Relaxing method of extreme surveillance

I have yet to research it thoroughly but I understand it is now possible to get battery powered video cameras to wear on the body (like Go-Pro’s) which can beam their live image and sound to a device. Thinking this might be possible, I immediately thought of the extreme surveillance power for the Domme when the sub has such a camera strapped to their chest.

When bitch-boy is sent to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for me there would be no need for a hastily applied chastity device. He would know, while I sit relaxing in the lounge, I could choose at any moment to glance at my smart phone and check he is not touching his little clitty.

He could be sent outside into the garden to show his dolly all the pretty flowers and with a lisp tell dolly the colour and variety of each flower, and how pwetty it was. (Then answer himself pretending to be his dolly.) He could be sent out to do this for an hour or for two hours or more and he would know, while I sit relaxing in the lounge, I could choose at any moment to glance at my smart phone and listen to the audio, and check he is engaging in the correct shaming physical activity and verbal exchanges with his dolly.

If he is sent out to do weeding or picking pebbles from a flower bed for 4 or 5 hours while I have sex indoors with my girlfriend, at any moment, I could check he is not taking any sort of break from the lowly tedium. (I do not always have him in TSD during his cuckolding.)

I do have him set up the video baby monitor when in the kitchen for long periods preparing a meal, but with the chest camera, even popping to the kitchen to make me a cup of tea would be covered by strict surveillance.

You may have been wondering why he is not in a chastity device during these times. The reason is that I like to have his clitty immediately accessible for T&D, smacking with the ruler, receiving an application of Linnex, laughing at, etc.

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13 Responses to Relaxing method of extreme surveillance

  1. gary says:

    I think that would work for audio, but I think a chest mounted Gopro would simply allow you to see forward from his point of view, rather than actually view him. They do have surveillance cameras (ie nest) that allow you to monitor areas and record to the cloud, but there is a monthly fee for that. Love your blog!

    • I believe that a camera mounted between the base of the sternum and the naval would ensure I could see what the slave is engaged in and that the slave could not touch their genitals without me knowing.

  2. Rhoda says:

    Before spending too much money-an android phone can be used in this way-the app is IP webcam. Works on local wi-fi or internet. Just make sure everything is passworded/secure etc!!!

  3. slave says:

    Hello Ms. Scarlet, absolutely a cam, or monitor would truly be a way to ensure bb is performing or doing exactly as ordered, as well as increasing his frustration of not knowing when your watching. Yes they make vimtag cams ( more table or wall mounted ) too that can be watched on your iPhone, including on rotating the camera to any position, and has great nite vision. On a different note, some of your readers would love to know how bb is coping ( or realizing the future ) the colouring tasks on the 2nd book. I may be in the minority, but anything you can share about his endless and mindless task of this colouring.

    • He is coping badly. As he is now on the 2nd book, the reality that he will have to colour-in all his identical books over the next however many years is hitting him hard. He has also become VERY CLEAR that I really enjoy relaxing while he endures this shameful tedium and I will never get bored with having him undertaking his hated task. In fact he knows I find the power rush turn on.

  4. Nick Smith says:

    Mistress Scarlet, if BB really really didn’t want to do a task you set him – what, in the limit
    Would you do.

    I think i read somewhere that you have so much hold and material on him, that he would never dare not do as you request .

    But really, if you outed him to his family and friends, then your effective control over him is broken ( or is the shame of him being exposed, so great as to him always being totally obedient to you)

    I speak as someone who is contemplating a full tpe relationship with my domme – I’ve got about 3 months to decide – if we do go for the full tpe then Mistress has assured me that the material she has on me will be used by and in any form she likes against me.
    With best wishes nick

    • I will reword a comment left by bb before.

      He is a submissive. I have the power to withhold the vision of my amazing body and also to withhold ever dominating him unless he submits to whatever I want. He has no option but to endure and obey or, not be dominated by me at all, not see my amazing body erotically dressed ever. He endures the tribulations and is rewarded by a life in which he is totally under the power of a beautiful cruel woman. He knows he could not be content without that and he knows how low the chances are of finding another Mistress so beautiful, cruel, intelligent, hard working, etc. etc.

      Given that foundation, he knows at the next level he would be punished very severely for failing to obey. Punishments he would truly hate and which would have him suffering badly.

  5. pink gimp says:

    as a submissive I can only but agree with Mistress Scarlet, some tasks are horrible and you don’t want to do them, but this is the essence that submissives crave, to please the dominant and under go the turmoils that the relationship requires, every year I have a set number of cornertimes to accomplish but I hate them, I have to ask for permission to go and do a cornertime, then actually thank her for it afterwards. I don’t want it to end, I need her….. when you find someone who fills your soul you do anything to keep it. In a light hearted way.. even if you denied doing a task and then was told, it’s over never again… 5 mins later you’ll be begging to do it… lol

    • Your Mistress sounds fantastic. You having to ask to do your corner time is so good. Can you tell me more about how it works, provide more details?

      It also reminds me of a Mistress who only used to allow her slave an orgasm to every one hundred of her orgasms. He would always be asking if he could please lick her to orgasm, which counted towards the 100. However if she pushed him away from licking her toward the end and finished herself off with a vibrator, it did not count towards the 100. He would often ask and be told she was not in the mood, or she felt she had had as many as she needed that day or week.

  6. pink gimp says:

    Beginning of each year a number of cornertimes are set for me to accomplish, each cornertime is 20 minutes duration, I must request permission to do one, raising my hand and waiing acknowledgement, then saying “please may I…..” if then am allowed I go and get my cornertime knickers, I have few different pairs, pink rubber, pink satin, etc, and hoods, I position myself in the corner and put the knickers over my head for added humiliation, I wait her saying ‘ready…. GO’ the timer begins its countdown. Now depending on how much time I have spare, the cornertime can be added together, up to 3 at once, an hour total… this I will ask for at the beginning ‘please may I do… 20mins…. 40mins… or hour. I havee also been a victim of my own cornertime as asking her to decide how long I do without me knowing.
    Even when the timer buzzer sounds, I stay until she says ‘Done’ I return to say my thank you’s and how awesome she is… and finally request that I may do ‘I’m a little teapot’ in appreciation.
    I know I’m a little teapot is cliche but I’ve been doing this for years too, I may ask for something and the reply will be… not till you do I’m a little teapot.

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