Observing the sadist

Well I have gone from high-tech to low-tech! In both an April and in a May 2016 post I mentioned using video goggles connected to a camcorder on a tripod. So a slave strapped down on their back locked in a posture collar could get to see the full detail of my face, and their genitals, as I play and abuse – between their legs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. And for bitch-boy, the faces of both his abusers, including when Lexi and I French kiss passionately while he sobs’ because of the nettles pouch that has been drawn over his initially stiff little clitty.

I now have a ceiling hung mirror, at an angle. It works perfectly. One great advantage for me over the goggles is that I can now look the slave in the eyes at key moments. The major disadvantage of the goggles/camcorder system was that bright sunlight coming in through the window behind me could not be compensated for by the camcorder exposure monitoring  system.  So I guess sometimes, low-tech beats high-tech. I love my new mirror!

The mirror was tested last weekend and it was great. I spent ages allowing the nettles in my gloved hand to sweep just above bitch-boy’s clitty, back and forth, again and again, listening to his desperate pleading through his gag and looking into his miserable and fretting eyes as he watched intently. (The nettles REALLY STING  A GREAT DEAL this time of year!) Eventually I made contact, lots of contact – nettles to sensitive skin. Then there was emotional sobbing for him and masturbation for me. Delightful. I added white noise and a blindfold to his bondage and left him in sensory deprivation helplessness for a couple of hours while I relaxed downstairs and watched TV. I have to admit I did masturbate again downstairs an hour in, just basking in my power and cruelty, thinking of his miserable suffering while I relaxed – and there were so many hours to go before his day’s list of ordeals would be over.

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