness. I will apply my massager another three or four times during this period.


The amazing arousal of relaxed power and cruelty

I don’t think I have written about numbers of orgasms since I last wrote a post stating that six orgasms in a day was exceptional and wonderful. I have been lax in updating on this. Over the last six weeks or so, I have been enjoying between 9 and 12 MASSIVE orgasms each full day of dominating bitch-boy. Its not just the number, but the intensity too. I have put this down to reaching a point in my evolution where I now truly have zero guilt, zero shame and zero self-consciousness while exercising my selfish hedonism, absolute power and merciless cruelty.

Of course, it is symbiotic, because although bitch-boy hates almost every single second of those long days, his submissive soul is overwhelmed with the feelings it needs for it to be contented and, when it is all over, I am in no doubt he is utterly in awe of his cruel Mistress and grateful to lead the life he does.

A mention must go to my Lelo Smart rechargeable wand massager. Its batteries charged up the night before, no cable to get in the way once charged. I can carry it with me to any seat in the house or garden (yard), and it is a sensational piece of equipment. bitch-boy is allowed to lick me once at the most, when I dominate him on one of these long days and then all the rest is down to my Lelo!

Link to my published journals providing very detailed accounts of the life I lead.


My Tumblr site of perversity

My Tumblr site following is slowly growing. It has reached over 12,000 now. It is always good to know there are dominants who share my eclectic tastes and submissives who are affected by those tastes.

It is 4 years since I set bitch-boy the task of reposting images to worsen his frustration.

LINK to my published journals detailing my day-to-day perverted life

We say Garden, USA say ?

It seems from all the helpful comments I got on my last post that the USA has no singe word to describe the land attached to a house which is laid out as a combination of lawns and flower beds. In the UK described as a ‘garden’. (And in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.)

I will have to modify my translation section in my published volumes and my forthcoming manual (definitely to be published in May). I am a little amazed that when a USA house has an area of land laid out as a mixture of flower beds and lawn, there is no single word to describe that area, but I love that one never stops learning in life, if one chooses to never stop learning.

Yard work slave-time

Before getting into the meat of this post, I have to say I do not know exactly what a pretty flower filled garden is called in the USA. I always try to use words that work on both sides of the Atlantic: so, diaper not nappy, panties not knickers, and so on. But when it comes to my pretty flower filled garden, is that really called a ‘yard’ in the USA? Perhaps my lovely USA based blog followers could educate me on this.

Any way Spring is here and things are growing fast in my garden. I will soon be out there reading and naked sunbathing for a good amount of time. A walk around it yesterday reminded me of just how many jobs are tedious and menial in the garden for bitch-boy to be doing within my field of vision while I am reading and naked sunbathing. I DO LOVE SUMMER!

The two small patio areas and all the paths need to have their little areas of moss scrubbed clean by a slave on hands and knees with a wire brush. The paths need minor repairs. The flower beds need to be weeded throughout summer. Shrubs and hedges need trimming. Weeds need removing from the lawns. Lawns need edging (with a pair of small scissors). Flowers gone over need dead heading. Wooden benches need wire brushing. Etc. My slave husband sometimes naked, sometimes dressed in an orange boiler suit like a convict. All this work is done with my husband locked into a heavy rubber collar as well.   I use this collar because it has a padlock hole in the buckle hasp and also being rubber it is washable.

Should I need to urinate, whether he is naked or in his boiler suit, he has to lay on his back on the lawn and I mark my territory – him!

Then there are the old stalwarts, if all the other jobs are done. Removing pebbles from the flower beds, cutting the whole lawn with scissors or, dressed as a parody of a little girl and colouring-in with his dolly.

Let us hope this summer is a good one weather wise, and lasts a long, long time.

LINK to my published journals detailing my day-to-day perverted life

Having to request suffering

A couple of comments from Pink Gimp on my 1st April post got me thinking. Pink Gimp has an amazing Mistress who has thought up a delightful system which requires Pink Gimp to request to do corner time.

It reminded me of a report from a very cruel chastity Mistress and the regime she developed. Before she began to dominate her husband he insisted/forced her to give him blow jobs but did not like to orally return the favour. She had loved to be licked by previous boyfriends. Then there was a turn of events and she obtained COMPLETE power over him.

She had him in an inescapable chastity device, and then began her regime. He was only allowed to orgasm each time he had racked up licking her to 100 orgasms. She would constantly be wearing skimpy outfits at home, have him watch porn with her, point out sexy bodies to him in magazines she was flicking through. He was always SO DESPERATE! He quickly got into the habit, every night, of begging her to be allowed to lick her to an orgasm. She would make him beg for a good while. Sometimes she would say yes, sometimes she would say she was too tired. Sometimes she would allow him to begin and then push him away and finish herself off with her vibrator. (Which did not count toward the 100). Delicious!

It also reminds me of something I and Governess Lexi do with bitch-boy, which is a little similar. When bitch-boy has finished a chore and returned to me, or prepared a snack or drink and served it, one of us will sometimes ask him, ‘And what would you like to do now sissy-girl?’ He knows when he hears that question he must answer exactly as follows. ‘Please may I do colouring-in with my dolly Mistress?‘ (Of course he has to lisp). Sometimes I, or Governess Lexi, will drag the moment out. ‘Do you really want to play with your dolly just like a little girl?‘ He knows he must answer ‘yes’. The routine provides quite a power rush because he REALLY HATES TO ASK and of course, he REALLY HATES to do colouring-in with his dolly.

