The amazing arousal of relaxed power and cruelty

I don’t think I have written about numbers of orgasms since I last wrote a post stating that six orgasms in a day was exceptional and wonderful. I have been lax in updating on this. Over the last six weeks or so, I have been enjoying between 9 and 12 MASSIVE orgasms each full day of dominating bitch-boy. Its not just the number, but the intensity too. I have put this down to reaching a point in my evolution where I now truly have zero guilt, zero shame and zero self-consciousness while exercising my selfish hedonism, absolute power and merciless cruelty.

Of course, it is symbiotic, because although bitch-boy hates almost every single second of those long days, his submissive soul is overwhelmed with the feelings it needs for it to be contented and, when it is all over, I am in no doubt he is utterly in awe of his cruel Mistress and grateful to lead the life he does.

A mention must go to my Lelo Smart rechargeable wand massager. Its batteries charged up the night before, no cable to get in the way once charged. I can carry it with me to any seat in the house or garden (yard), and it is a sensational piece of equipment. bitch-boy is allowed to lick me once at the most, when I dominate him on one of these long days and then all the rest is down to my Lelo!

Link to my published journals providing very detailed accounts of the life I lead.


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One Response to The amazing arousal of relaxed power and cruelty

  1. slave says:

    Ms Scarlet once again You bring new levels of subjugation to the life of bb. You absolutely deserve massive Orgasms, while bb can only dream about. Being denied that ultimate pleasure, multiplied with the fact he knows You get to enjoy numerous and as many as You desire must truly drive him bat crazy. I read where his does orgasm every so often, but even then its in severe bondage or having incredibly nasty torments imposed on his member, it awesome.

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