Having to request suffering

A couple of comments from Pink Gimp on my 1st April post got me thinking. Pink Gimp has an amazing Mistress who has thought up a delightful system which requires Pink Gimp to request to do corner time.

It reminded me of a report from a very cruel chastity Mistress and the regime she developed. Before she began to dominate her husband he insisted/forced her to give him blow jobs but did not like to orally return the favour. She had loved to be licked by previous boyfriends. Then there was a turn of events and she obtained COMPLETE power over him.

She had him in an inescapable chastity device, and then began her regime. He was only allowed to orgasm each time he had racked up licking her to 100 orgasms. She would constantly be wearing skimpy outfits at home, have him watch porn with her, point out sexy bodies to him in magazines she was flicking through. He was always SO DESPERATE! He quickly got into the habit, every night, of begging her to be allowed to lick her to an orgasm. She would make him beg for a good while. Sometimes she would say yes, sometimes she would say she was too tired. Sometimes she would allow him to begin and then push him away and finish herself off with her vibrator. (Which did not count toward the 100). Delicious!

It also reminds me of something I and Governess Lexi do with bitch-boy, which is a little similar. When bitch-boy has finished a chore and returned to me, or prepared a snack or drink and served it, one of us will sometimes ask him, ‘And what would you like to do now sissy-girl?’ He knows when he hears that question he must answer exactly as follows. ‘Please may I do colouring-in with my dolly Mistress?‘ (Of course he has to lisp). Sometimes I, or Governess Lexi, will drag the moment out. ‘Do you really want to play with your dolly just like a little girl?‘ He knows he must answer ‘yes’. The routine provides quite a power rush because he REALLY HATES TO ASK and of course, he REALLY HATES to do colouring-in with his dolly.

Here is a link to my published journals describing in detail my life.


5 thoughts on “Having to request suffering

  1. I have always loved to please my Queen orally. That is perhaps my most favourite thing to do. Luckily for me, she enjoys it too. We men are fortunate to be able to please our ladies this way.

  2. Thank you as always for sharing your amazing lifestyle Mistress Scarlet. I believe having to request suffering, and genuinely and submissively request it only adds to the obedience and submission of the slave…so humbling…I love both the examples you provided…having to request cornertime and permission to service Mistress sexually while in chastity…lovely examples of a woman-run household.

  3. When the required response to each strike of the cane is to say “Thank you, please may I have some more.” I love it.

  4. perhaps BB should always have to ask for more nettles after the first session or fresh nettles for the glasses pouch when he goes limp :)

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