Yard work slave-time

Before getting into the meat of this post, I have to say I do not know exactly what a pretty flower filled garden is called in the USA. I always try to use words that work on both sides of the Atlantic: so, diaper not nappy, panties not knickers, and so on. But when it comes to my pretty flower filled garden, is that really called a ‘yard’ in the USA? Perhaps my lovely USA based blog followers could educate me on this.

Any way Spring is here and things are growing fast in my garden. I will soon be out there reading and naked sunbathing for a good amount of time. A walk around it yesterday reminded me of just how many jobs are tedious and menial in the garden for bitch-boy to be doing within my field of vision while I am reading and naked sunbathing. I DO LOVE SUMMER!

The two small patio areas and all the paths need to have their little areas of moss scrubbed clean by a slave on hands and knees with a wire brush. The paths need minor repairs. The flower beds need to be weeded throughout summer. Shrubs and hedges need trimming. Weeds need removing from the lawns. Lawns need edging (with a pair of small scissors). Flowers gone over need dead heading. Wooden benches need wire brushing. Etc. My slave husband sometimes naked, sometimes dressed in an orange boiler suit like a convict. All this work is done with my husband locked into a heavy rubber collar as well.   I use this collar because it has a padlock hole in the buckle hasp and also being rubber it is washable.

Should I need to urinate, whether he is naked or in his boiler suit, he has to lay on his back on the lawn and I mark my territory – him!

Then there are the old stalwarts, if all the other jobs are done. Removing pebbles from the flower beds, cutting the whole lawn with scissors or, dressed as a parody of a little girl and colouring-in with his dolly.

Let us hope this summer is a good one weather wise, and lasts a long, long time.

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12 thoughts on “Yard work slave-time

  1. In the U.S. they refer to them as flower beds.. This sounds like a lovely idea. I was wondering when your training manual was going to be ready. Thanks for the time. Pam

  2. Wow, what an honour for bitchboy! I can’t imagine the honour bb must feel while working for you in your garden under the sun covered in your aroma for hours. Such a lucky guy he is, I’m always so jealous of him. I just hope bb is grateful enough. The only bad thing I imagine is to have to take a shower later to do something vanilla, removing your aroma from his body has to be very sad for him, If I would do everything I can to make sure it last as long as possible.

  3. Hi Scarlet,
    I just love how you describe your husband’s yard work. I also make my sissy husband, pussie, do all of our yard work-and yes we in the United States use the same term. My home is on a half-acre lot, most in the back. pussie mows the lawn using an old manual mower. As I have written to you in the past I like to make the poor sissy wear hot itchy wool outfits. For lawn mowing pussie wears a thick pink mohair body suit ( think of a dancer’s leotard in wool) with matching wool legwarmers, and thick woolen mittens on his hands. I tie his hands to the handle bar of the mower and also tie his ankles together so his can only take small mincing steps. There is a button fly on the body suit so I can unbutton the fly and pull out the sissy’s little things. I use coarse rope and tie a ten pound concrete brick to the ring of pussie’s chastity device, pull the rope between his legs so he has to drag the brick with his wee-wee as he mows the lawn. And just to make sure pussie stays focused on his work, I make him wear a thick icelandic wool balaclava with small eye openings so he can only see what is right in front of him.
    I and my friends can sit on the screened -in porch or around the pool relaxing while pussie mows the lawn. It takes him over 3 hours with the old small mower to mow the lawn and I have to say it is quite amusing to watch the sissy struggle with pulling the heavy brick between his legs:).
    And when he is done mowing he gets to use a very small rake to rake up and bag all the cut grass.
    Sorry this is so long but I hope it may give you some new ideas:))

      1. Scarlet,
        Given how creatively cruel you are, I am surprised by your response of “wow”. But I am also pleased you find how I abuse my sissy husband worth a “wow’ :):)

      2. Mohair bodysuit? Someone is being indulged! A quick g**gle says it would cost £270! A couple of onesies under a boiler suit-much cheaper and humbler! However, like the brick!

        1. Hi Rhoda,
          Just read your comment.Actually the body suit cost under $150 US so not as bad as you suggested. Also I recover the cost by renting pussie out to friends as a menial maid to do their house work at a rate of $1 hour, which they pay only if totally satisfied with the maid’s work. pussie had to do the house cleaning for over 200 hours to pay me back for the mohair body suit.:)) It took the poor sissy almost a year.

  4. To answer your question about American terminology, the word ‘yard’ is used very liberally to describe any land surrounding your house. We only use the word ‘garden’ to describe something which is intentionally sectioned off for growing flowers, vegetables, or other plants. You can have a garden in your yard, but a yard is not automatically a garden. I hope that clears up the mystery.

    As for the contents of the post, I hope you have a wonderfully long summer. And when Fall/Autumn comes, there will always be leaves to rake (I suppose they could be collected by hand), and muddy tires to wash. Every season brings new outdoor chores, and new cruel ways for them to be executed!

    Do you grow your own herbs for cooking? I apologize if this information can be found elsewhere. That seems like a good chore for bitch-boy, and very practical.

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