Here is a link to my published journals describing in detail my life.


Truly Miserable Subjugation

My thanks go to the Mistress of boot-gimp for providing me with the three little words that can bring so much miserable subjugation to a slave. ‘Until further notice’.

I have for a long time implied the meaning of those words to certain activities without using the words. Just before turning on the white noise, when putting a slave into sensory deprivation bondage, the slave has no idea how long they will be in their miserable bondage, although I do usually advise them of the minimum time it will be, and occasionally announce a duration which is actually a mind fuck time. Also, when setting them off on colouring-in with their dolly , the ‘until further notice’ situation is implied.

However I have used the words for many activities since learning them, including those I list below.

If I want to chat on the phone or watch TV I may instruct bitch-boy to face the wall in the corner and then in a whisper he must practice his I’m A Little Teapot rhyme with actions, beginning and ending with a curtsey – UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

If I have a Domme guest sitting on the sofa with me, with whom I wish to have a long catch-up chat, I will give the same instruction, accept he must practice I’m A Little Teapot facing us, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. He is ignored while doing so, apart from the occasional withering glance of amusement and disdain. (In Volume 6 of my published journals I detail the physical actions required for each line of the rhyme.

When bitch-boy has gone a long time without sexual release and I tell him he will not be coming that day, I have him kneel at my pretty feet in their erotic shoes and he must wank himself and stay erect, allowing his gaze to move from my toes, up my partially dressed body to my throat and back down again, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Obviously he is NOT ALLOWED to cum! His frustration and humiliation is off-the-scale; while I relax and watch TV or read. (I may even bring myself to orgasm while he does this, just to remind him of the differential in my frequency and freedom to orgasm compared to his.)

I may set Play-toy, in her pigtails, to line writing at the table while her freshly caned butt rests painfully on coir matting on the chair. I advise her she must write three lines per minute and write them UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. A typical line would be, ‘I am Pigtails Prudence, a naughty likkel girl who does not deserve her Mistress.’ I monitor her line writing with a video baby monitor while I occupy myself elsewhere.

I may set either slave to sitting in the middle of the room and audibly kissing the sole of one of my soiled boots, (I am not wearing), UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.



Submissives sustain BDSM

It has dawned on me that in civilised countries with equal rights and the rule of law, the BDSM community and the numerous lifestyle relationships there are, must be sustained by submissives rather than dominants. I know both types are required, but if there is a dominant going around tying up and torturing and using and abusing a non-submissive, that would result in an arrest and a prison sentence. But a submissive voluntarily serving and worshipping a vanilla person and pushing and pleading to be dominated by that person is no crime at all.

So the dominants can only do their thing when they hook up with a submissive. It is the existence/supply of submissives that allow the BDSM community to exist. It is submissives that convert many initially vanilla people to become dominant. You will know if you are a regular reader of my blog that I am convinced, (despite the ludicrous 50 Shades Of Grey), that a non-submissive person CANNOT be converted to become submissive by a dominant.

So we all have submissives to thank for the community and lifestyle. Slightly ironic that our pleasure is down to them. However before all the submissives get all puffed up with pride, I am not going to give them any credit! They need and crave dominants. This extract from a recent email from Play-toy to me, sums them up I think.

…………..I am obsessed with you. Since seeing you the other weekend I have just been feeling desperate to see you again. In theory I shouldn’t feel like that as I hated everything you put me through!  ………………………….

My published journals.


Observing the sadist

Well I have gone from high-tech to low-tech! In both an April and in a May 2016 post I mentioned using video goggles connected to a camcorder on a tripod. So a slave strapped down on their back locked in a posture collar could get to see the full detail of my face, and their genitals, as I play and abuse – between their legs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. And for bitch-boy, the faces of both his abusers, including when Lexi and I French kiss passionately while he sobs’ because of the nettles pouch that has been drawn over his initially stiff little clitty.

I now have a ceiling hung mirror, at an angle. It works perfectly. One great advantage for me over the goggles is that I can now look the slave in the eyes at key moments. The major disadvantage of the goggles/camcorder system was that bright sunlight coming in through the window behind me could not be compensated for by the camcorder exposure monitoring  system.  So I guess sometimes, low-tech beats high-tech. I love my new mirror!

The mirror was tested last weekend and it was great. I spent ages allowing the nettles in my gloved hand to sweep just above bitch-boy’s clitty, back and forth, again and again, listening to his desperate pleading through his gag and looking into his miserable and fretting eyes as he watched intently. (The nettles REALLY STING  A GREAT DEAL this time of year!) Eventually I made contact, lots of contact – nettles to sensitive skin. Then there was emotional sobbing for him and masturbation for me. Delightful. I added white noise and a blindfold to his bondage and left him in sensory deprivation helplessness for a couple of hours while I relaxed downstairs and watched TV. I have to admit I did masturbate again downstairs an hour in, just basking in my power and cruelty, thinking of his miserable suffering while I relaxed – and there were so many hours to go before his day’s list of ordeals would be over.

My published journals.