We say Garden, USA say ?

It seems from all the helpful comments I got on my last post that the USA has no singe word to describe the land attached to a house which is laid out as a combination of lawns and flower beds. In the UK described as a ‘garden’. (And in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.)

I will have to modify my translation section in my published volumes and my forthcoming manual (definitely to be published in May). I am a little amazed that when a USA house has an area of land laid out as a mixture of flower beds and lawn, there is no single word to describe that area, but I love that one never stops learning in life, if one chooses to never stop learning.

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6 Responses to We say Garden, USA say ?

  1. Duane says:

    Mistress Scarlett,

    Kind of depends on where you live in America. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Seattle area), Flower bed is the common term used, although flower garden is used for larger, more formal settings.

    I am amused at the number of Americans who do not have a clue to English (England) idioms, such as nappy, lift (elevator), fag (cigarette) and such. I am sure they appreciate your taking the time to write “in American” (smile).

    Love the blog. Appreciate your efforts in keeping it running all these years.

    sub d

  2. Donna says:

    in my 57 yrs of life here in the States we have called it a garden.

  3. jjag says:

    Actually I believe there is a single word for the combination of both items lawn and garden and that is simply “yard”. This is almost always combined with either front or back so in the USA you would say you are going out to sunbath in the back yard. Within the back yard you may have an area of lawn (grass) or a flower bed or a garden (usually fruit or vegetables).

  4. Mr.E says:

    I believe it’s usually referred to as a Yard

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